"In an apostate scenario such as this in which we have to live, who cares about scholars? They were genuine four centuries ago! Today, they are a CULT!"

By Júlio Carrancho


Introduction by Steve Van Nattan: June 2001-- Final edition of this page:

The letter at the top (below) from Júlio Carrancho was sent to DA Waite and David Cloud with a challenge to respond and explain why they blast and damn Dr. Peter S. Ruckman for his teaching of Advanced Revelation in regard to the English KJV and the TR Greek Bibles. No response came to Júlio Carrancho from Waite and Cloud.

The bottom letter from Júlio Carrancho is now the final footnote on the wimps who attack the Word of God. They say the King James Bible is the Word of God, then they undermine its authority be exalting the Greed "originals" which neither they nor any of their perverted scholarly friends have seen in 1900 years.

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Introduction: Steve Van Nattan-- Balaam's Ass Speaks-- I am delighted to bring to you the thoughts of Júlio Carrancho from South Africa. It is very helpful to hear from other parts of the world, for we Americans tend to think the sun rises every day, circles once around our shoulders, sets in the West, and that is a perfect day. God has His people all around the world who defend the Word of God, and some take a much bigger bite and real persecution for their stand. We better pay attention to these friends in Christ.

I share Júlio's question regarding Dr. Ruckman. Many people are busy attacking Ruckman right now. Some accuse him of sexual perversion, some of fraud, and the majority of this "advanced revelation" nonsense. I KNOW what he teaches regarding "advanced revelation," and I KNOW how much D.A. Waite and David Cloud hate Ruckman. No one tries to make it clear what Ruckman means by "advanced revelation" because, if they did, they would have no case on him. The other charges against him would make a wealthy man of him if he were to pursue the inventors in a court of law.

As to Dr. Ruckman's teaching that the English (KJV) is an improvement over the Greek, we totally agree. Any crass bigots who read this will not want to check out our article on the issue so that they can keep their small mind rattling loosed forever in their double dome scholarly cranium.

We have noticed that Dr. Ruckman has only one serious fault as far as Bible doctrine is concerned. He is divorced and remarried twice. It is very instructional though that David Cloud, D.A. Waite, and virtually all of his adversaries do NOT touch this issue. Why? Simple answer: They also approve of divorce and remarriage. Why do they all hate Dr. Ruckman? Without guruizing the man, for he has feet of clay like us all, Ruckman is one of the most powerful defenders of the King James Bible on earth today. These scholars who think so highly of their "Scholars Only" club hate the common approach of Dr. Ruckman. Thus, if you share the same adversaries as Dr. Ruckman, you may assume you are in good company.

I know, for instance, that I will receive some very sexually filthy and violent E-Mail for posting this page. I have NEVER, since going on the Web in 1997, had the kind of filthy mindless attacks on me from witches, queers, and Satanists, like I have received for using Dr. Ruckman's material in various ways.

As to D.A. Waite, I talked to him PERSONALLY on the phone one day in the 1980s. I asked him if he thought the King James Version was as perfectly preserved as the Textus Receptus. He hummed and hawed around for a while, for he did not know what to say. Finally, he said, "Well, let's say the Textus Receptus is Capital 'P' Preserved, and the KJV is lower case 'p' preserved." D.A. Waite does NOT believe the King James Bible is sufficient for us today-- He believes that only Greek scholars can get to the very foundation of biblical truth. He exalts the TR over the KJV.

D.A. Waite also is a wimp as to ecclesiastical things. The General Association of Regular Baptists has long been Neo-Evangelical, and D.A. Waite would like you to think he fought the liberalizing of the GARBC all the way. Well, he did, but he did not leave the GARBC. That is what God commands us to do in the Word of God:

2 Corinthians 6:16 And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.
17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,

Romans 16:17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.
18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

D.A. Waite refused to leave the GARBC because, if he did, he would have lost his following among all the young punk GARBC pastors who were too secure in their insurance and resume building program to leave. Waite, if he left the neo GARBC, would have had a much smaller following. This is also true of Bobby Stewart in Harrison, Michigan. Real men walk away from the wicked. Wimpy scholars stay with the wicked and pretend they will one day save the masses from error. Where did the GARBC go? Did they follow Waite? Not a chance bunky. They all follower Dr. Paul Tassle into hell.

