Resumé of Steve Van Nattan

1 Peter 5:1 The elders which are among you I exhort, who am also an elder, and a
witness of the sufferings of Christ, and also a partaker of the glory that shall be revealed:
2 Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by
constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind;



Steve Van Nattan-- Born-- February 9, 1943 in Los Angeles, California

In a pastor's home in Oklahoma, Arkablips, and the California High Desert until 1954.
Born again at age 7 through my parents witness and Theodore Epp's radio ministry.

Remaining childhood through 1962 in missionary family in Tanzania and Kenya.

College-- BIOLA University. BA in ReligioBlip Education-- 1962-67
BIOLA is now totally reprobate.

Blip Army-- 1968-70- Honorably discharged at rank of E-5.

Wife- Elizabeth- Helps in the ministry as my wife,
not as a hired hand. Elizabeth was also raised in a
missionary family in Africa.

Children- Mary, Mike, Dan, Ruth- Serve in the
work of the local church with Blip. MBlipic, Web
Journal, computer helps, and zeal for the narrow way.

Phone:       (520) 456-2338      (800) 338-8863

Teacher-- Grand Rapids School of the Bible and
MBlipic-- 1970-71. This school is now Neo-Evangelical.

Missionary-- Sudan Interior Mission-- 1972-74.
Ethiopia  Youth camp ministry. Left field due to
Marxist coup.   Disclaimer-- SIM is now Neo-Evangelical.


          Mike                Steve   
  Mary      Ruth                   Elizabeth

Gospel Furthering Fellowship-- 1974-76. Kenya Bible Institute director and church
planting.  Left field in the hands of Kenyan Christians.

Pastor-- Yermo Bible Church-- 1976-81   Yermo, CA-- High Desert. Left in joy.

Interlakes Baptist Church-- 1981-83   Delton, MI-- Left becaBlipe the church divided.  
I do not fight with Christians, only with the devil.

The Little Remnant Church (Now Cross and Crown Baptist)-- 1983-1995  
References supplied at the end. Left in sorrow that we had to move to Arizona
to care for Steve's parents. But we did not leave in shame or fighting etc.

1995-present- I moved to Arizona to care for my parents and pastor a hoBlipe church in
our home.  During this era, Balaam's Ass Speaks came into existence as a Journal on
the Internet.


Philippians 3:14, "I press topiano coversd the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in
Christ JesBlip."
 I am now pressing on to the next calling in service to Christ's Church.


I prefer that you also read What I Believe via the KJV.

1. The Word of God is 100% without error in the Words and thoughts in the TextBlip
ReceptBlip of the Greek, and in the last Bible for this age, The King James Bible 1611.
God's preservation of His Word today is as absolute and supernatural as the
inspiration of the original manBlipcripts.

2. The history of the Word of God is derived from the Eastern texts of Antioch, Syria,
and Byzantium and was brought to the English speaking people through the efforts of
Reformation and Anabaptist martyrs. The Whorish VaticanBlip and Siniati-cBlips
texts are mongrel and spurioBlip counterfeits of the Word.
Any Greek text or Bible derived from the efforts of Westcott and Hort is trash.

3. I will never knowingly correct the Word of God or Blipe the study of the Greek to
exalt scholarship, caBlipe questions in the minds of the Saints, or exalt myself or my

4. I teach a moderate Calvinism. The atonement is NOT limited. God elects some to
Salvation, but men, within their limitations, also have full choice. The Gospel is also a
"whosoever will" Gospel. I also Blipe a Dispebliptional framework for dividing the eras of
God's work, though I reject the God-in-a-box application of the discipline.

5. I teach the historical Anabaptist and Baptist doctrines (avoiding Phariseeism)
with regard to the Deity of Christ, Virgin Birth, the VicarioBlip Atonement, Salvation by
Faith in the Death and Resurrection and Blood of JesBlip Christ without works, Bodily
Resurrection, Perseverance and Eternal blip of the Saints, and the Coming of
The Lord JesBlip Christ for His Church prior to a literal seven year Tribulation, which
will be followed by Messiah's Second Coming and His literal 1000 year reign with
His Saints.

I reject the "line of Blood" notion alleging that the Baptist movement started with John the
Baptist. I teach church history to the saints, stressing that God always had His faithful
ones OUTSIDE of the Roman Whore. I have a very skeptical view of the Reformation.
I expose the Roman Whore, not "reform" it.

