George Bush Score Card--
December 2004


The following was sent to me by Pastor Mike Paulson from Touchet, Washington.

I took a pounding from certain Fundamental Baptist pastors because I suggested that one clear biblical option during the recent Presidential election was to abstain from voting. I felt both candidates were a threat to Bible believers, and both were dedicated to destroy the United States of America as we know it. I am more convinced than ever, and I must say to the jack boot preachers who bashed those who did not vote, I was right. The following score card vindicates me, and someone owes me a public apology. I was told, after I tried to speak rationally about the principle of abstaining from voting, in so many words, that I was a traitor. I was told that if I did not vote, I could not complain later. Guess what, gentlemen, here I am, and you will just have to deal with it.

I fully believe that George W. Bush has been given the task of destroying the USA. I believe he will drive forward in loser wars until the United States is the virtual Pariah of the whole world. He will attack Iran, and bring in the draft to replace all the defecting US troops going AWOL. He will make Canada our sworn enemy, and Mexico will overwhelm the Southwest USA as he virtually invites illegals to swarm into the USA.

The EU will destroy the US dollar, and the UN will be given the ultimate power over our courts. International law will be fully instituted. It was signed into power by Ronald Reagan and George H. Bush, and "W" will finish the job. I have said for years, and many times here, that a Republican conservative would destroy America. Why? Answer: You Fundamental Baptists, and other right wingers, will go sound asleep once you elect your man. You told me he was against abortion. You told me he was for heterosexual marriage. Both of your lies are now patently obvious. You were suckered in, and like the pastors of Germany who supported the do-gooder Hitler, you have elected your Nero. He will burn you and your churches, as is happening NOW! You will wake up in shock in prison cells for preaching against sodomy, IF you have the nerve. You will have your kids taken away from you because you are declared wild people. And, the man you voted for will do it to you. He is in motion NOW with his appointments. YOU are the target, and all you care about is the abundant offering plate. Big Mac and fries for my big belly, and the devil take the hindmost, right?

So, I rejoice that Mike Paulson, and a few good men, have been watching something other than the boob tube. I pity you men who have lead your people to the voting booth to choose their executioner. They will one day hate you, and you are worthy.

To you in the pew who saw this coming, and who were attacked by jack boot preachers, why don't you get off of the bull's eye, and start a House Church?

Pastor Steve Van Nattan

PS If you live in Eastern Tennessee, feel free to call 865-717-0962. Let's talk about safe and Bible based fellowship. Many of you have been betrayed by your pastors. Let us consider starting over with unregistered home fellowships.


This is the report sent to me by Pastor Mike Paulson:



This only the liberal and ungodly stuff Bush has done SINCE the election, which was only six weeks ago!

I have passed this list on to you without the links for the details to make it easier and quicker to read. If you would like to see the links for more ‘proof,’ write back to me and I will send you the same list WITH the links. I am not deep into politics myself, however, as most men are oblivious as to what goes on under their noses in their own family, I thought it might be a spark to some folks out in our webfamily to think twice about any future major financial decisions or plans or moves, etc. America is being chopped down to a third world level nation so that we fit into the world scene better – from farming to finances, from education to religion – it is happening NOW.

In fact, the Book itself is under attack in Philadelphia – when will we quit trying to just ignore this stuff and quit ‘raise’ our kids for an America that will not exist as we hope it will – (it doesn’t already!).

Preach the word, as Paul says. Do the work of an evangelist, as Paul says. The time has come – and is now – to where folks are not enduring sound doctrine – hey, even KJB church folks are not enduring the truth. Folks just want to build a church and make them bigger and bigger. Gain is godliness to folks these days.

Anyway – take a clue to what is happening in the world itself. This is most amazing – and President Bush has not even been inaugurated yet.

Thanks to Teno Groppi for compiling this list and he continues to add to it as things happen – DAILY!

1. Lesbian partner on stage.
The day after Bush was reelected he allows his VP Dick Cheney to not only put his lesbian daughter on the platform, but to bring her lesbian 'partner' up on the stage along with other 'spouses'.

2. Arlen Specter positioned to block conservative judges.
Bush campaigned for pro-abort, pro-queer Specter, helping him to a 1% win over conservative Republican Pat Toomey. Now Specter promises to block conservative judges, and the evidence shows Bush knew that's what he was getting.