D.A. Waite also has cozied up to the Trinitarian Bible Society (UK) elite who are in litigation against TBS Canada in violation of Apostolic doctrine. These men are so Calvinist that they refuse to believe they themselves are finally born again. D.A. Waite was very comfortable with these Calvinists, yet he insulted Theodore Letis when he wanted to join Waite's club. Letis, a vigorous defender of the KJV, is a Missouri Senod Lutheran and at least as theologically as sound as the TBS boys in the UK. Waite seems to be a respector of persons.

So, we appreciate the following challenge of Júlio Carrancho. We hope to bring you more of his thoughts in the days ahead.

Steve Van Nattan

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Letter from Júlio Carrancho

(April 23, 2001)

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

Sorry for hurting the feelings of some. (I understand, when I get the request to remove the address from the list. For some Christians these are "trivial" things, I'm told... my list is getting smaller, anyway).

However, still on the same annoying and irritating subject of brother Cloud and Dr. Waite's constant 'pestering' us with attacks against Dr. Ruckman.

It is my intention to KNOW what is going on BEHIND the scenes on this matter. The truth is coming out, even though in small portions.

As I said before, it seems that many Christian people (predominantly Baptists) have been and are on a mission to discredit brother Dr. Ruckman, using attacking and counter-attacking techniques learned in ministerial training. We can call it PRIDE, arrogance and vanity, whatever source it comes from. This causes a lot of spiritual damage in the heart and faith of a new- convert.

Let us have the 'heretical' EVIDENCE against Dr. Ruckman, and let us have it NOW!

As I said before, not all of us are dim and brainless, or unable to discern what is spiritual, or what is crooked. I read brother Cloud's stuff ALL THE TIME and I AGREE with much of it. However, he stands AGAINST Dr. Ruckman and takes every little opportunity to try to denigrate his Christian character and his most strong defence of the Authorized Bible (using side issues&and making him look like he has some psychological problem, etc). I see it as an angle of VANITY and pride in the man. Also, Dr. Waite doesn't seem to know what he is talking about, when he refers to 'advanced revelation.' (AR).

Look at the unbalanced equation: he seems to imply that he gets revelation that there isn't this thing he calls 'advanced revelation', and then tell us all that we must accept his side of the story! One hears two voices telling us something about 'AR', and we are supposed to adhere to the revelation telling us that there is no revelation!! Crude, isn't it?& Like following a man& ('Don't follow me, I'm also lost').

I INSIST: GIVE US THE EVIDENCE in this matter against Dr. Ruckman (or PUBLISH Dr. Ruckman's defence on the issue, if you dare)! Give us that NOW, not some weeks or months or years later. NOW, I plead.

With that in hand, we will CHECK the AV, pray and seek the Lord about it, and report back to you all, using this medium, and resolve the matter once and for all. We can even consult Dr. Ruckman or one of his pastors. (I do not belong to his church or even met the man ever in my life).

I have nothing against DBS or TBS UK as Christian organizations that defend the Authorized Version. What I see is certain men or 'inside forces' bent on looking for ephemeral applause and appreciation from other 'important figures' in the Christian community.

I couldn't care less for these 'important personalities' in the church, because I see them sometimes as nothing but proud peacocks, showing off their 'beautiful feathers' in 'defending the Bible' and so on and so forth, using language and speech techniques learnt in training.

Who doesn't know that the church is today divided (amen to that!) between those who have to 'choose a bible version, according to their personal preference' and those who KNOW what THE BIBLE is TODAY?

Who doesn't know that there are business interests behind this MESSING with the Bible by those who preach freedom of choice and preference?

Who doesn't know that many Christian preachers and other ministries are actually looking for APPLAUSE and praise from other men?

Now, let me tell you brothers and sisters, WHY I am very angry with this matter:

It is because there is a massive effort out there to STEAL my Bible from my hands and from my heart! The devil is using many resources and schemes to achieve that.

