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A paper written because I care

By Steve Van Nattan


We have heard from many sources that evil men, left, right, and center, are plotting to bring chaos to America. This is claimed to be for the sole purpose of causing Americans to be ready to kiss their liberty good-bye and welcome an autocracy. The US Executive Powers Act is an open door to any President inviting him to make himself king of America for life. There is no restriction on the Act defining how long it can be left in effect.

For this reason, and with some experience in life and history, I am calling all of my readers to consider printing this paper and distribute it at once. I only ask that you not change it.

To White Americans

For years now I have heard, from people inside, that the Militia longs for a total collapse of the USA so that they can start over and establish a true republic. A chaotic era would be just the thing for these people. I also have a report that sales of ammunition are up 900% during this election confusion.

True Bible believing Christians cannot justify this kind of action. Jesus told us that we are to render to Caesar, not trash him. Neither Jesus, nor any of His apostles, showed any interest in rebellion against Caesar, nor did they justify taking up arms in national causes.

What would happen if the Militia, Resonstructionists, Identity, the KKK, and other rebels decided to launch attacks on the Feds and the inner city. The answer is not hard to figure, but no one wants to try. I will do so eagerly in the hope that someone will pass this along.

First, the Feds would jump right to it. The Military has been doing exercises in urban warfare for some time now, and one wonders if this is exactly what they had in mind.

Secondly, The President would declare the Executive Powers Act, and all freedoms would be curtailed. When the bankers saw what was happening to the economy, they would do to the President what they did to Kennedy. If you think that is cool, you are a fool. The State Department would then take over the Military and proceed with the reduction of the USA full speed ahead.

Third, your life would become very sorry, friend. You would probably lose your job, or the market for you product and services, and you would not be able to blah, blah, blah your opinions all over the community. You might even be restricted where you could move about. You say, "We will kill them and take over." No you won't you fool. You have nothing compared to the high tech toys the US Military and the Feds have to use on you, and they NEED an excuse to try them out so they can see if they work.

Fourth, as you and your good old boy friends were trashing the USA, whatever enemies we have around the world would see us as an easy target. If there is any chance China or some other country would like to trouble us, that would be the ideal time. The terrorist nations and Islamic leaders would jump right to it and launch bio attacks which would be blamed on YOU.

Fifth, if you were marginally successful, the President, especially a Liberal Democrat, would call in the United Nations to bring troops and rescue the USA from YOU! Are you ready to face a mass of foreign animals? Do you think it would be cool to subject your family and friends to the potential of a permanent UN force in this country? That is exactly what would happen.

Sixth, you and all your red necked friends would trigger riots in the inner cities by mostly poor Blacks who would see this as an excuse to run wild and loot. Yes, these poor fools burn their own shops and homes. Yes, they are wrong to want a free ride if they can work. You no doubt can find a dozen things wrong with these people, but what will life be like once the inner cities are war zones? These are the ones who vote for Liberals, and the Feds will be very slow to stop them. Once they do, downtown Chicago, Detroit, and New York will be under siege forever. Who gave YOU the right to drive that demon along? Do you suppose that the inner city Blacks will all commit suicide? Not a chance buster. They will become wild and crazy, and America will never be the same. If you think you can trash the big cities and start over, then you are a Nazi and a beast. That is the logic of those who used the gas chambers, for you will have to massacre millions in order to gain control.

You are a real fool if you think that the USA can be remade by violence. I say, "Don't take your guns to town son." Take the Word of God, and show a little restraint. Some of you red necks claim to be followers of the Carpenter of Nazareth, but you don't want his peace that passeth understanding. You want a jack boot Jesus, and that Jesus is Antichrist.


To Black Americans

I want to talk to you Black Americans who have made it. You are in the Military, at the factory, or in business. You have moved out into the lovely suburbs, and you now do nothing to help the Black malaise in the USA other than to make an occasional contribution to some Black rights cause. You, friend, are a wimp. I know this is a problem because I hear Black folks complain about it.