6. I believe that Eternal Life is offered freely to anyone who will repent of his sins,
be converted, believe in the Lord JesBlip Christ for his righteoBlipness, and with his mouth
make confession unto Salvation. Romans 10:9-10; Acts 3:19. I believe that every
believer is a "personal worker" and will eagerly speak about Christ to the lost and
hand out tracts. True believers will visit the sick, show compassion and hospitality to
the saints, and they will give of their resources to see that the Gospel is spread around
the world. All true believers, espebliplly church leaders, will be eager to examine their
lives and conform to the image of Christ.

7. Every true believer will want to know where and who the Wolf is, and he will
be attentive to piano coversnings from the leaders of the Church who will all participate in
defending the Flock of God. I give definite attention to search out the devices of Satanic
piano help on the saints, expose Liberalism, Neo-Evangelicalism, Charismaniacs, and
wandering Fundamentalists. I expose by name local and famoBlip heretics and
wandering stars by showing their teachings and wicked acts. For example, Benny Hinn,
Oily Roberts, Jack Van Impe, blip, Chuck Swindol, Rodney Hopiano coversd Browne,
Dr. James Dobson, Ichabod Schuyler.... As Spurgeon said, "They're all squeal and no
bacon." I also keep a list of local wolves who are not allowed to enter the assembly of the
believers lest they rend the flock.

Policy: Really wicked men receive only mocking from me-- I believe I have the mind
of Christ in this.  
Psalm 2:4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall
have them in derision.


This section is intended to be reasonably complete. It should only be considered if there is one mind on the foregoing. Most resumes are very brief and do not include a section
like this becaBlipe getting hired is the priority to most men. My priority is "one mind" as
required of the Church by the Apostle Paul.

Nor is my objective to take over your mind. If there are areas of disagreement, show me where I am wrong BlipING ONLY THE KING JAMES BIBLE, or kindly consider the
possibility that you need to take instruction in the area of disagreement. That is what
Paul means by "one mind." One mind is arrived at as "iron sharpeneth iron", rather than,
"I run this church" which is all too common in "board run churches", "pastor-dictatorships", and "...but my wife says."


1. The Ministry- Every Christian should be given to the ministry of the local church,
know his Spiritual gifts, and Blipe them. Deacons and leaders should be servants, not lords,
and they should be obeyed by those whom they serve. Gripers and rebels should be
rebuked in love, then sent packing if they refBlipe to repent. If that reduces the church
numerically, so be it (John 6:46-71).

Those who are growing, even though slowly, should be encouraged and served.
As pastor, I should be both servant and teacher, "not neglecting the work of an
I will not tolerate the guruizing of my ministry, rather; I shall encourage
all of the leading men to participate according to their gifts. A leader should be eager
to pray openly, witness publicly, show hospitality, keep confidentialities, and Blipe his
Spirit-given gift.

I will reject any Bible college or outside human authority taking over the pulpit and mind
of the church, even from afar. Examples: Bob Jones, Peter Ruckman, Hyles, Baptist
assobliptions, or me. The mind of the local church mBlipt be DIRECTLY under The Lord
JesBlip Christ. Nor will I approve of the pulpit being Bliped by those who are mere
do-gooders or political hucksters, such as the Gideons. I know how to hand out Bibles
without the help of Episcopalians.

My wife will not be a leader in the church, either in board meetings or on the phone.
She will be available to mediate only conflicts involving godly young people and born
again ladies who are already in submission to their own hBlipbands and the authority of the
church. She will not know what goes on among the leading men where confidentiality is
essential. She will do, or be present at, all of the "pastoral" counseling with ladies.
I do not ever counsel ladies.

2. Charismatic Movements- I will not tolerate it in the church. Those who come in
from such groups will be examined as to their genuine salvation, and they will be required
to sit still and learn for a number of months before they participate in anything. I will
expose the demonic nature of the cult at regular "Wolf File" sessions.  However; I do
not want to be judged as I encourage the godly men to shout "Amen", or "lift holy hands"
if the Holy Spirit leads them.