I NEED to defend and protect MY BIBLE! Otherwise, it will be stolen, and those I thought were my friends in Christ will steal it with no remorse. Pastors do it all the time, and every Christian organization on this earth is, one way or another, by the actions of infiltrators (mercenaries making a career with the Bible while secretly in their heart DENYING it, the hypocrites!!), TRYING to STEAL my Bible!

As an illustration of this craziness and gross SIN, I went to a Baptist Church where the pastor defends the Bible with all his mighty. However, when it came to Hebrews 7:25, he said that the word 'intercession' in the original meant 'intervention', and he went on explaining why he thought so.

There you have it. This is the typical and standard approach to 'defend the Bible', using every opportunity to 'correct' or 'simplify' it with man's wisdom (see how the CEV puts it!!)! This pastor is the prototype of many who, surreptitiously disagree with their bible, but still 'use' it to earn a living. His 'corrections', like many other pastors do, is nothing more than putting doubt in the hearer's heart.

Tell me if 'INTERCESSION' doesn't convey the true meaning of the whole context! Why would this pastor MESS up his sermon (at least in my eyes), trying to pass as a smart teacher? We leave the meetings (after YEARS of the same indoctrination!) assuming that every little adjective in the Bible has another or better meaning that only the pastor can discover. The pastor, psychologically, tells us that because it is a 'translation', it cannot be ACCURATE and true: there is always a second meaning that is perhaps the right one. (Nothing is perfect in the Bible - only what we are told about the Bible!... It is called "advanced revelation" got at a biblical college... ah!)

In the eyes of those pastors, it is a capital sin, these days, to stand up firmly and strongly for the Authorized Version, because, as they so earnestly wish to warn us, 'it is a good and honouring bible', but it is also a fallible 'old translation', etc., etc., ad nauseam.

Now, can you imagine this scandalous activity INSIDE churches: ROBBING the innocent new- convert of his Bible and leave the meetings smiling (after telling him to go and sellect a bible for himself)?! If it is not a massive THEFT and colossal criminal dishonesty, tell me what it is!

This is poisonous preaching, to destroy faith in the Bible, in what God said He would INSPIRE AND PRESERVE (Psalm 12, etc.).

This is nauseating routine all over the preaching spectrum, these days. It is a hurting ROBBERY of the words of God in the hearts of innocent Christians, who support their pastors with their offering. In the meantime, the spiritual rachitic condition of congregations is clearly observable.

I ppeal to DBS's leadership not to try to steal my Bible from my hands and from my heart (using the leadership's "advanced revelation", whatever! What is the use of their own "AR", telling us that there is no "AR"! That is pointing spiritual north to southeast). It is not 'nice' and it will provoke a FIGHT to defend it, while exposing those who, deceitfully and hypocritically, engage in such dishonouring practice.

Do you know how quickly, under the attacks of Satan, a Christian organization can turn away from the Lord and become spiritually anarchic? Well, it takes only a little religious leaven. Do you know how many MILLIONS of nominal Christian exist today in churches, victims of their own pastors? All it took, was a spiritual mugging!

In the Lord,

Júlio Carrancho

South Africa

2 Cor 2:17


(from the previous email)

DEAN BURGON SOCIETY WARNS OF RUCKMAN ERRORS. Friday Church News Notes, April 13, 2001 (David W. Cloud, Fundamental Baptist Information Service, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061-0368, fbns@wayoflife.org)

In its latest news bulletin, the Dean Burgon Society (DBS) warns about the errors of Peter Ruckman. The DBS was founded in 1978 for the defense of the Masoretic Hebrew Text, the Received Greek Text, and the Authorized English Version, as well as sound TR translations in other languages. The Dean Burgon News states: "We reject the Ruckman position of the King James Bible being 'given by inspiration of God' and therefore 'God-breathed.' We reject this 'double inspiration' view as erroneous and heretical. We further reject the Ruckman heresy that the King James Bible can upon occasion 'correct' even the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts from which it was taken, giving 'advanced revelation.'" Dr. Donald Waite is the President of the Dean Burgon Society. Its annual meeting is scheduled to be held at the Independent Baptist Church, Ramsey, Minnesota, July 18-19. Information on this can be obtained by calling 763-421-3050 or 763-323-7266, or by accessing the DBS website -- http://www.DeanBurgonSociety.org.