3. Bush push to reward illegal aliens for being lawbreakers.
President Bush yesterday moved aggressively to resurrect his plan to relax rules against illegal immigration, a move bound to anger conservatives just days after they helped re-elect him.

4. W insinuates that Yasser Arafat is going to heaven (and honors Bill Clinton).
Admittedly this is an assumption, but when Bush's spokesman was asked twice if this meant Bush was a Universalist (all religions lead to heaven), the spokesman refuse to answer despite Bush's own clear words affirming Universalist doctrine. It is clear that Bush believes Muslims are going to heaven. If that is not sufficient to stand on it's own, we could include the leak that war with Iran is coming soon as point #4. And if thats not enough, use Bushs declaration that he is going to honor Bill Clinton at the dedication of the Clinton library (which surely has a large porn section) in tribute to one of our own.

5. Bush names pro-abort Attorney General Alberto Gonzales
Besides being pro-abortion, Gonzales cast the deciding vote denying parental consent when minor daughters have abortions. Gonzales wrote a controversial February 2002 memo in which Bush claimed the right to waive anti-torture law. He is also an advocate of illegal alien benefits.

6. Bush vows to create a Palestinian state (by taking land from Israel).
Many Christian believe this violates the promise to Abraham in Gen 12, and it certainly is an unconstitutional act of interference with a sovereign nation (but that's the 'in' thing with Bush, see Iraq.)

7. Bush push to renew Patriot Act intrusions into our rights.
Surveillance, information, wiretaps, banking records, "Sneak & Peek" warrants where the owner is not informed. If charged, no speedy trial, no counsel, no appeal, no evidence, no presumption of innocence.

8. Bush replaces pro-abort Powell with pro-abort Rice as Sec. of State
And calls this liberal, pro-abortion, black woman "the face of America". She wanted to be Sec. of Defense.

9. Bush adds three more sodomites to his administration (from six to nine).
One of them was his campaign manager, yes, Bush's campaign was run by a queer.

10. Bush persecutes pro-lifers.
Bush supports the FACE Act which prevents pro-lifers from protesting near abortion chambers. Pro-abortionists however, can protest anywhere they want, even right at the abortuaries.

11. Bush supports queers in military.
Even with AIDS and STDs rising again, Bush supports the current policy of allowing sodmites into the military.

12. Bush stabs Swift Boat Veteran in the back.
He already stabbed the Swifties once by agreeing to file a lawsuit to silence them from exposing Kerry's wretched military record. Now a Swiftie gets fired for not succumbing to pressure to campaign for Kerry. Who's side is Bush on? Looks like he's a Kerry supporter.

13. Bush supports driver's licenses for *illegal* aliens.
Some Republicans in Congress, realize there's a problem with giving *illegal* aliens driver's licenses (giving them access to almost anything), but Bush doesn't care. Even without the licenses, this bill is still abhorrent because it infringes upon Americans while doing nothing to prevent foreign terrorism - in fact it aids potential foreign terrorists. But that was covered in #3 and #7 above. Which country is he president of? Mexico? The U.N? The New World Order?

14. Bush hosts reception for queer rocker Elton John.
Why not honor a sodomite performer? He honored Ozzy Osbourne, the drug-drenched leader of the occultist rock band Black Sabbath during his first term. Maybe he can have them both play at his coronation inauguration.

15. Ultra-liberal Democrat Dean appalled at Bush's excessive spending.
It's pretty bad when an ultra-lib is complaining that Bush is spending too much, including $2 million for his own boat. Hey, it's only OUR money. Though his level of unconstitutional spending is atrocious (whether on 'good' things or 'bad' things), it's unbelievable where the president's spending priorities lie.

16. W robs Peter to pay Paul (borrows to fund socialist insecurity).
He's going to spend an additional $2 trillion that he doesn't have a plan to account for, so the plan is the usual - rape the taxpayers.

17. Bush fund$ terrorists!
Foreign aid is unconstitutional as it is. Aid to our enemies is stupid and suicidal. But here Bush is giving our tax money to a TERRORIST organization - while we are supposedly fighting a war against terror! ( I am trying to find the group Bush is helping-- check back )

18. Bush administration betrays Gulf War POWs
Our government has betrayed our POWs from previous wars, why should this one be any different? The Bush administration intervened in court on the side of Saddam Hussein and Iraq to erase the POW's judgment from the books.

