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Humbly submitted by your Editor:  Steve Van Nattan



Historians tell us that the First Industrial Revolution took place during  3000 to 2000 BC.  During that era, irrigation and farming machines were invented along with copper and bronze tools.  Toward its end, that Industrial Revolution resulted in the individual tribal member coming under the war lord who had the capital to raise armies and enslave peasants to farm for him and pamper his various lusts.  The discoveries from archeology digs in Egypt, Dilmun, and Mesopotamia have shown how advanced and modern life was in that industrial age-- IF-- ONLY IF you were in the ruling class. The Bible tells of a king of Israel who made engines of war, and his era was marked by peace.  "Deterrence" also became the engine that drove inventors and war lords to build bigger and better devices for defense and attack.  Never again has the human race enjoyed the basic peace of the local tribal unity and survival processes.  

War has, ever since, been our experience.  When a serf who was too great a wimp to go to war-- a wimp who ran to Moscow and Oxford to escape "boot camp"-- was later raised to lordship, he suddenly lusted to go to war and play with the engines of privilege.  So, what's new folks?  

Now, most of us missed the First Industrial Revolution because we were not paying attention or were not there to appreciate the great progress into nationalism and slavery.  However; the Second Industrial Revolution is somewhat fresher on our minds due to the more faithful historians there to tell the story.  This Second Industrial Revolution took place between 500 and about 1900.  I know that is a long time to grab hold of, but it is truly the era of the machine.  

At the beginning of the Second Industrial Revolution, iron was put to more efficient use.  Smelting and refining was mastered, and production went up sharply.  This resulted in better farming machines, and it allowed the improvement of flour mills, building sized clocks, and all-iron plows.  Next came the development of steel.  By combining the base metal iron with cutting edges and bearings of steel, the world leaped forward greatly.  This era (the 1600s), again, was marked by capitalists in the agricultural class gaining the upper hand on thousands of their fellow men.  These land lords ruled the entire life of the serfs who worked under them and owned nothing.

Also, this era was marked by the improvement in war making machines.  Gun powder and steel resulted in guns with cartridges and repeating actions.  The Gatling gun gave the world the great blessing of the machine gun.  We note that the machine gun is still with us in the same principle that it was invented long ago.  Rockets and bombs were invented including methods of launching them.  The only real change has been in accuracy and distance of launch.  

By the end of the Second Industrial Revolution (late 1800s), two classes of serfs had developed.  There were still those serfs living on the farm lands in England and Europe, while other serfs were virtual slaves of the industrial capitalists in the cities.  This reached right into the cribs of children who worked in the sweat shops up to 16 hours a day.  The industrialists had themselves in a very superior position.  The Vanderbilts and Rockefellers were snobs who hated the rank and file.  They chewed them up and spit them out like so much garbage.  Industrial injuries and deaths were common and no protection was ever offered by the industrialists who held the serfs as so much scum.  Rockefeller never gave a tip, of more than a dime, to anyone.  The serfs were still in big trouble, and they were slaves.

Now, it must be noted that the industrialists did not make their millions without selling goods to the serfs, so the serfs were allowed a limited share of the wealth with which to buy the new inventions and creature comforts.  This system made the serfs willing to go on with the miserable system.  They had a few more toys to play with than their ancestors had.

In the United States, at the end of the Second Industrial Revolution, socialistic devices were set in place to limit monopolistic control and brutal work ethics of the elite.  I know this sounds nasty to some conservatives, but you guys working an eight hour day can thank those with a social conscience, mostly fiery preachers in England and the USA, who called for change.  Wilberforce in England demanded the end to child labor and slavery, while Bible thumping preachers in America kept pounding away at the wicked elite.  A handful of industrialists, like Mr. Wannamaker, did have a conscience toward the serfs.  Life improved somewhat.

But, you can just count on it friend, the elitists shifted to the side and found new ways to manipulate the masses.  They infiltrated governments of the industrial world by gleaning off an elite corps of cadre from Harvard, Yale, Oxford, and the class schools of Europe.  Cecil Rhodes set in motion a world elite class and financed it so that, at this hour, Bill Clinton, one of the elite's hand picked boys, co-rules the United States.  The citizen-worker has been put back under slavery again by banking devices of the Federal Reserve, the Group of Seven Nations, mortgage captivity, and taxation.  

Today, the average citizen of the white world is more a slave to the world elite than ever a slave was during the past 5000 years.  The masterful thing about the present arrangement is that the slaves have substantial choice, plenty of toys, and they have freedom of religion and movement.  By giving these bits of candy to the average serf, the elite can disappear into a fog of high intrigue, and the system moves on while the world elite class skims the cream of taxation, investment, and mortgages.