(April 23, 2001)

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

There is something here that I do not appreciate, regarding the above accusation against brother Dr. Ruckman.

Do please, supply PROOF of what the man is accused of! PLEASE, will you? Please, not one obscure verse somewhere, to try to expose the man as a heretic, which is a very strong accusation against a man of God that has done a lot for the KJV. Let other Christians, also with Christian discernment, SEE and observe in detail what is going on. Don't you try to throw sand in our eyes as if we were all ignorant and stupid.

GIVE US THE PROOF and supply us the verses. Don't just call the man a horrible name and leave it there, as if we had to take your word for it. WE ARE NOT IGNORANT of what is going on these days against Dr. Ruckman just because the man stands strongly in favour of the Bible that God powerfully used in the Philadelphian period of the church of Jesus Christ.

The ridiculous attitude of the DBS that the KJV cannot 'correct' the Hebrew and the Greek is a smokescreen, to say the least. WHAT IS THE ORIGINAL HEBREW AND THE ORIGINAL GREEK?

PLEASE, WE REQUIRE THE PHYSICAL EVIDENCE to support the Society's grave accusation. In the end, we will find it to be a straw man.

There is a deceiving stance in this whole MESS. Dr. Ruckman is a ferocious enemy of MODERN 'BIBLES' and he has opened the eyes of many simple Christians AGAINST the masses of HYPOCRITES who, thinking that because they are 'reverends' and 'doctors' of whatever, we need to listen to them when it comes to get help about the 'original Bible'.

Brother Cloud NEEDS to present the EVIDENCE that Dr. Waite seems to have against Dr. Ruckman on the issue in question. (I bet you that there is NOTHING in it, after all. It is all VANITY from these sources! It is only a desire to feel great and teach the poor ignorant children of God who do not have enough knowledge of the 'original' languages, and have to depend on others to 'select and choose the bible of their preference'!)

DO NOT BE RIDICULOUS, BROTHERS! We are not all stupid and man fearing! We have a brain and we can read, and we pray and ask the Lord to REVEAL to us what is going on behind the scenes. IT IS A LOT OF COWARDICE, DOUBLE STANDARDS AND HYPOCRISY. I've read MANY of Dr. Peter Ruckman's books and I NEVER found ANYTHING like what is mentioned in this little story of Dr. Waite. (If the man doesn't present proof of what he says against Dr. Ruckman, we can expose him as a LIAR and a deceiver. His integrity is in question. Please, give us the evidence!)

What I think is happening, is a clash of personalities and a little (or a lot) of jealousy or worse from the DBS. Something is WRONG with this Society, for not standing as strong as possible in favour of the Authorised Version. I see this wonderful Bible being slowly attacked even by its friends, sad to say. You have the clear case of the TBS UK, which claims that it is possible to IMPROVE the AV!

WHERE and by whom?! (Has it not been 'IMPROVED' already 100 times?!!&)

This 'fanatical' position of the DBS is untenable and preposterous, to say the least. The Society wants us to believe the old EXCUSE that 'only the original was given by inspiration of God', which means that there is nothing like that anymore on earth. Which also means that we also don't know what we are talking about, since none of us has EVER held in our hands the 'originals' to CHECK whether it was/is inspired! We are diminishing God all the time and comparing Him with ourselves. How stupid!

In the Lord,

Júlio Carrancho

South Africa

2 Cor 2:17

(My web site http://home.mweb.co.za/en/enoque )

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(May 01, 2001-- Update)

Note by Steve Van Nattan: DA Waite and David Cloud refuse to answer Júlio Carrancho, and Júlio is obviously getting mad, and Waite and Cloud are wimps. They know they have met their match in this brother, and they cannot sue him-- too far away. Isn't the Web a mighty weapon of war in these last days?

* * * * *

Latest letter from Júlio Carrancho

Dear brothers and sisters:

Again, regarding Dr. Ruckman's "heresy" pointed out by brother David Cloud and Dr. Donald Waite, I have something else to say. Please, bear with us.

In my previous email, I asked for the evidence of heresy against Dr. Ruckman. I wanted to see It, and I think I should receive it.

