August 2001--

(Satire-- no doctrinal value)

By Julio-- South Africa

Act One

Billy Grand was in the queue waiting to be judged at the Great White Throne of God.

"NEXT!" shouted the Archangel.

Billy Grand stood before the Angel with The Book of Life.

"What is your name?"

"Billy Grand".

"Grand. Let me check it. It doesn't seem to be here."

"It must be. Please check it very carefully"

"I am always careful. There is a Billy Grand here..."

"That's me! I knew I would be in The Book."

"But this one has already been judged. He was born in 1685 and died at the age of twenty-one with leprosy. It says here that he was saved a month earlier by the testimony of a preacher who visited him in his deathbed"

"I did that, too. Many times I visited the sick in hospital and told them about Christ."

"Many did that in their lives. What is important now is to find your name in The Book. Let me carry on."

"I was born in 1923, in a Christian family. My father was a great preacher of the gospel..."

"That is wonderful. Your father will also be judged according to Almighty God. Here is another one with the same name."

"I knew you would find it!"

"Well, the date of birth does not correspond. This person was born in 1899 in Scotland. He has not been judged yet. He is still waiting in the queue."

"Maybe that is me. Maybe there is a mistake in The Book. Please, check it very carefully. I am terribly worried now."

"The angels who took care of The Book never made a single mistake. They enjoyed their work greatly. Any time a name was added to The Book there were shouts of glory and alleluias. All the time they were heard shouting. It was a wonderful job. They were always happy adding names and details of saved people to The Book."

"My name must be there."

"Why must it be here?"

"I was a great preacher. I preached the gospel to thoBlipnds. Many were renewed through my sermons."

"Well, if anyone was saved then their name is registered in The Book of Life. The angels were so filled with joy to add in the name of the new saint."

"I did a great religious work. My name must be in The Book! Why did you know that Grady Bilson and I were the most popular students on campus at Bob Jones University?"

"Well, I am checking it, but cannot find your name."

"I preached many, many sermons. I preached everywhere to everybody. blips and religious leaders loved me. Did you know that I had a personal visit with the Queen of England and Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya? I also received the US Congressional Medal of Honor."

"That is not important now. What matters is to find your name in The Book. Let me carry on. There is another Grand here. He killed two people. This one was saved a few moments before dying in the electric chair. A fellow prisoner talked to him about Jesus and he gave Him his heart before execution. This Christian has already been judged and taken to Heaven."

"I also visited the prisons and many men were rehabilitated. I had a ministry with cassettes and videos for the prisoners. I received many letters of changed criminals."

"Well, this Billy Grand, here, never led a soul to Christ. He escaped the wrath of Almighty God by a short moment. What saved him from eternal perdition was the fact that he trusted the atonement of the Blood Sacrifice of The Son of God."

"I remember the teacher's name when I was in Sunday School. I was twelve..."

"The Angels in charge of The Book loved it when a young child gave his heart to the Lord. It meant saving a man from much sin in his earthly life."

"I liked the gospel's message. I preached a lot. My name must be in The Book of Life."

"Well, I have had other people in the queue telling me similar stories, but I have not found their names written in The Book."

"I am very worried. It must have been a mistake. Please, check it once again. Do not rush yourself."

"Not at all! Almighty God gave orders to use as much time as needed to do my job. You see, here we do not worry with time. If your name is not in The Book of Life, you will be judged by God's Rule."

"I preached that, many times, on earth."

"I am sure you did, but if your name is not in The Book, nothing else matters now."

"Can I speak to Almighty God and explain myself? Maybe there is a mistake in The Book or maybe there is still a chance for me."

"You do not know what you are talking about. The time of grace is gone! The rule to apply now is very simple. You will stand before Almighty God Who will ask if your name is in The Book of Life. If the answer is NO, you are declared GUILTY and REMOVED FROM HIS PRESENCE! If I say YES, you are declared INNOCENT and SHALL BE IN HIS PRESENCE FOREVER.

"I thought I was a Christian! I was baptized!"

