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We are opening a Used Piano Parts and Tools area in our Catalog.

Here is what we need to know:

1.  What you have
2.  The condition it is in
3.  How you can send it to us
4.  What you want us to pay for it

If you have an overly precious collector's item, you ought to keep it really.  
We need to have things we can sell people which they will want to use in tuning or repairing a piano.

We are not prepared to buy whole pianos.  
But, consider advertising them in our Classified Section.

  SEND E-MAIL, and tell us what you have for sale.

Here is a list of things our customers need which are hard to find:

1.  Complete actions- Shipping instructions will have to be worked our.
2.  Lyres and Desks for grands
3.  Brass casters and top hinges, especially for grands-  
            All brass parts are useful, as well as pedals in perfect condition.
4.  Piano Tuning Tools-  
            Perfect condition is not essential if the tool is clearly functional.
            We pay well for whole sets of tools.  No old tuning meters though.
            Recent electronic tuning meters considered.
5.  New piano parts which are old-  Sat on the shelf for years
6.  Legs and tops for grands
7.  Sets of key levers-  We must know the brand of the piano.
8.  Drive mechanisms for player pianos
9.  Player piano rolls-  Must be in perfect condition
10. Dollies for Grands and Uprights-  Must not be broken
11. Shop equipment for handling pianos
12. Piano stools of any kind-  Must be intact, sound, and the finish restorable.

The best way for us to deal with you is if you send a photo of the item.  Lay it on a light background, and get plenty of light on it when you click the camera.

A word of caution.  If you let your imagination wander a bot, you will be tempted to price the items higher than I can buy them wholesale.  Not to discourage you, but again, collector's item pricing is not very useful to a customer with a working piano which needs an 80 year old part just to keep it playing.

So, what do you have that I can use?



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