I mean, you don't accuse a brother in Christ of disseminating heretical teachings and when you are asked to supply the evidence you ignore it and/or change gear to "neutrality" and go hide somewhere. That is the impression I have now. Is that nice? Being the Internet an open forum, brother Cloud and Dr. Waite should without delay supply the requested evidence or tell us where we can "collect" it from. What sort of mentality does this reflect if one person is accused of HERESY, and another asks for THE EVIDENCE, and never again hears from the accusers? Is that nice?!

Please, let us have the EVIDENCE. We could lose our patience with these brethren and get angry with them. Even though, Let us wait a little longer.

In the mean time, let me elaborate on brother Donald Waite's rejection of the KJV being given by "double inspiration of God" and on "advanced revelation", which "on occasions" "correct" the original Hebrew and Greek, whatever.

First of all, I wish I would be able to have a list of Christian leaders who, today, in the number of the living, stand up without hesitation for the perfection, infallibility, inerrancy and accuracy of the Authorised Version. In this definition, we would not tolerate any hesitation, indecision or subjectivity about the Bible.

Surely, Dr. Ruckman's name would be on top of the list. I have read close to six thousand pages of his books and I can testify that I never found one time "ONE TIME, brothers!" where the author questions or diminishes one word, never mind a verse, in the whole text of the AV.

Isn't that remarkable? What man on the face of the earth has done that before? I mean, writing six thousand pages of text, always exalting his beloved Bible? Can you name another one alive today? Who will be number two on the list? Do you know anybody else? I don't.

I would appreciate a Christian friend who tells me that I can hold in my hands a specific book in English and with absolute confidence believe it to be the infallible word of God. Would you not?

However, when those two brothers stand up to defend the AV Bible, but there is something in that book that they question, better keep them at a distance. Such is the case of brother Donald and brother David. I mean, one, with the applause of the other, tells us in coded language that not everything in the AV is right. (Like the TBS UK saying that the AV could be improved, etc.! Where, and by whom?!&).

The coded language is not difficult to decipher.

Dr. Ruckman believes that there are certain words in the AV that are improvements over the "original", whereby the text and context become clearer. This man never declares the opposite. That is, taking the "position" of the NIV, for example, where God is "improved" from having "forbearance" to being "tolerant" (Romans 2:4), or "God" becoming "Man" (John 9:35).

Isn't this a wonderful "position"? I think it reveals a heart that does deeply love, believe and honour the Bible!

Dr. Waite, on the other hand, rejects this "posture". He says that God would not help the AV translators (even without them noticing it) do it better than in the "original". He belongs to the group of Christians who teach, "No translation is perfect". However, two points are worthy of mentioning here.

One, we need to know who can state such a thing with absolute certainty. (If no bible is perfect, then there isn't anything perfect in today's Christianity, much less a "Man" stating that no translation is perfect!) I mean, to accept that there isn't any perfect translation anywhere in English, I would have to unconditionally believe the person who made that statement, without questioning whether he is a crook or a liar. (The case of the god "Man", in modern versions!).

I mean, you will tell me that that person is a sincere and saved Christian, hence he will not lie. ("God, that cannot lie" AV, Titus 1:2; or NIV: "God, who does not lie" " is it the same?). I have to believe him while at the same time doubt whether God could have done a proper translation into English without messing the text a little here and there.

Unbalanced equation: an infallible "Man" stating a failure of the infallible God!

That is a very serious problem, if it is not a joke. I mean, equipped with a dozen bible translations under the arms, and told that none is a perfect reproduction of the Original Masterpiece, what sort of Christian can I be? An idolatrous idiot?!&

Why should I have two dozen versions in order to read "variants", "strengths" and "weaknesses" and yet never be sure whether God is "tolerant" or patient? (By the way, for those who "use" the NIV: if God is tolerant to man, why did He require the Lord to go to the cross? Answer, please.)

Two, brother Waite defends the "original" but rejects Dr. Ruckman's "advanced revelation" as if he (Dr. Waite) had the ability to read the original without TRANSLATING it into English. This is odd, to say the least. It is pathetic, really. One man rejects the occasions where the AV "improves" over the "original", whereas the other accepts it on the holy character of its Author. Do you see where Dr. Waite messes with the Bible of God? Do you see that he doesn't actually accept certain words in the AV text: those words where Dr. Ruckman sees only a wonderful improvement and clarification of text and context? Does this portray unconditional belief in the AV Bible? Should we write Dr. Wait's name on that list mentioned above?