I do not include Jesse Jackson and civil rights leaders as successful men in the middle class of the Black community. These men are free loaders who are taking contributions and living high on the hog, or bar-b-que, and appear before media cameras for photo ops, while the real suffering Black Americans are ignored. I have seen the home of one civil rights leader, and the diddler admitted that he had almost nothing to do. His home was a virtual Spanish style villa. Now, put a CBS camera on this man, and he would have a civil rights issue, complete with serious long face and threats of dire acts by his deeeea brothers, so that you would think he was busy doing good for the Black community.

I don't like the mess we see in the inner cities of the USA either, and I suspect that you are a bit weary of it. I didn't even vote in the last election because I was not happy with either man. But, here is the fact of "city life." Inner city Blacks are not as articulate as you middle class Blacks. They are also vastly dependent on the Federal Government for their livelihood. They will be easy prey to civil rights leaders who want to fan the fires of hate. This hate could easily get out of hand and turn to rioting, and you know it. The problem is, we don't have many Black middle class folks who will stand up to the civil rights leaders and call their bluff.

Who suffers during these riots, like the ones in LA? Answer: The rioters. They strangely burn their own houses and shops, and when it is over, they have lost their jobs. Life after the Watts riots in L.A. was terrible. I was there. I had Black friends during that time who were heart broken as they saw their own community burned away and jobs lost. I worked in South Gate, and most Whites were carrying guns in their cars, and there was talk of going to Watts and, "Teach them n______ something." It was close to being a race war friend. When this sort of thing happens, those few non-Black investors will flee to the suburbs and start over, never to return.

I had a Hispanic friend who had many real estate resources in Watts and the area of the riots in the 1960s, and he suffered no loss during the whole thing. I believe he would have sold out and moved to a completely non-Black area if he had taken losses.

So, you may think that this is not your problem. Wrong friend. God was gracious enough, honoring your hard work, to get you out of the ghetto and the depressed world. YOU are the best one to head back down town and be an evangelist for rational thinking. You must tell your Black friends that the President cannot do that much harm to them. Nor can he do that much good. If the President tries to get people off of welfare by getting them jobs, then he should be supported, no matter what party he is from. You middle class Black folks now enjoy the benefits of hard work, but you stand by while Jesse Jackson promotes lazy ways and free money. YOU are responsible for many of those men laying around on their front porch all day, downtown, instead of looking for a real job. What Black brother have you tried to get employed lately?

Also, it is time that the Black community find their hope in the Word of God instead of Liberal OR Conservative political people. Jesse Jackson, Al Gore, and George Bush are NOT the Pope. They are NOT the Holy Ghost. You would think Jesus Christ was out to lunch the way some Black preachers talk about hope in terms of politicians. All Americans do this these days, and the Lord Jesus Christ is left out. If the power of the Gospel prevailed in the Lord's Church, as it did 100 years ago, these politicians could not hold a candle to the influence for righteousness right on the streets of the inner city. What are YOU doing about it? Are you part of the problem or the solution?

You need to paint the true and ugly picture of what life would be like if the White community pulled 100% out of the inner city. There still are injustices, but I remember, as you must, that it was a lot worse in the 1960s. What do inner city Blacks want for their grandchildren? We saw parts of Detroit nearly turn to ghost towns, and parts of New York City HAVE become war zones. How about the whole city of Detroit being abandoned by the folks with the cash. Who would pay the bills and the tax which is used to bring city services.

You know as well as I do that it is now possible to move many businesses to the desert, the mountains, or to a laptop on the beach. It will get even worse soon as we go to interactive satellite communication and modem hook ups via the AC wall plug. There are thousands of entrepreneurs in the USA who could leave Detroit, Chicago, and the New York boroughs right now and never look back, AND maybe even do better in the end. So, why shove them along? They help pay the bills, even if they are not always pleasant.

This will not sound very charitable if you are a Black Liberal Democrat with a warm fuzzie feeling for the Hillery Clinton, but you need to remember that Hillary was a real promoter of the Black Panthers in the 1960s, and her idea of social change may still be a rollicking riot and burning binge. There are those who believe that she would regard civil disorder as wonderful, even after all these years. It may well be up to us, Black, White, and otherwise, to see that it does not happen.