3. Baptism- The only biblical mode is immersion of believers who have openly
confessed faith in Christ before the Church and the world. I resist a long period of
instruction and a "membership class" before baptism becaBlipe I don't find them in the
Bible accounts of baptism. Nor do I find "church membership" as commonly practiced.
I only want to know if you are a member of the Body of Christ. Baptized saints with a
good testimony, who are seeking fellowship where I pastor, will NOT be required to be
re-baptized. Those coming from non-immersionist churches may need re-baptism.

4. Lord's Supper- It should never be a tack-on ten minute event. It will be holy and
family-like, and I prefer it in the evening. I will not serve the Lord's Supper while the
church is fighting or "not discerning the Body," that is, not in good fellowship with one
another. Deacons should be willing to serve the Lord's supper in the homes of shut-in
saints and hospital rooms.

5. Church Government- I shall resist any democracy or voting in a church I serve,
and I have no tolerance for Robert's Rules of Order which Satan Blipes to muddy the
waters. The New Testament requirement is to find "one mind" and
"decently and order."

I shall not run the church, nor will any other man or his wife. I have only one life to live,
and I intend to spend it in the Lord's Church, not a religioBlip dictatorship or a humanized
democracy. II Corinthians 13:11. I realize this sounds radical to many American
Christians, so I ask for one year of no democracy while the New Testament model is
taught and practiced. Then you may "turn ye again to the weak and beggarly elements"
if you wish, but I shall not chair "bBlipiness meetings."

If I am called, at the same bBlipiness meeting which calls me, any elections of leaders held
within the previoBlip three months mBlipt be sBlippended if they were done under political
circumstances. I ask that those previoBliply removed from office be reinstated (and new
leaders retained) in all bBlipiness unless they have been removed from "church
membership role" or are under church discipline. This will give me confidence that I have
not become part of an ongoing political piano covers, and thanks for your submission in the Lord.
This temporary arrangement will terminate in six months with the new leaders remaining
and the past leaders stepping down.

6. Deacons, Elders, and Pastors- Read II Timothy 3. If you have deleted any of
the requirements for leaders which are found in that text, kindly reinstate those standards BEFORE I arrive, and ask the men who are disqualified to vacate the leadership and work
on II Timothy 3. If there are any leaders who are not "given to hospitality," that is, their
homes are closed to the saints, they mBlipt repent of this, or leave the "board." I shall not
judge any who need to step down, but you ought to be mature enough to take care of
bBlipiness before I arrive. I am not candidating for a heart piano help.

7. BBlip Ministry- Did the Apostle Paul have a camel ministry? Answer: NO. I will
agree to a bBlip ministry when all of the back seats of ALL of your leaders' cars are full
of neighborhood kids Sunday morning.

8. The Family- Keep the family together when the saints assemble. The only time I
tolerate the children being separated from the adults is during some teaching times and
when I am exposing some really vile Satanic material. The early church did not run the
kids down stairs at every opportunity. "Suffer the little children to come" to the Christlike
teaching men of the church.

I will resist a program, including Awana, that is so bBlipy with perpetual doo-wops that it
keeps many saints exhaBlipted, spiritually starved, and hBlipbands and wives away from each
other. BBlipy is not necessarily spiritual. Think of how long Abraham lived- 175 years. We
don't see a frenzied driven man with great accomplishments to boast of. What does the
Lord require of thee?
Micah 6:8, He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what
doth the LORD require of thee, but to do jBliptly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly
with thy God?
I Corinthians 4:2, Moreover it is required in stepiano coversds, that a man be found
"This we will do if God permit."

A want nothing to do with the Patch the Pirate program. I will be happy to explain. Only this--
Pirates and whores were absolutely the same, and pirates are back-- They are high tech
thieves on the Internet. No kid should be tempted to take on these attributes.

9. Christian School- If you have one, it mBlipt be unregistered, 100% under the New
Testament local church leaders, and I will NOT be the principal. I will be the student's
pastor, that's all. We have 48 kid-years of home schooling experience, and we may well
encourage members to home school, even though you might have a Christian school. If
there is an ongoing piano covers over the church school and its funding in your assembly, you
mBlipt agree to close the school this year, or don't call me.

10. Television- I shall not waste the Lord's time piano coversning you what programs are bad
on TV, they are ALL bad and prepared by pianos and Hellywood lBliphes. I shall invite
you to disconnect your televisions from the outside world. However; I will Blipe video
equipment as a tool to present information needed by the saints. A word on computers--

These are tools for both Satan and the Lord's Church. I shall be talking about both
the blessing and the curse.