"No translation is perfect", including the AV, I'm told. However, if Dr. Waite and brother Cloud pick up the "original" to reject Dr. Ruckman's "position", will they also not be translating, and so declaring their work "imperfect"?

The AV is imperfect because it has certain translated words where it is said to "improve" over the original words. It is imperfect because it improves?!&

Nevertheless, who in the English world can read the "original" without translating it into English? Dr. Waite, in order to check what Dr. Ruckman calls "advanced revelation" has to pick up the "original", check the word in Hebrew, translate it into English and so reject the translations of other men (in this case the AV)! In the process, he wants us to take him seriously and reject the others! It sounds like performing in a circus.

If these two brothers accepted the perfection of the AV, what would be their "position" regarding Dr. Ruckman's "advanced revelation"? However, it is clear that there is only one perfect Bible: the one that doesn't exist! The original!

Brothers, why can I not read, believe and memorize my KJV without you harassing me with your knowledge of the original? Wasn't the Bible given to us at the time when the Lord says in that Bible "for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name"?

Now, according to the coded language of Dr. Waite and brother Cloud, by declaring the "original" the only true Bible, I conclude that they do not believe seriously in the complete integrity of that "kept word", and that the Holy Spirit was not being true when He said so.

Dr. Ruckman calls that "Messing with the Bible!", and he adds that God will mess with the minds of those who do that.

I believe it!

One example of "keeping the word" in the AV is found in Matthew 26:28 and 1 Corinthians 11:25, where the word "blood" is mentioned only one time in each verse. It is perfect harmony in text and context, and true spiritual discernment of Paul. Why would new versions (TEV, JB, NEB, REB, etc.) mention "blood" twice in Matthew without any note or italics to explain it?

Isn't that messing with the "original"?

Please, dear Christian friends:

If these two men prefer to hide instead of supplying the required EVIDENCE against Dr. Ruckman, would some of you send the material to me? I would be very happy and thankful. We need to clarify this MESS. Urgently! Before the Lord's return!

May God bless you all.

Júlio Carrancho.

2 Cor 2:17

* * * * *


From Júlio Carrancho

"Advanced Revelation"

As everybody expected, neither David Cloud nor Dr. Donald Waite bothered with showing the evidence they were supposed to have against Dr. Ruckman on the textual technicality called "Advanced Revelation". Not a hint was revealed. *


We have concluded long ago that there is this scandalous presumption on the part of certain Christians who think that their education makes them superior to the average brother and sister in Christ. As such, they do not answer to "aggressive" posture, unless the request is humbly submitted in a formal and subservient way. However, there are those of us, who do not accept this "sacred cow" approach to other parties in the church, but have a larger perspective on hypocrisy and pretence. Over the years, who has not met church leaders who have gone the vanity route in their ministries and finished disastrously in a dead end? The leader who prided his humility&

These two characters of the story in focus, have adopted what we could call "the neutrality stance" on their accusation against a third party, simply because they have no solid evidence of the "crime" to substantiate their bearing against the "offender". The two actors in the drama did it for mere vanity and ephemeral applause, and now do it to any other Christian who requires of them an explanation about their wrong attitude.

Oh, how much we could say about the leadership of the present day church. There are so many angles to apostasy, my friends.

I wanted to check their evidence against "Advanced Revelation" and, after a good laugh, give the antagonists a well deserved rebuking, perhaps putting it, without offending anybody, in a strong language with certain vivid adjectives. Perhaps both of these two protagonists foresaw what was coming their way and, sorry to say, cowardly ("we are very busy in the Lord's work", etc.) retreated to the popular "neutral grey area" where camouflage is a ministry!

Of course, we all know that the English corrects the Greek!

On the other hand, "Advanced Revelation" shows up in every bible version. Although Dr. Waite and D. Cloud are "champions" for the KJV, etc. (it is a nice label), and they stand without shame for one standard Bible in the church, they strongly resent those who tell them that God could have improved the English Bible (AV) and clarify some obscure readings in Hebrew or Greek.

