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Papa Roma, John Paul II, has sainted more folks than any Pope in many years:

     Popes John XXIII and Paul VI-    1958-1978     /    94 sainted     /    in 20 years

     Pope John Paul II-                         1979-1996     /    273 sainted   /    in 17 years.....                                                                                                                                                                            500+ nominated to sainthood.

     Jesus Christ on Calvary-        AD 33 to 1996     /   Millions sainted    /   in circa 1966 years

     Choose you this day whom you will serve...     Baal or God?  Papa Roma or Jesus Christ?

     Who do YOU want to "saint" you?



This poem doesn't prove anything, but I thought it would lighten the load a bit.  I don't think either side gets ahead in this one :-)

In a mean abode on the Shankill Road,

Lived a man called William Bloat,

He had a Catholic wife the curse of his life,

Who continually got his goat,

So one day at dawn with her nightdress on,

He cut and sliced her throat.

With a razor gash he settled her hash,

Oh never was crime so quick,

But the steady drip on the pillow slip,

Of her lifeblood made him sick.

And the pool of gore on the bedroom floor,

Grew clotted cold and thick.

And yet he was glad that he had done what he had,

When she lay there stiff and still,

But a sudden awe of the angry law,

Struck his soul with an icy chill.

So to finish the fun so well betatter,

He resolved himself to kill.

Then he took the sheet of his wife's cold feet,

And twisted it into a rope,

And he hanged himself from the pantry shelf,

Twas an easy end let's hope,

In the face of death with his larest breath,

He solemnly cursed the Pope.

But the strangest turn to the whole concern,

Is only just beginning,

He went to hell but his wife got well,

And she's still alive and sinning,

For the razor blade was German made,

But the sheet was Irish linnen.

Raymond Calvert