You may feel I have invented the above title to sustain my point.  I think not, and please hear me out.  I believe we have entered the Third Industrial Revolution.  

From about 1900 to the present, almost all inventions have simply been improvements or innovations on Second Industrial Revolution inventions.  The internal combustion engine is status quo from the beginning until the present moment.  The big oil interests in the world elite have made sure we keep sucking their oil.  Any alternative to land travel by gasoline engine is made to appear "too expensive."  New ideas are bought up by oil companies or Detroit auto makers and pitched.  We serfs simply go along with it because the toys inside the coach are such fun, and the old coach is, after all, out of style.  We note, however; that Her Majesty's pretty gold coach is still quite serviceable after 150 years of use.  Peculiar ain't it, friend?

The airplane has changed, but where are the results of UFO research from Groom Lake?  It has recently become abundantly clear that UFOs are the toys of the world elite, and they DO NOT want us to have the advantage of their discoveries.  Again, it is probably because the cost of travel would plummet, and they would lose oil profits.  

The Chinese rocket was improved on, a coach was added onto the nose, and off we went to the moon.  The results of this space travel have been a bummer.  The moon landings and probes have given us about 60 pounds of rocks to play with.  Probes of the planets have been expensive to the tax payer and have resulted in nothing but pretty pictures in National Geographic.  The search for life in the universe has ended in the discovery of a rock from Mars which allegedly defied Mars' gravity, found its way to earth, and landed smack in the lap of the rocket launchers.  Hey, groupies, we could save a lot of money by sending rocks to Bill Clinton and NASA.  

If you think that modern inventions have really changed or enhanced our freedom and basic way of life for the better, kindly look in the Yellow Pages under "psychiatrists."  If you still believe these world elitists have been taking tender loving care of us, I have this fantastic beach front property in Death Valley which I would like to sell you.  At $8,000,000 it is a bargain, and that would just barely get me a ticket into the New World Order.  Come on now, make me a squire, OK?

Technology has been added to existing inventions from long ago.  The craft of inventing ex nihilo, from nothing, has all but faded into oblivion.  I know this sounds radical, but, before you debate me, kindly secure a book on the history of machines and inventions.  You will quickly realize that we have become fat and sassy, but we have invented very little along the lines of those men in the Second Industrial Revolution.  For example, the steam engine had NO ancestor, yet it came into existence and busy use in under 50 years.  The weaving loom had a similar history. 

Serfdom is back with a vengeance as the lords of the New World Order use debt and taxation to subject the modern serfs.  In fact, today, both husband and wife are back in the sweat shops.  They are being pushed mercilessly to work "overtime," and in many homes, one of the older kids is also at work in order to keep the family going.  Many industrial lords, like Sears, use only part time help so that they can avoid health benefits to the serfs.  Housing is expensive, and the old coach, insanely called "durable goods," depreciates to junk value in a mere eight years.  The only really secure work for serfs is to stand in welfare lines as slaves de facto of the New World Order.  In return, these emasculated serfs re-elect the lords to power at each election charade.

Ah, but the Third Industrial Revolution is off the ground and doing very well, thank you.  Its engine is a strange machine.  It was invented, pretty much ex nihilo, about 50 years ago.  It is made of bits of silicone, magnetic oxides, and is powered by minuscule quantities of electricity.  And this engine has linked men and women of all nations, serfs and elitists alike, to one another in a status free world.  In fact, the highest gold plated lords of Camelot have no desire to even use their fingers to the purpose of work, so it is a rare event to find a true feudal squire, of the New World Order, in the loop.  Ain't it grand?  This new industrial engine has only recently come into existence from nowhere.  It is now found in nearly every home in the developed world, and the "developing world" is rapidly finding how to get into the network, thus escaping their lords of the mind.  The industrial "engine" we are talking about is the computer.

The computer was a mere device for controlling data and speeding up the solution of calculations-- at first that is.  It was first used to determine the percent the serfs would pay in taxes, fees, and fines, through the Federal Reserve offices, to Rockefeller in his top floor office at the Chase.  Ah, but something changed, right?  Soon, it became obvious that a way to transmit data from one point to another would vastly enhance business and military logistics.  Thus, various countries bought into a network set up for the exchange of data and communications.  But, those serfs-- they finally, after 5000 years, got the upper hand on the world high tullymuck lords.  As the French serfs stormed the Bastille, as the Slaves in Surinam ran off the Dutch, as the peasants of England ran to Australia to start over, and as the Puritans fled to North America to start fresh in God fearing freedom-- the modern world serfs began to surf.

