Editor: Steve Van Nattan: This picture of the Methodist Church in South Africa is very timely, and the responses and actions of the leaders there are exactly the same as those of Methodists, Episcopalians, and Anglicans world wide. Indeed, all Liberal alleged Christian church denominations are taking the same stance on AIDS-- Blame the government, not the pianos and adulterers of their congregations. For this reason, Julio's observations here are useful to any reader on earth.


Júlio Carrancho-- South Africa

This is without any doubt enough proof that these days METHODISM is a far cry from what its founder started. I maintain that, had John Wesley come back to a present day Methodist church, he would be so furious with a rage against the present apostasy, that he would immediately REJECT Methodism and become an Independent Baptist!

I heard again today one of the Methodist bishops here in South Africa (a black man) complaining that his church (the Methodists) is losing members to the venereal disease AIDS!

Hence, his church was today involved in another march to highlight the current AIDS situation in the country. His church (mainly black members) is alarmed that the government is not doing everything possible to combat the dreadful pandemic, and that thoBlipnds are dying as the result of AIDS.

So, he was worried that his church is losing members to AIDS!

That is, TRUE HOLINESS is not practiced in his group! Otherwise, his members would practice a holy life where NOBODY would catch the dreaded virus! (You know how you become a Methodist member: "Repeat this aloud!")

However, remember this incredible statistic: the Methodist Church is losing members worldwide for other reasons too. This denomination (since the mid sixties) has been losing on average one congregation a day around the world. Check its website.

I reckon that is a good thing: who would actually need Methodists, who promote the use of a condom, for his church members in order to avoid becoming HIV positive?!! ("Practice safe sex, using a condom!", is the piano coversning come from Methodist and Anglican bishops).

Now, get this crowd together with the Anglicans and the Catholics, and ask yourself, had they disappeared from the world, would anything good be lost?

Until somebody disproves my observation, I maintain that these days the Methodists are USELESS as preachers of the true Gospel of the Narrow Way!

I used to have my business situated right in front of one Methodist Church. For about 15 years, I observed close range several pastors who took the reigns of that congregation (and chatted with them regularly).

One day there was a General Conference of bishops and other leaders. There were about 250 of them from around the country. There were lots of cars parked outside. It happened that a brother in Christ came to visit me that day and, seeing so many cars, as it was usual, asked: "Another funeral?". Not that time: it was a gathering of bishops and pastors to pray to resolve internal problems. Two hundred fifty of them praying! And outside, all looked like another funeral!

These pastors have a characteristic that I thought was only applicable to Catholics and Anglicans: they like also to meddle in politics and be applauded for promoting human rights, etc.

A crowd I prefer to keep a distance from!