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Load Robert Scott's TuneLab 97- 3.07
From the CD if you purchased it
Please follow these Instructions Carefully

TuneLab97 3.07 - is one of only two such software Piano Tuning Software programs that I know of. Robert Scott asks for $34. The other program costs $700 and comes with a Mac notebook.

This software is very versatile. It is easy to install. It can be understood by the novice. But, let me warn you of one thing-- The program is also fully adapted to the professional. So, there are aspects of this program you will not understand.

No amount of E-Mail or tech. support will solve all of your questions.

Thus, I will tell you how to use TuneLab 97 in the Piano Tuning instructions in Appendix One in the Piano Repair and Care area of this site. Please go there and follow my instructions without trying to master this as a professional.

These are instructions to install Tune Lab 97 3.07:

Windows95 or later users:

Insert the CD we sent you in your CD Rom drive.

Open your CD Drive in File Manager or Windows Explorer

Open the File Folder titled "tunelab"

Click "TuneLab97-3.07Setup.EXE"

Once the setup screen comes up just click NEXT then NEXT and NEXT again. Finish the installation and then you can launch Tune Lab from your START menu.

(Win3.1 users: This program is Win95 or higher only)

If you are a professional, I heartily recommend this program as the best thing of its kind. I feel it is very close to the same quality you get in the AccuTuner with only the exception of the F-A-C automatic stretch setting. But, you can custom make your own scale and stretch one note at a time, or you can use the library of tuning files for a number of different pianos. Also, TuneLab can be calibrated to your laptops' quartz crystal in order to get true A440.

The Tuning Files do not any longer need to be loaded indivicually.
They are all in the new versuion download.

Tuning a Piano with TuneLab - My Instruction for you.


Robert Scott asks you to send a Registration Payment of $34.
That is a bargain when you realize that the only other
computer software for tuning pianos costs $700.

Please send the registration payment to:

Robert Scott
Real-Time Specialties
121 Blake Rd South
Hopkins MN 55343