The elite, in a supreme moment of oversight caused by their drunkenness on power, let the serfs and slaves of the industrial world onto the network of the elite.  This was seen as a way to "Network" the world in the manner called for by Alice Bailey, Madam Blavatsky, Cecil Rhodes, and all of the modern New Age gurus.  The INTERNET was soon invented, and, as Al Gore and Bill Clinton came into office in 1993, they were rejoicing over the "Information Superhighway" they envisioned.  Al Gore was fairly dancing a jig over the INTERNET.  He got his own Web Page, and he was on-line in person at one time chatting away like a jive jabberwocky.

But, reality sank in one day in his lordship's oval office.  It became obvious that the "information Superhighway" had no ruler.  No Feudal Lord ruled it.  The INTERNET in particular was a mystical web something like the human brain.  No single point in the web could be called "home" or the "capitol"-- NO CONTROL ROOM!  No one soul was in charge.  And, horror of horrors, even Boutros Boutros Ghali was out of the loop!  Overnight, the INTERNET had evolved into a realm that existed in 200 million homes and businesses around the world, and the New World Order, the Harvard snobs, and the Yale Death Club boys were all left out in the cold.  

Al Gore soon realized that he had been reduced to just one in 200 million, and panic set in.  Also, and this you must NOT forget, human thought was under NO  higher human authority.  Just as the Politically Correct Movement was being imprinted in the world society by his lordship and her ladyship Clinton, anyone in the world could call a homosexual a queer and no one could stop him.   Any Waco Koresh could get on the Web, capture his acre with an inexpensive domain name, and tell all comers that he was God, and the lords of the Rothschild pyramid could neither stop nor gas him.  Most of all, any Arkansas civilian who had the goods on the Clintons could broadcast it all the way to Peking for the small investment of about five cents of electricity.  Do you understand now why I called this the Third Industrial Revolution?

Under color of concern for the dear children, the pedophiles and pimps of Congress, and the kings who foster death and mayhem in the White House, initiated controls over the serfs again.  But, oops, they had to figure out how to enter a computer in Hong Kong from Washington DC.  Couldn't be done-- not legally anyway.  So, they pulled up short to regroup.  That is right where we are now, and you may be sure that they are setting in place a new strategy to take charge of the INTERNET and the liberty of the serfs.  Freedom is a fine toy to toss to the serfs, but only if the world elite control and dole it out.  

What is next?  Well, a chip will be demanded, by forcing defense providers to put it into all computers, which  will give access to every hard drive in the world from the CIA, G-5, the BATF, etc.  The serfs will soon learn how to bypass the chip, and the next phase will set in.  Cookies.  The governing elite will toss cookies and advantages to servers like AOL and Compuserve which will be too hard to resist, and, in the name of the dear children, like the ones the elitists gassed in Waco, the INTERNET will be served up under Federal sponsorship.  

This will in turn challenge the serfs to go even more local.  Technology will make it possible soon for the individual serf to bounce his digital waves off of the moon (Ham radio), send them on Tesla magnetic waves, and possibly by radio bounce signals all over the world.  Radio transmission is NOW in place in main frames, and soon across town.  The server, as broker of freedom, along with the telephone companies, will become obsolete overnight.  Groupies, it is indeed another revolution.  Who knows what new and old technology will be dug up to carry on the battle for true freedom-- freedom of thought.  This is the last frontier.

The Bible calls for a day, soon if events are read carefully from the book of The Revelation of John, when the world will come under one central thought control agency.  This will even be pinpointed in one man.  This was a mocking point to atheists and Libertarians in times past, but it is strange and awesome these days to hear self-confessed atheists talking in terms of apocalyptic calamity approaching.  Has you got good religion, you PhDs?



Let us review,in order to draw this together.  Please consider the role of the serfs in all three of human history's industrial revolutions.  It is often assumed that revolution is based upon the desire of the masses to be liberated.  We, in the USA, assume this because of our own historic rebellion and liberation from England.  Our history books fail to make it clear that the lords of New England were the movers and shakers in the American Revolution.  They were guarding their grip on commerce as they were throwing off taxation.  Because of the general atmosphere in the nation, the end result was that the serfs also gained some degree of liberation due to the opportunity to "go west."  The Louisiana Purchase, a few years later, kept the back door open for the serfs for one hundred years, and the results were a generally free nation--  until, that is, the innovation of the modern lordship moved to the top of the Chase Manhattan Bank.