19. Bush administration backs UN Sec. Gen. Kofi Annan
They are denying his role in the oil-for-food scam because he is a man of integrity, and they don't want to cloud the image of the UN.

20. Bush administration accelerates Mexican infiltration of U.S.
They are financing American corporations for sending our jobs to Mexico. Illegal immigration is now downgraded to the soft-soap term "migration".

21. Bush tabs Con-con author to HHS
Few Americans will remember or understand that Michael Leavitt was the *author* of the insidious Conference of the States several years ago. He wants to undermine/overthrow our Constitution - and Bush wants him in charge of HHS.

22. Totalitarian National ID Cards
Bush accomplished this with the complicity of the Republican-controlled Congress, none of whom even read the bill. GWB favors these totalitarian controls for American citizens, but opposes them for illegal aliens. This violates State's rights as well as individual rights.

23. FBI + CIA = KGB
Bush's newly appointed CIA Director, Porter Goss, is pairing the CIA together with the FBI. The FBI was meant for internal matters and the CIA for external, so that neither could become a national police force (read: Gestapo / KGB). But Bush's boy is creating a national police force, at Bush's bidding.

24. Bush to sign Muslim-specific law
Washington, DC -- President George W. Bush is expected this week to sign into law a bill that officially binds Washington to engage into a long-term economic and political partnership with its key Muslim allies. The bill, called the Sept. 11th Recommendations Implementation Act, was passed by Congress last week, and with Bush's signature it will become a law. The Sept. 11 Act also suggests various proposals for improving America's image in the Islamic world and for helping its Muslim allies combat internal extremism.

25. Socialist Insecurity "Moral Achievement"
On last Saturday's weekly radio address (12-11-04), George W. Bush called Socialist Insecurity "the government's greatest moral achievement." A plan that swipes a large sum of money out of your paycheck for 30 or 40 years, invests it to make a five or ten fold return, and then pays you a few hundred bucks a month for a few years after you retire is a great moral achievement? Based on whose morality?


Closing Remarks:
By Steve Van Nattan

If you are a pastor who has been promoting George W. Bush, and if you now see that you were way out of line, what should you do? It is "altar call" time:

1. Apologize to the saints just as big as you promoted Bush. Don't tell me this line of blarney that you did not actually name Bush. You KNOW how you loaded your presentations on voting. Clean up the mess. Most of you jack boots have never apologized to the Lord's sheep once in your life. You are a Nicolaitan, and you will bluff your way out of this. You poor fool.

2. Deprogram your pulpit of all political and right wing rubbish. Preach a series on the believer and the world. Set forth rules of engagement for dealing with public officials and spiritual wickedness in high places.

3. Pray against wicked men. After Bill Clinton was first elected, the church I pastored in Michigan was pretty torn up with fear and speculation. Finally, I asked the men if they felt good about the way Clinton and Hellery were dominating our conversation. We all agreed to make discussion of Clinton off limits 100%. Instead, we agreed to pray that God would confound Bill Clinton's life so that he could do little harm to our peace. I fully believe God answered our prayer. Bill Clinton did America very little harm. Pray to the Lord, and ask him to forgive you for helping elect a devil. Ask God to deliver you and confound the evil intentions of George Bush and his cabinet.



I Am A Conservative Christian,
And The Religious Right Scares Me

by Chuck Baldwin


For those readers who are unfamiliar with my biography (http://www.chuckbaldwinlive.sketch.html), let me here provide a thumbnail sketch of my conservative bona fides:

I attended, graduated, or received degrees from fundamentalist Christian schools such as Midwestern Baptist College in Pontiac, Michigan, Thomas Road Bible Institute (now known as Liberty Bible Institute at Liberty University) in Lynchburg, Virginia, Christian Bible College in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, and Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Florida.

I am currently in my thirtieth year as the Senior Pastor of the Crossroad Baptist Church (Independent) in Pensacola, Florida. I was the Executive Director of the Florida Moral Majority in the early 1980's. I was an active member of the local Christian Coalition.