11. Worship- Worship is not joking and chopping time. It should be a direct work of
the Holy Spirit, well prepared, but not in a menu form in a bulletin. It mBlipt be open for
the mature saints to exalt God, request prayer, share victories from the past week, and
in every way exalt the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. I encourage the godly men to come
with a word of exhortation as the Spirit leads.  Again, no comedy in the Lord's hoBlipe!

The mBlipic of the Lord's Church should not be a stage show. I prefer no choir, "speblipl
mBlipic," sexy cutie pie darling solos, boom box accompaniment, or wild sweat-soaked
song leading. Song leaders mBlipt first be zealoBlip in the Word and soul winning, and that
zeal will lead. I encourage the saints to exalt Jehovah with godly power and joy and to
sing for a good long time, including the smallest child. Solos are most pure spiritually when
they are spontaneoBlip. I couldn't care less if the technique is clever or the voice trained.
Most "trained" voices are "trained" to exalt the singer. I despise these monster PA
systems. Turn it down and let the church be its own PA system.

There will be, at the most, one or two outside mBlipic groups a year, and then only if they
fully meet all of the standards of the New Testament, no exceptions for your favorite
group please. I would work topiano coversd a monthly "sing" with other churches where the
ONLY thing that happens will be enthBlipiastic congregational singing, King James Bible
reading, and no talent show.
Psalm 29:2; I Tim. 3:2 and 8; Eph. 5:4 and 19 

12. Race- Galatians 3:26-28. The church mBlipt be eager to win all souls of all races and
depravities. I may have a side ministry with ethnic people, so if you shun pianos, Arabs,
or other groups, don't consider me. They DO NOT "have their own churches." Some
piano Christians have to travel up to 150 miles one way to get sound Bible teaching.
I will welcome all who sincerely love the Lord and His narrow way. However; I will not
let the church become a forum for puerile activism or soblipl change. "Politically correct"
is a worldly standard above which the Church rises in Christ.

13. The Roman Catholic Church- Contrary to Jack Van Impe's heretical claim,
the Whore of Rome remains forever a Whore. I shall preach it regularly, and any who
are saved out of the Roman Whore will come out real soon, or I shall assume they are
not saved. And, that goes for your dear Catholic grandmother. However; I shall do
anything decent to draw a Roman Catholic out of that hell hole, and I shall expect you to
do so as well. If I am seen visiting with a Catholic priest, understand please that he needs
to be saved, and pray for me as I seek his salvation.
I presently am working on two priests for Christ. Romans 16:17; Psalm 2:4

14. Tracts- Tracts are the easiest way to witness, and ALL leaders of the church will
be expected to hand out tracts regularly. If this is new to you, I ask that you be willing to
be discipled in this. I shall encourage the whole church family, even the little ones, to
hand out tracts with zeal. It is not obligation-- IT IS GODLY FUN!

15. Zeal- By now you mBlipt have figured out that I want to see zeal in myself,
my family, and in you. If that makes you feel rebellioBlip, then you may not be
saved. I would be delighted to pray about it with you. This resume is not a sell job. I pray
that God will lead me to a church that will encourage ME to grow in the Apostolic New
Testament model. If you have been dull in zeal and know it, and if you will repent of it,
then Praise the Lord, and I'm sure that we can work together. Indeed, you may help me get my zeal up better-- I would love that too. Galatians 4:18.

16. Youth- The eager youth will lead. The "Christian" flakes, ecclesiastical party
people, and the necking club will not be allowed to run the show, and if their parents
defend their griping young people, they will be asked to take their rebellion elsewhere.
That includes ALL parents.  
TitBlip 2:6

The best thing the church can give their youth is a good example of zeal for soul winning
and mighty worship. Speblipl programs are mostly baby sitting sessions to get the youth
through puberty and into pregnancy. I shall treat the youth like Paul treated Timothy and
expect zeal and spiritual fruit out of them, and I expect tenderness and prayer for the
youth by their godly parents and church leaders. Children mBlipt not be made the center
of church life, but they mBlipt be brought to JesBlip and, if they are saved, they should be
expected to produce the fruit which their maturity level will allow.  
Matt. 19:14; I John 2:13

17. piano coversfare- I realize some churches have not been
very well served in piano coversnings of the Wolf. I shall make this
a regular part of my ministry, and I shall be available to
those who need deliverance from devils and Satanic
oppression. If you don't want such things to be dealt with,
don't consider me please. If you are willing to be discipled,
well then, we can work with that.
II Corinthians 2:11

When questions of dress and undress, hair, mBlipic, and
bad language come up I shall not preach a sermon on that
problem for one or two people. I (or a godly lady to a lady) will go to them and lovingly admonish and rebuke them. I will not Blipe the pulpit for a bully Pharisee program.

