Sub-christian Christ haters

By Júlio Carrancho-- South Africa

As you very well know, the Anglicans are a group of religious opportunists in the MALIGNANT business of sowing tares in the wheat fields and releasing wolves among the sheep.

"But, while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat" Matthew 13:25;

"...shall grievous wolves enter among you" Acts 20:29.

There was a time in their history when they were less dangerous.

It is this religious group that is today involved in the most blasphemous heresy that ever appeared in the church of Jesus Christ, after Arianism. In my estimation, Anglicans will fill a large section of the "religious department" in Hell. What about the Catholics? Those will be allocated a dark section for "Dangerous IDOLATROUS bigots"!

The Anglican priests are the ones that today promote the heresy that Christ was NOT the Son of God, but only a Servant with special credentials. Just pick up any modern version of the "Bible" and check for yourself in Acts chapters 3 and 4.

Now, there is a strong motivation for the Anglicans to DEMOTE the Son of God to that "special" Servant.

Firstly, the Anglicans do not agree anymore with the King James Bible text! They, as a matter of fact, REJECTED once and for all the reading of the Reformation and elevated to genuine Scripture a text that came via the pagan and idolatrous route, you know where. The NIV and the New English Bible (or its update: The Revised English Bible) for example, are both based on the Critical Text that comes from manuscripts with occultic and apocryphal books, the case of the two infamous Vaticanus and Sinaiticus.

Secondly, for the Anglicans to get involved in the ecumenical intercourse that goes on around the world, the Lord could not anymore be the Son of God. It is well known that the pope and his sisters (the archbishops of England and elsewhere) want to embrace every religion on earth to form a conglomerate of fellowship "for the religious promotion of peace, understanding and tolerance". (I told you already that this amalgamation of tolerant people would not tolerate intolerance even if it were necessary to start a piano covers!). As it is important to include the eastern religions, obviously Islam, the Lord could not any longer be superior to the other "Prophet"! They have to be "partners" profiting from the same "proceedings".

If you do not understand this conspiracy, you need to read very carefully Galatians 1: 7 and 8. I'll read it for you:

"But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed."

Now, Paul is not appreciated among the Anglicans! They call him (in private) a "private theologian", or something more preposterous. Today, Paul is, in liberal and formalistic groups, blamed for all the conflicts that exist between "people of good will, wanting to bring in the kingdom of God and create a world where the various faiths can live in a richness of colourful harmony", etc., ad nauseam.

A-millennialism, or Liberation Theology, or Reconstructionism, for short.

Surely, the apostle has DAMNED all the Anglican archbishops and clerics to Hell, for their "other gospel" preaching. It is a fact: if you DEMOTE and downgrade the Lord to a mere "Servant" of God, only to appease another religion, you are, in Paul's theology, an unsaved ACCURSED hell-bound religious bigot!

Imagine that passage accepted by the Holy Spirit as SCRIPTURE for these days!

That's why the Anglicans and other schemers in the business are anxious to introduce new "bibles" to accommodate and seat their "preferences"! But let them not deceive or hoodwink you: they do not BELIEVE any "Bible" or any "Text". It is only a GAME to entertain and catch your attention.

Being the Anglican hierarchy, in general, a two-faced hypocritical outfit regarding the Scriptures, nobody should EVER be involved with it in whatever level: marches against venereal diseases included, etc. These religious men are rabid hypocrites and frauds, taking advantage of a hierarchic system established centuries ago, in which a sheep eating pack of wolves accrue a good living, nothing else (Bishop Tutu said once that you can find God in Buddhism: that is, this religious con artist has never found the true God of the Bible in his Anglicanism! He is as eternally lost as any other eastern mystic).

Editor: blip has also said that sincere Buddhists are accepted by God, though they may have never professed faith in Jesus Christ.

Fortunately, the group is losing members at a fast pace. Praise the Lord for that! My conviction is that if Anglicanism disappeared from the earth, nothing precious would be lost and Christianity would only profit with it (Matthew 23:13).

Had Paul preached Galatians in the Anglican cathedrals, he would be accused of narrow- mindedness, insularity and blinkeredness. He would be labelled and branded a religious agitator, a "Bible Fanatic", and an insensitive dogmatist, wanting to create dispute, dissent and division in the Body of Christ!

Well, let us not be deceived by the Anglican Church: its hierarchy will not return to the sound Gospel of Paul, even though some cathedrals are called by the apostle's name. The apostle would be flabbergasted and stunned to hear of his name attached to such companies where his Gospel is rejected for the prize of human applause. Let the millions (or some hundreds!) leave this bankrupt ceremonial and stiff archdiocese and gather under a genuine Independent Baptist church (or home-church), where Paul's Gospel is fearlessly preached, and the Lord is the Son of the Almighty God! Acts 16:31.

"And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house."

Júlio Carrancho