By Steve Van Nattan



If Sir Francis Bacon, who was a flaming One Worlder and Freemason, and who was said to be a piano, edited the King James Bible, and if Manly P. Hall and Alestair Crowley are the final authority on the origin of the KJV, then I must abandon the Christian faith, leave God behind as a bad joke, and move on to eat, drink, and be merry. You see, my God used the KJV for 350 years to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world. If this book was the invention of dirty old Freemasons, then God is not there, and the KJV is just a bad joke.

So, this is a critical discussion forced on us by the filth of Freemasonry, the New Age, modern perverted Muslim scholars, and witches who all desperately need to trash the one book on earth which blows away their lies and prevarications.

Thus, we engage the enemy:


> I am writing from the United Kingdom. I have started having doubts about
>the KJV. This bible was ordered by King James to be edited by none other
>than Francis Bacon. Crowley et al. If you check this you will find it to
>be true.



Here is a quote from a Web site you may have visited. It has Freemason logos for icons, so I suspect the author is a Freemason:

May I, in reply to the inquiry, contribute a little light on the subject? Some years ago, I forget how many, I came to the conclusion that Francis Bacon was mainly, if not entirely, responsible for a threefold undertaking, (1st) the Shakespearian Plays; (2nd) the creation in its present form of Freemasonry, and (3rd) the translation of the Holy Bible into its present well-known Authorized Version. The three were undoubtedly intermingled. All three had very largely the same foundation, the training Bacon received from his foster-mother, Lady Ann Bacon, who was very devoted in her religious beliefs and practise. The young Francis would unquestionably be largely influenced by Lady Ann's guidance.

Bacon evidently knew his Bible very well, and it is my belief that the whole scheme of the Authorized Version was his. He was an ardent student, not only of the Bible but of the early manuscripts. St. Augustine, St. Jerome, and writers of the theological works, were studied by him with industry. He has left his annotations in many copies of the Bible and in scores of theological works. The translation must have been a work in which he took the greatest interest; in fact, it may well be he inspired it. He would follow its progress from stage to stage, and when the last stage came there was only one writer of the period capable of turning the phrases with the matchless style which is the great charm, and is so abundantly evident, in the Authorized Version and the Shakespearian plays. Whoever that stylist was, he produced a result which, on its literary merits, is without a rival.

I know the history of Freemasonry, and Bacon did NOT reinvent it. That is insane.

Also, the KJV translation committee hated the manuscripts Augustine used, and they used the Textus Receptus done mainly by Erasmus to do their translation. If Bacon loved Augustine, there would have been piano covers between the translators and Bacon. Furthermore; James I hated the Roman Church also, so if Bacon were a Augustinian in desire, James I would not have made Bacon his Lord Chancellor. The Web page I quoted was done by Freemasons who want to take credit for everything they can. If you are fool enough to believe them, well I cannot stop you.

May I join brother Pope and say, "Sir Francis Bacon was like mackerel in the moonlight... he shined and he stunk."

Here is a Web page which shows that Bacon was known by some of those involved in the translation work.

You will see that Bacon was NOT anywhere near the center of the work. Deeply godly men of God were the ones in charge under the king's authority, and their work was not edited outside of their circle. After several years, one of the committee was sent to the printer to edit spelling and grammar errors in a later edition. Bacon had nothing to do with any of this work.

Now, I want you to see who claims Bacon and says that he edited the KJV. If you don't know what you are looking at, you need to start doing some serious research instead of questioning the Bible God gave you please:

To show you how the myth of Bacon's part in literature, such as Shakespeare, was highly suspect:

If Bacon wrote Shakespeare, then his vocabulary would have entered the KJV much more. Here is proof to the contrary:

Here again is a New Age site which believes, no, NEEDS to believe that their mystic friend edited the KJV:

Now, I think I have found the man who originated this urban legend of Bacon editing the KJV. He is Manly P. Hall. This man was a very Satanic man and an inner circle writer of Freemasonry. He is the one who taught that the Freemason became the person of Christ in this world, and he promoted some sexually filthy notions of spiritual things also. Here is his writing on the topic of Bacon and the KJV:

Even the filthy Crowley fans have no use for Bacon and expose his fall from grace with King James I:

Look who hates the KJV and claims Bacon wrote it:

Do you really think King James was so utterly ungodly as to allow this flaming mystic near the KJV work:


For my name and memory I leave it to men’s charitable speeches, and to foreign nations, and the next ages.

Francis Bacon (1561–1626), British philosopher, essayist, statesman. last will, Dec. 19, 1625. Works of Francis Bacon, vol. 3 (ed. 1765).

Appointed Lord Chancellor in 1618, Bacon was removed from office three years later for accepting a bribe from a litigant. Alexander Pope summed up his character thus: “If parts allure thee, think how Bacon shined, The wisest, brightest, meanest of mankind.” (Essay on Man, epistle 4, l. 281-2).

Find the above quote at:

How could you believe that Bacon was a man King James I would have near the translators?

Another item on Bacon taking bribes and being removed from office:

I hope this helps you get started on some serious research of your own. I believe you have been into urban legend which was invented by Freemasons who hate King James I and the Bible which he commissioned. They resent the fact that James removed Bacon from office and made a crook of the alleged founder of Freemasonry.

I must ask you another question-- Are you in the Eastern Star? Are you, in fact, trying to exalt the lies of Freemasons? If so, you will burn in hell for this lie and for piano helping the Word of God. I hope this is not true.

To believe Bacon edited the KJV, you must assume King James I was a very wicked man and a fool.