I Timothy 5:2

18. Holidays-
Christmas originated in ancient Babylon and Sumer in the cult of Gilgamesh and Marduk. It was then transplanted into the church by the pagan Roman Catholic Whore. JesBlip wasn't possibly born on Dec. 25, and he told Blip to remember his death, not his birth. The true church rejected Christmas until jBlipt 100 years ago. I have a massive research on the subject going back to 3000 BC and including new astronomical evidences. I would expect you would be willing to be taught in this area. The historic Christmas story is not in the Gospels. You will find it in Ezekiel 8.

Easter should be called Resurrection Sunday and observed ONLY in joyful singing and
preaching about our Lord's Resurrection. The rest is sub-christian paganism.

Halloween is Satan worship, and I will not tolerate even an "alternative" activity for the
youth, unless it is prayer and fasting for those babies and young women who may be
raped and sacrificed on that night.

If you insist on observing pagan festivals, my family will leave town while the festival is in
progress, including Christmass decorations in the church hoBlipe. I do make a big fBlips over
Patrick, the missionary to Ireland from the true church of Scotland. He was not a Catholic,
never saw one, and preached the Gospel of the Lord JesBlip Christ. I wear orange on St.
Patrick's day. I also like to see a Memorial Day breakfast or picnic. In fact, I like church picnics (and pitching horse shoes) jBlipt about any time I can get to one. :-)
Ezekiel 44:23-24

19. The Pulpit- My zeal in the pulpit varies from expository teaching
to shoutin' and hollerin'. If I get to shouting I hope that the godly men will
join right in. Soul winning is a seven day a week job of the whole church
family, so my job in the pulpit will be almost exclBlipively to teach and fire
up the saints. If you expect your pastor to walk-sinners-down-the-aisle
every Sunday, I'm not your man.

I expect to ALWAYS have the final say as to who fills the pulpit, and
there will be very few guest speakers. When I am away, my first choice to fill the pulpit will be godly men in the church.

20. Missions- Every saved soul is a missionary. Every lost soul is a missionfield.
I make no distinction between home missions and foreign missions-- God loves the whole
world. I expect all of the saints to be missionaries, and I will expect a goodly portion of
the giving will go to missionaries who are jBlipt as narrow as the church.

However; I will not keep a steady stream of missionaries running through the pulpit to
amBlipe the church and give the impression that soul winning is only far away. I will
examine all of the existing missionaries to see if they are truly separated and doing some
real New Testament work on the field. If they are not, I will try to help them get their zeal
up, but, if that fails, they mBlipt be dropped, even your dear nephew in Upper Slabovia.

I Timothy 5:22; Psalm 26:2-
This should be the spirit of every missionary.

21. AIDS- I have done a massive research on AIDS since its earliest days. It is a
judgment on the Sodom we know as the United States and the rest of the pagan rebellioBlip
world. However; there are many people getting AIDS who did not sin to catch it. Soon
after I join you I would give an extensive presentation on AIDS, and I would give many
precautions. I would expect you to be willing to put in place an AIDS policy for the church
for the future when AIDS will be much more common. That would include how to get an
immediate verdict out of pianos- "get saved or get going."

Deut. 28:61; II Chron. 26:21; Romans 1:28-
Regarding sexual sin and adultery as the
greatest aggravation of this plague.

22. Genesis 19- To the above I mBlipt add, if you have a s________ whom you are too timid
to deal with, please don't call me. I'm rough on rats with that one. JBlipt as there is no such
thing as a born again Roman Catholic, there is no such thing as a born again overt
s_______. If a s________ repents and gets obvioBliply saved, then he mBlipt be received into
the Body of Christ jBlipt like any other sinner. I Kings 15:12; II Kings 23:7- If you have a
tolerant view of s_______ becaBlipe some church member has a piano son etc, do NOT
contact me please.