It is important to understand that those ministers, who think of themselves important enough to have access to the "original" languages of the Bible, get very easily offended with other Christians who reject their "special knowledge" in an area less accessible to the majority. That is, a "Greek Specialist", all done to boost his vanity and the pursuit of human applause, gets quickly infuriated if a common Christian questions his ability to check the Bible with the "original".

And yet, the most common practice these days, regarding new translations that appear out of the blue on a regular basis, is to "correct the Greek" (NT) every step of the way.

For instance, the NIV "corrects the Greek" HUNDREDS of times and nobody seems to notice it (tongue in cheek). There are obscure passages, verses, or words in the "original" Hebrew and Greek. Who cares about that, if we have a perfect translation into English?

Oh, brother, don't mention that word "perfect" near a Christian scholar! You'll be REJECTED!

Doesn't matter: we will also reject the scholar. We will do more: we will ridicule him and ask him to leave the premises. (In an apostate scenario such as this in which we have to live, who cares about scholars?!& I don't! They were genuine four centuries ago! Today, they are a CULT!)

Read the Authorised Bible and you will see that the context will explain the text. That is where "Advanced Revelation" takes place. It is the very basic of Bible understanding in English. However, if one is supposed to read the "perfect Bible" only in the "original", then we can, without hesitation, say that the AV is a tremendous improvement over the "original"! Since when did we read the "original" without having to translate it into our "original" mother tongue to be able to make proper sense of it? Isn't that also a private translation? Of course it is! Everybody is translating the Bible these days! Nobody reads any "original"!!

The "Greek scholars" are infantile in their approach to the Bible, if they expect everybody to spend thirty years learning those old languages in order to understand the gospel! It is most ridiculous that there are so many "Greek scholars" in the profession and we still have no perfect Bible (according to them, the hypocrites!) to press against the heart and trust without reserve. These men are absurd and stupid. Sorry. Simple Christians should ignore them and give them the cold shoulder. That's what they deserve. If it is true that no translation is perfect, imagine how many times Dr. Waite or brother Cloud have misinformed their audiences?

The NIV corrects the "Greek" in 2 Timothy 2:15 with "Do your best" instead of "study"! However, since it was practice in the Old Testament to "study" the Scriptures for prophecy purposes, etc., and not "do the best" one could do with them, it is absolutely correct the KJV instruction!

Assuming that the NIV reading is absolutely correct to the "original", then I "PREFER" the AV's statement, which will be "Advanced Revelation" over the "better manuscripts" the NIV comes from. Ah! What a mess, if you ask me, all over this "though-for-thought" paraphrase!

Wouldn't you "prefer" the word "study" over "do your best" (a humanistic formula!)? The AV reading is certainly "Advanced Revelation" over the "Greek" text for the NIV. How do we know that? Well, the context fixes the text! If God did it there, He did it everywhere. What the NIV is, turns out to be a pretext to be dishonest.

That's it!

The NIV also gives its own form of "Advanced Revelation" in verse 19 of the same chapter, when it calls up the testimony of the "Septuagint" for Numbers 16:5. You see, for the informed Christian, the "Septuagint" is a catholic monster, pre-fabricated by a school of platonic allegorists who practiced castration, believed in stars, holy water and in vellum manuscripts. And yet, there is "Advanced Revelation" aplenty in modern versions based on manuscripts "corrected" by pagans! That is why the NIV is so "advanced"!

Dr. Ruckman did not say anything wrong when he stood firmly on the entire text of the AV. One of his strong points (especially when he sternly rebukes and grinds to fine powder the "scholar" James White and his obscene book full of lies!) is that it is simply impossible to expect a "better Bible" in an age of stinking apostasy such as our Laodicean age! Isn't that so? The AV is without any doubt an "Advanced Bible", and I don't care what White, Waite or Cloud say against it! The evidence that they were supposed to have and didn't present, would be a louder laugh then going to see the clowns in the circus!

