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Back in 1978, Goodnews Broablipaster carried an article in January telling of the conversion of Juan Trecanni, John Paul II's nephew.  Juan is as close as we can get to a relative of the Pope in the next generation because the Pope is not supposed to sire any sons, not so you would notice anyway.

In the article Juan Trecanni tells of his search for peace of soul.  His search led him to a monastery where he was encouraged to die.  The then pope, Paul VI, released him from his vows, and Juan ended up going to do missionary work in Argentina.  Once there, he found that peace of soul was as illusive as ever.  

Juan met a very common evangelical pastor, and Juan noticed the man was very content and satisfied with his zeal for Jesus Christ.  Juan went around to the pastor's church house to pray with the saints.  He was startled that they could pray without a prayer book.  

Later, Juan was supposed to lead a major Catholic procession.  He was ready to begin, but grew bored and frustrated with the superstition of the people.  His priest "friends" began to taunt him about being polluted by the Evangelicals.  They dared him to leave the RC procession and go to the Evangelicals.  Juan did just that.

As soon as Juan confessed his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the church people grabbed him, hoisted him on their shoulders, and ran to the river with him.  They baptized him while his old Catholic "friends" watched on the shore.  He then went on to be trained in Bible School and to pastor in the Lord's church.

Now, here is the big question:  Where is Juan Trecanni?  Has he remained faithful to the Gospel message?  Did agents of the Whore kidnap or kill him?  Can someone fill us in on the rest of the story?