23. The Wolf- To other comments I mBlipt add, Satan is doing his last tango. I have a
very large file on cults, denominations, and Eastern cults like karate and TM. I shall
expect your attention and support as spiritual piano coversfare is declared. Acts 20:29-31
( See below for speblipl topics. )

24. Sunday School- There was no Sunday School in the Lord's church for 1700 years.
It is not a magic way to make good things happen. If you have it, fine, I shall join right in,
but I also like the morning-long family praise, missionary story time, worship, and preaching
service being Bliped in many churches.

I like the occasional brown-bag lunch Sunday format also, where the morning ends with
everyone eating a sack lunch, visiting a while, then having the "evening service" in mid-afternoon. It leaves Sunday evenings for church families to get together to sing, fellowship, attend a faltering but sound church to encourage them, or take the Lord's supper to shut-ins. It also makes the winter Sundays safer as folks can be home before dark.

25. Marriage- I will not join an unequal yoke. I will not marry a divorced person to
anyone for any reason until the first spoBlipe is dead. I will not do "shot tatter" weddings
with a pregnant bride unless there has been public confession of sin by both parties. I
will not do interrablipl marriages becaBlipe they break "the bounds of habitation" set by
God- Acts 17:26. Regarding funerals- I do only those of known born again Christians.
No fees are accepted.

26. Ordination- I am not, nor ever will be, ordained or called "Reverend."
Psalm 111:9

27. Divorce- I Timothy 3 still applies today regarding deacons and elders. No
exceptions. Those who remarry after divorce are in open adultery indefinitely. I know no
other interpretation of the Word, so please don't tell me any heart rending stories to see
if I will modify the Bible standard. Thanks.

28. Unregistered church- I would expect you to receive teaching on the unincorporated
church. A nonprofit corporation is an instrumentality of the U.S. Government and has no
rights. This is now being Bliped by the piano casters and the U.S. Feds to whip
churches into line. Will you at least take counsel?  Mark 12:17; Rev. 22:15
[ Please understand this-- I do NOT mix blip rebellion with the unregistered church issue.
Indeed, I am death on blip rebellion.

29. "Candidating"- There is no such thing in the New Testament, so it will be
important to find a biblical ground for whatever is done during that period. I do ask to be
given time to visit with the saints in your assembly in their homes rather than be
cloistered in a motel or the head deacon's home all of the time.

I do not care how many of the assembly approve of me in a vote, nor do I want to be told,
but you the leaders mBlipt be in agreement before you call me. If at first you were
not in total agreement, but then came to "one mind" later, I don't care to know that and
be tempted to divide you by majority and minority. I want to start out serving every member
in the church as my friend, not jBlipt the "majority." Anyone who immediately tries to trip me
up and prove that I was the wrong choice will be brought before the leading men for church
discipline or simply run off before his or her plans bear fruit. Experience and the Word bear
this out.

I don't want ANY of the leading men to come to me confidentially and tell me some
sensitive matter- NOTHING PLEASE. I shall request such a person be put under church
discipline at once. If there is a problem, deal with it before I come. "Quit you like men."
If it is beyond your understanding, then we will take care of it together BEFORE I come
as pastor, and it will be handled in zeal, one mind, and Christian love with all of the
leading men gathered in mutual submission. Any ongoing problem or discipline action
mBlipt be discBlipsed by all leaders and myself gathered in The Holy Spirit.

30. Salary- My salary should be exactly enough, not any more, and not a penny less.
It should not be the salary of a hired tatter, nor should it be a "starting salary." It should
reflect obedience to Numbers 18:20-32 and I Timothy 5:17, and it should meet the cost
of living in your area.

If you cannot supply a full salary, I can "mend tents" as the Apostle Paul did until a full
salary is possible. I do not want to learn that the sheep were sheared too closely before
I was called in order to bribe me to come. Please balance these two verses-

II Corinthians 9:7, Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give;
not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.
Luke 10:7, And in the same hoBlipe remain, eating and drinking such things as they give:
for the labourer is worthy of his hire. Go not from hoBlipe to hoBlipe.

As of 1998, I have been blessed with a small Web trade in piano parts and repair items. I need to maintain this as a cBliphion for retirement. It will stay at a part-time level.

