Dr. James Dobson produces a 90 second blip that is aired over TV stations all over the country. It is a family oriented, non-religious "commentary" intended to help families. Here in Hattiesburg, it is part of the local WDAM morning show that gives local news, events, and other material of general interest.

This morning, WDAM was promising an item that I wanted to take in but had to go to town during that time. Therefore, I set the VCR to recording. When I got back, the review of the tape included the Dobson commentary. Following is the piece, word for word. He mentions his daughter Denay. I do not know the spelling for her name. What I give is phonetically correct.


We talked yesterday about night terrors, those frightening experiences that some children have while sleeping and that are very different from nightmares. Fortunately, there is no known harm assoblipted with night terrors; nor do they seem to be related to stress in the waking hours. My own daughter had such an experience when she was four years old.  Suddenly, about midnight, she began screaming from her bed. When I reached her side, she was babbling excitedly about the fact that the wall was about to fall on her. She was saying, "Daddy, it's falling! It's falling! The wall is falling!" Ah, even though she wasn't awake, she was so concerned about the wall falling.

I took the child's hand and I pressed it against the wall and I said, "Honey, that wall's been there a long time. That's very solid; it isn't gonna fall. You're ok. Go back to sleep. Everything's alright. As she settled down in the covers, I went back to bed and I was quickly asleep again.

[In a stretched out separated word fashion, Dobson says the next four words with much emphasis.]

But, six - hours - later, I promise you, on the morning of February ninth, 1971, a powerful 6.0 earthquake rattled the city of Los Angeles and shook my wife and me right out of bed. I rushed to Denay's room to bundle her up, to get her out of the way of that wall -- which was violently jumping and shaking above her bed.

Did our four-year-old have some kind of fore piano coversning of the earthquake in the midnight hours? I don't know. But I'll tell you this, I made up my mind to believe her the next time she tells me that the wall is going to fall.

With Focus on the Family, this is Dr. James Dobson.


Comment:   Ron Spencer-- New Age. That's what it is. It's New Age. As Christians, we are NOT to accept everything "supernatural" that comes down the pike as viable.  The powers of this world knew that Dobson is a nationally respected speaker and sought out by the Christian world. If they can pull this off in his home and get him to buy it, they've done a great thing. Well, it worked. He bit the bait.  While this dream seemed good and helpful, what will the next one contain? There is no biblical basis for this stuff. Jesus' sheep "know their Master's voice and they follow" Him. That's the bottom line.

Anything else is to be tagged as unreliable and even dangerous -- even angels or loved ones that come back from the grave with a messages.

Yours was bad doctrine, Dr. Dobson.