If you in the Black middle class think you can sit by and let some other dude pay the price for your freedom, you are a fool-- Black, White, or Green-- You are a fool!

Read about the Tulsa Riots-- DO YOU WANT TO SEE THIS AGAIN? There are White bigots out there who would gladly do it again. Why give them a motive?


To Native Americans

I suppose there could well be some terror on the Indian Reservations. Don't give me any slack. I am part Cherokee, and my great grandmother was talked out of some prime land in downtown Muskogee long ago by a White man. But you better be careful what you do if things do get a bit wild.

First, Whites are always looking for an excuse to fault American Indians for something. This is done to justify the way the Indians have been treated over the years. "They are lazy. They are drunks. They want to live on welfare and not work. They waste whatever we give them." Did you ever hear those lines? Right.

OK, why give them a reason to justify treating the Reservations worse. There is nothing to be gained in rebellion, no matter what race you are. It only gives your enemies an excuse to trash you worse. Furthermore; who is going to come out to the Reservations and make trouble? The Whites will not bother you-- They will be trying to make a new country. At least that is what all the Militia and Identity gang talk about. They don't want the dusty dead end Reservations friend, that is why they generously gave them to you in the first place :-)

Be cool, and life will return to some sort of order by and by. In fact, in a national crisis, you folks may be in the best position to survive since you live close to the earth anyway. I may be coming out there myself and looking for a little piece of land where I can put my family and do a little learning in subsistence.

Do not let the civil rights rabble talk you into rebellion. Keep what you have, and be at peace.



You must have read the rest of this. Common sense does not come in colors and races, so learn from what you read. Some of you may think, like the Gringos, that you can take the nation and freedom back by force. Hey Lalo, you will die in the streets just as easily as those dumb Anglos.

Some Hispanics may think they can use a time of Chaos as an opportunity to section off parts of the nation and cities for themselves. Well, when it is all over, if you are not on the top of the pile, you are sure going to have a bunch of enemies. You could be facing mad Whites AND Blacks. Not a nice thought.

I suggest that those of you who have influence in the community warn the hot heads to lay low. Life will return to normal one day, use your vote wisely, for it is not a sign of weakness to stay away from violence. After all, what gripe do you have with Blacks? If you jump in and think you will teach the Gringos to be nice, you will find yourself ending up confederate with Blacks and maybe even Anglo Militia. You don't want that, but the Media will paint you that way.



That's it--

Not a long socially correct paper, but, whether you like it or not, I wrote all of the above because I care. If it didn't come out in just the politically correct way you would like, well, that is tough. The truth is not always nice, for me or you.

By the way, I do not use the title "African American" because it is not true. You who are Black are American-- period-- like me. You cannot be both African and American. I am more African than you are-- I grew up there and speak Swahili. Let's all see if we can be just American and leave it at that. Otherwise, in 50 years, we won't have a clue what an American is.

Also, if you think this paper is a selfish thing because I want to keep my little world in tact, our family lives in eastern Tennessee in the hills. We are pretty much set in case of a national crisis-- in case you White trash decide to destroy America, and in case you Black folks decide to burn Detroit. With God's help we will survive. I just don't care to see this nation trashed on purpose. If God wants to do that to us for His reasons, I will accept it. But, why should we trash our own acre on purpose? That is real dumb! My family was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia during a Marxist coup. We were safe ourselves, but we saw and heard the guns in the streets, and we felt the trembling of souls as order was destroyed. You have to feel it to understand it, my friend. I can still get my soul and mind to trembling just thinking about it. You don't need that kind of trouble for ANY reason.

For the life of me, I have never figured out why some babies will pull their whole world down around their own ears just for a better definition of human rights. I have seen it done, and it is always worse afterward than before.

Feel free to SEND MAIL with your observations.

Also, please print this and hand it to friends. Send it in E-Mail.


From: Tim M__________
Subject: To all Americans

You Americans have the second best country on earth after us Canadians. Please don't let hatred and insanity destroy it. May God have mercy on both our countries right now and spare both of us of His judgment even though both nations deserve His judgment. I say amen to your letter to all Americans, Steve.