"Judgement will be perfect. There is no exception to anyone if the name is not in The Book of Life. No exception. Now, Billy Grand, since I did not find your name, I take you into the presence of Almighty God sitting on His White Throne. When He asks the question, "Is his name in The Book of Life, and I have to say NO, you remain silent. You cannot utter a single word! Then Almighty God speaks the second time and says, 'He is then judged GUILTY! REMOVE HIM FROM MY PRESENCE!!'. Immediately after that, two angels pick you up, carry you to the shore of the Lake of Fire, and throw you into the eternal flames!"

"FIRE!!! I did not believe in Hell!"

"You did not believe in Hell?!"

"Only when I was young. But then I went to Bible College and was told that Hell was Hades and the grave!"

"Well, those who taught you will also be in the Eternal Lake of Fire, but you should have not read false bibles. Billy Grand, it is your time, NOW!"

Act Two

After Almighty God declared Billy Grand GUILTY, because his name was not in The Book of Life, two strong angels picked him up from the presence of Almighty God and carried him to the shore of The Lake of Fire.

"No, you can't throw me in there! You can't! It's all a mistake!"

"A mistake?! Almighty God has just condemned you!"

"No, no! Please, be kind! Save me!"

"We cannot save anyone. We are pleased to obey God's orders. Only The Lord Jesus Christ, who sits at the right hand of Almighty God had the power to save the lost."

"I preached that many times! Why is my name not in The Book?"

"Why your name is not in The Book of Life is not important anymore. You have to be thrown into The Lake of Fire, and be left there forever and ever. Your eternal destiny is sealed."

"Give me a moment, please. I practiced good works, too. What wrong did I do to be cast into The Lake?"

"It is written in the Bible that works would not save a person from The Lake of Fire. No good work could earn anybody eternal life. A thoBlipnd years of good works would not earn a minute in the presence of Almighty God. Do you not see that if Almighty God accepted good works, His Son Jesus Christ's sacrifice would have been in vain?"

"I decided God would not reject anyone who was sincere, not even a Buddhist, and Robert Schuler agreed with me. Surely God is all forgiving of such small miscalculations."

"Robert Schuler was thrown in the Lake of Fire just last evening, and he blamed you for teaching him that Buddhists are saved by sincerity. Soon, you can talk to Robert about that pagan notion."

"And what about all those who prayed to saints and to Mary? They were so sincere."

"That was IDOLATRY and superstition, which Almighty God and all in Heaven abhorred! That was not written in the word of God!"

"Then it is the pope's fault! He was my friend and lied to me! I visited him several times and felt comfortable and accepted in his presence, and I agreed with almost everything he said. Why, don't you agree with me that he was 'the world's greatest evangelist'?"

"You should have not sat with idolaters. You sinned against Almighty God of blip and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Every pope was a sinner who needed to repent of his abominable idolatry."

"Where are they now?"

"Everyone of them was cast into these Eternal Flames."

"But they believed in a second chance!"

"Yes. It was one of their many lies! Already millions of condemned souls cried for it, but there is only one eternal place of condemnation. The Lord Jesus Christ told them so and died on the cross of Calvary to save the sinner"

"I was not sure about Hell! Please, spare me!"

"You were in friendship with IDOLATERS and pagans."

"In the Bible College in Florida I was always told that every religion has its good side."

"You are not condemned for believing that. Your name was not found in The Book of Life. Almighty God blessed you with a long life and enough time to repent of your sins. Instead, you looked for applause and riches."

"Come! Here is The Eternal Lake of Fire!"

"No, please, no! Save me from these HORRIBLE FLAMES!!

"It is too late for you, Billy Grand. You are naked and lost. It is your final moment before eternal perdition."

"Will I burn quickly?..."

"Hell is a real place and everlasting. You will join the eternal roaring of crying and gnashing of teeth. You can hear it in the distance."

"I can! I can! Oh, my God, I am lost, I am lost forever, forever! What will happen to me?!!!"

"Over eternity, those in this place, where the worm dieth not, will slowly turn into a hideous and repulsive form of maggot made of living lava, forever remembering their sins. COME! You can see for yourself if there is no hell."

Billy Grand enters the Lake of Fire.