Júlio Carrancho


June / 2001

* * * * *

Conclusion: Steve Van Nattan--
Balaam's Ass Speaks:

I have serious differences with Dr. Ruckman, which none of these wimps like Cloud and Waite share. This fellow Júlio has chosen to deal with the area where Dr. Ruckman is strong in his defense of the Truth. I share this with Júlio, while I reserve the right to disagree with Dr. Ruckman.

Having said that, if I had to be locked in a room for a week with one of these men, Ruckman, Waite, or Cloud-- I would come out of that room refreshed and blessed if the man were Dr. Ruckman. We would no doubt discuss his marriage choices, we would disagree on a number of things, but we would major on the Word of God in the process. We would tell each other what we thought the perfect Word of God meant by what it said, but we would not fix the Word as we disagreed.

If I were to spend the week locked away with Waite, I would be subjected to his lust to guruize all men around him, and, having resisted this cultic insanity of Waite's, I would come out of the room half crazy and in need of massive doses of Prozac. Waite would publish 85 issues of his newsletter telling his club of joy boys why Steve Van Nattan is wicked and evil-- to the subpoint, I , A, 1, a, (1), (a), I, A, 1, a, (1), (a), I, A, 1, a, (1), (a), I, A, 1, a, (1), (a), I, A, 1, a, (1), (a), I, A, 1, a, (1), (a) steve Van Nattan picks his nose in public; (b) I could pick it better for him if he would let me; (c) Buy my lastest book please,

If I spent the week locked up with Cloud, one of us would come out of the room dead, and I bet it would be Cloud. I cannot stand Jackboots, and I would wear him out convincing him of it by Tuesday at 3:42 PM. I would come out of the room bored.

Perhaps you can gather where I am coming from as we complete this challenge to the Wimpological Society of The Tijuana, Cloud and Waite. Will they every respond to Júlio? Answer: No-- They have met their match in South Africa. I do think Dr. Ruckman will find this amusing, since the Alexandrian text also came out of Africa. What a way to end the Age of Grace-- with a war hoop coming from Ham, busting the buns of Japheth! Tell me God does not have a sense of humor. The Lord shall laugh, the Lord shall have them in derision....

* * * * *

Final conclusion, June, 2001
By Your Editor

Those effulgent scholars, DA Waite and David Cloud, have met their match in Júlio Carrancho, of South Africa. These two egg heads can thrash Peter Ruckman, but they refuse to answer and give defense for their claims. This bears out my conclusion on the two men long ago-- They are tin horn gurus who call weak minded drivel to themselves, and they trash anyone who raises the standard of the defense of God's Word higher than they do.

Thus, anyone following these men becomes an effete snob, and one can easily expose the ignorance of their following, for if confronted with the facts in the defense of the Word of God, they roll over on their backs, like an old cur dog, and wee on themselves ( intellectually speaking :-) .

Aren't you delighted that the Spirit of God did not choose men like Waite and Cloud to write the Word of God? We would all need a resident scholar on hand to get saved and live the Christian life in God's will, or else we would all need a PhD in Greek from Princeton.

Praise God for men like Otis Fuller and Peter Ruckman who have been right down in the trenches with the rest of us slobs fighting the battle using the Bible "God uses and Satan hates"--
The "Monarch" or canonicity--
The King James Bible--
And, though it has been 400 years now, let us not forget to thank God for an earthly King, James I and IV, who stood as tall in the defense of the Word of God as he did in his regal defense of righteousness.

Friend, this battle is not over.

DA Waite is about to pass on to his reward, where ever that is, and David Cloud is being sent packing by many Bible believers. But, the war for the defense of the Word of God will go on and on right up to the Rapture of the Lord's Church. Our late friend, Rich McIntire once said he thought the Antichrist will carry a KJV. Rich said this because he felt that the other bibles would never have the authority of the KJV, and Antichrist will need the absolute authority in his hand while he claims to BE Christ with his mouth.

I think Rich was right, so you better be real careful friend. There are now a good number of cultists, like the Mormons, some SDAs, and a bunch of Baptists, who boldly defend the KJV while they deny The Truth by their big mouth and profane life. This will be the final battle as far as I am concerned-- We will soon find it very hard to distinguish the faithful saints with a KJV from Satan's warriors with a KJV.

"Walk circumspectly," and put the dagger in until "the dirt came out."

* * * * *


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