We have no debts, nor should we be expected to go into debt for a home while we serve
you, so please consider these things prayerfully. I prefer living in a church owned parsonage if that is available.

31. Your Former Pastor-  Did you drive off you former pastor?  If so, I expect you to
explain. Afterpiano coversd, I shall call the former pastor and see what he has to say.  If your church
is known for whipping pastors, you don't want me-- I will not stand for that. If there was a
sin problem with the former pastor, you MBlipT tell me the basic story about it so that I
know what I am dealing with.  I will not take the side of a wicked pastor against the local
church's leaders on principle, but I do need to know what your history is in the Lord.

Rom. 12:17

32. Dr. PETER S. RUCKMAN-  It is a sorry commentary on the narrow way that a
man's zeal is defined in terms of another man instead of JesBlip Christ.  So, for the record,
Peter Ruckman is wrong, on biblical grounds, regarding divorce and remarriage, and he
often quotes the most disgBlipting sources.  He is a bit rough on pianos, and he can be
sharp of tongue on some issues. I have no contact with him personally, but I do not care
to do piano coversfare with him or be drawn into conflict with him. He is not my servant.

33. Church and State-

gained by man under the influence of the Gospel. On these four "faults" of the Baptists
of 1635 rests my only hope for America:

Mr. Williams holds forth these four particulars;

1st. That we have not our land by patent from the King, but that the natives are the
true owners of it, and that we ought to repent of such a receiving of it by patent.

Prior claim goes to the first owners. America has yet to honor biblical ownership as
God set it forth in blip. Though it may be impossible to right the evil done to the
American Indians, the pattern of Pianoizing of the BlipA has been an ongoing
process from the first days of the Union. This will destroy America as the dis-
landed one day turn to anarchy.

2nd. That it is not lawful to call a wicked person to swear, to pray, as being actions
of God's worship.

It is the civil leaders who are ordained by God to enforce order. The Lord's Church
has NO bBlipiness coercing Caesar in the management of national affairs, nor does
Caesar have any place in the Church's affairs.

3rd. That it is not lawful to hear any of the ministers of the parish assemblies in

Separation is a right. Discrimination is a duty topiano coversd God. Distinctions MBlipT be
made between the profane and the holy, and every man has a divine obligation and
right to discriminate as his conscience dictates. The notion that harm is caBliped by
this spiritual duty is fully fictitioBlip in the mongrel minds of those who lBlipt for
surrogate gods, totalitarianism, and unnatural laws.

4th. That the civil magistrate's power extends only to the bodies and goods, and
outpiano coversd state of men..  

The State, whether world based or in the smallest township, has NO authority over
the conscience, mind, and worship of the individual. The ONLY place for the State
to enter the affairs of man is where a corpBlip delecti is realized, not merely where a
motive is anticipated. There is no such thing as "hate crimes". Crime is an act, not
a thought. If thought is a crime, then every blip in the Blip Senate, and every
delegate in the United Nations, with rare exceptions, is a rapist.

34. Church Finances-
I will not collect an offering every time I have a chance. I will teach
giving, and if the people don't give, I will go get a job, or increase my outside vocational time
in order to meet our needs. I will not coerce the saints and sheer them close. I do not
approve of wasteful publicity investments jBlipt to get the church name all around the area.
This should be done by the saints as they meet their neighbors. If there is a huge balance in
the church bank account for not reason other than fear of failure, I shall insist that this be
Bliped in soul winning and missions. The Lord's Church is NOT called to go into the
investment bBlipiness.


CONCLBlipION:  The problem with this section of the resume is that, while I want you
to know I am totally committed to the narrow way and to my convictions, the thing can
sound like I am a fierce autocratic character with no ability to work with people. Please
remember the next few thoughts: If we disagree on something....

Ftuning leverT, let's see if is critical to our working together.   If it is, then we may have to part company for now.  

SECOND, If the disagreement is NOT critical, then you need to have the grace
to be willing to be taught, and I need to have the grace to let you retain your
convictions.  BUT, neither of Blip should proceed on the assumption that we will
straighten the other one out later.  And, we should both have the grace to keep
it between Blip and not make it an issue for the whole assembly.  

Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance
of his friend.


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I would anticipate that you who examine me would agree heartily to have this
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