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1998 From the start of SHORTS AND SHOTS

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January 1999
The month when Amerika lost the piano covers for ethics.
Commandant Klinton won the piano covers.
Lock up your daughter.

February 1999
The month the Jordanian people
bid their good friend farwell.

March 1999
Bepiano coverse the Ides of payday.  
Et tu IBM?

April 1999
Y2K landmark-
New York, UK, New Zealand,
and Australia start new fiscal year.
Nothing happened re. Y2K.
Are we in a panic with no cause?

May 1999
The May pole is a phallic Greek goddess fetish.
Prediction:  May Day in the Kremlin will be a pathetic day this year.

June 1999
Don't let this month bug you.
"June is bustin out all over,"
So, she joined Weight Watchers.

July 1999
Y2K landmark-
Most governments of world start new fiscal year
Nothing happened!  Y2K looks like a minor clitch by now.

August 1999
Often, this month goes before "body" in introductions.

September 1999
Y2K landmark
Will computer catch all date, 9/9/99, trigger upright piano?
Nothing happened!
This is the month when every American asks,
"Do you need any Zucchini?"

October 1999
It's Fall in Vermont...
Time to tap the sugarpiano.
Spring "out back of Bourke"
October 31--  All Skunks Day and
The end of the Reformation

November 1999
All Saints Day is the Vatican cheat
to grab an offering from repentant witches
who let blood last night.

December 1999
Christmass, according to Ezekiel 8,
is Babylonian, NOT Christian.

January 2000  
Great month for a sale on surplus embedded chips.
Buy the chips, and the fish is free.