During the First Industrial Revolution, the war lords and sheiks rose to power and subjected the serfs or slaves to their rule.  That was absolutely the only result of that revolution.  The serfs got nothing but bondage.  During the Second Industrial Revolution, the industrialists and bankers of the white world took power away from the land barons.  The serfs were liberated from the squires and land lords only to be put under worse slavery in the sweat shops of the industrial cities.  The serfs have NEVER been liberated to the point where they had full choice in the matter.

So, the computer and the World Wide Web has liberated the serfs-- the Third Industrial Revolution is ours-- finally.  We have to put up with a handful of lords like Bill Gates and Steve Case, but they are rather benign since we are their bread and butter.  Keep an eye on them though, folks, because they are being invited to world elitist events on a regular basis.  They will eventually join the New World Order rush to take us into slavery again.  We must be looking ahead for ways to slip around them also.

The serfs can now buy and sell and communicate in privacy without the lords from above entering the loop.  This is indeed a first.  But beware-- The next revolt will be the revolt of the world lords against us, the serfs.  They will NOT stand still.  They will soon be, in fact are right now, attempting to put us back under slavery to their system or world rule.  Will we let them?  Probably.  Most serfs are selfish folk, and they will be easy to bribe with lolly pops and cookies of the high tech sort.  If the Feds offer subsidized benefits and INTERNET Federal services, most serfs will gladly get in line.

The recent attempt to stop pornography by censorship, and by control of the serf's use of the computer, had nothing to do with stopping pornography.  If it did, the prime movers would NOT have been womanizers from Arkansas and lesbian girl molesters from Florida.  If you are truly concerned about your kids finding porn, and you should be, then teach them about sin and righteousness and judgment  BEFORE they boot up.  

Some of you serfs are such filthy sexed-up scum that you rejoice when the World's Federal  Lords offer to raise your kids.  It salves your conscience about your lousy child raising delinquency.  Kiss your freedom AND your kids goodbye if you are one of the above.  AIDS will take your kids out, not pornography.  You are the ones who told your kids, "Use condoms."  That is the Clintonian model for killing your future non-producers and eliminating them from the welfare roles.  You, because of your own liberty, have no use for the 7th Commandment, so no Federal program will save you kids-- indeed the Feds will KILL your kids.  It is NOW happening with condoms, sex education, trash music, Hollywood's offerings, and the news media's doctored message.  Rest in peace groupies.  You can save a bundle on your kids' funerals by making a down payment now to the mortician.     

For now, until God allows the inevitable world Beast system to rule, let us press forward with the liberation of the serfs of the world.  We need to bring back the Tesla coil and magnetic field generation.  We need to look into the spark generator as a tool of blocking intruders into our cyber-communication.  We need a "firewall" for the Feds which will shoot back.  Also, we need a filter which can ghost the "Clipper Chip" so that the One Worlders think they are hearing us while we slip past them.  We need new inventions and encryption techniques based on the "chaos theory" principles which will insure that the New World Order cannot "reformat them" and "copy from drive C."

Onward, cyber-groupies of the world.  Let us be busy finding our way to one another in deep dark places in Cyber-space.  Resist the Yale Skull and Bones and the Rhodes Scholar agents of slavery.  Harden those computers and keep expecting trouble from above.  They have NOT caught up with us yet, and that is good for them and us.  It is about time the Council on Foreign Relations had a REAL problem to discuss-- you and me--  



October 24, 1998--  Dateline India--  The Hindu

Here is a story from the India press showing that the techno-revolution, in some ways, can  take over the state on a worldwide scale!

Microsoft tie-up with Orissa (state of India)

The world renowned Microsoft Corporation has entered into a strategic partnership and a technical tie-up with the Orissa Government to develop computer professionals as well as quality software for major corporates and Government departments in the State. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed in the presence of the Chief Minister, Mr. J. B. Patnaik, the Industries Minister, Mr. Niranjan Patnaik, and other senior officials of the State. The Microsoft Corporation Regional Manager Indian sub- continent, Mr. Rajiv Nair, and the Orissa Government undertaking Industrial Development Corporation of Orissa Limited (IDCOL) Managing Director, Mr. Dillip Rath, signed the agreement.

As per the agreement, the IDCOL and the Orissa State Electronic Development Corporation (OSEDC) would form a new company to take up the information technology related activities in the State with the technical support from the Microsoft.