I have marched and protested against abortion clinics. I have led several pro-life rallies and even led our church to construct A Memorial To Aborted Babies ( I have conducted small and large (some drawing crowds numbering in the thousands) pro-life, pro-family rallies and meetings in the Pensacola area and in many towns and cities across the state of Florida.

When Ronald Reagan was running for President, I helped Dr. Jerry Falwell register more than fifty thousand new conservative voters in my state. I have attended White House functions with former President Reagan and former Vice President George H.W. Bush.

I supported and defended Chief Justice Roy Moore and his fight to display a Ten Commandments monument at a pro-Ten Commandments rally in Montgomery, Alabama and even on national television.

I am an annual member of the National Rifle Association and a life member of Gun Owners of America. I have been the featured speaker at several pro-Second Amendment rallies.

No one can honestly question my commitment to pro-life, pro- family, conservative causes. That being said, the Religious Right, as it now exists, scares me.

For one reason, on the whole, the Religious Right has obviously and patently become little more than a propaganda machine for the Republican Party in general and for President G.W. Bush in particular. This is in spite of the fact that both Bush and the Republican Party in Washington, D.C., have routinely ignored and even trampled the very principles which the Religious Right claims to represent.

Therefore, no longer does the Religious Right represent conservative, Christian values. Instead, they represent their own self-serving interests at the expense of those values.

It also appears painfully obvious to me that in order to sit at the king's table, the Religious Right is willing to compromise any principle, no matter how sacred. As such, it has become a hollow movement. Sadly, the Religious Right is now a movement without a cause, except the cause of advancing the Republican Party.

Beyond that, the Religious Right is actively assisting those who would destroy our freedoms. On the whole, the Religious Right comports with those within the Bush administration and within the Republican Party who, in the name of "fighting terrorism," are actually terrorizing constitutional protections of our liberties.

The Religious Right offered virtually no resistance to the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, the passage of the Patriot Act, or the recently created position of National Intelligence Director. Neither did the Religious Right offer even a whimper of protest as President Bush and Republicans in Congress created a first-ever national ID card in the new intelligence bill, which eerily has more in common with early Twentieth Century German and Russian intelligence institutions than anything envisioned by America's Founding Fathers.

Another disconcerting feature of today's Religious Right is its attempt to Christianize political entities which it supports and to demonize political entities which it opposes. This trend is especially scary.

When people are told that they are voting "Christian" by voting for Republican Party candidates, it is being intimated that they are voting non-Christian by voting for any other candidate. This is not only silly on its face, it is downright dangerous!

I don't remember anyone saying people voted "Christian" when they elected the outspoken Christian candidate, Jimmy Carter, President. Yet, Carter, in his personal life, demonstrated as much, if not more, Christianity than does George W. Bush. If you recall, Carter even taught Sunday School in a Southern Baptist Church while President.

However, in spite of the fact that President Bush and the Republican Party in Washington, D.C., have repeatedly supported copious unchristian (not to mention unconstitutional) programs and policies, Christians act as if Bush and his fellow Republicans have ushered in the Millennial Kingdom.

More than that, the Religious Right appears to believe that G.W. Bush is the anointed vicar of Christ. But instead of wearing the garb of a religious leader, he wears the shroud of a politico and a military commander-in-chief.

As such, in the minds of the Religious Right, Bush's war in Iraq is a holy crusade. America is fast taking on the shape of the old Holy Roman Empire and President Bush is quickly morphing into a modern day Caesar.

The willingness of the Religious Right to give President Bush king-like subservience is easily seen in the way they demonize anyone who dares to oppose him. This is very unnerving.

Are we heading for a modern day religious inquisition, this one led not by the Catholic Church but by the Religious Right? Are we witnessing the type of marriage between Church and State that America's founders originally feared?

I used to believe that liberals were paranoid for being fearful of conservative Christians gaining political power. Now, I share their trepidation.

Of course, the sad truth is, neither George W. Bush nor the Republican Party in Washington, D.C. represents genuine Christian or even conservative principles. If they did, they would take their oaths to the Constitution seriously and then neither liberals nor conservatives would have anything to fear, for the U.S. Constitution protects the rights and freedoms of all men.

Unfortunately, when the seed of Bush's unconstitutional policies come to fruition, it will produce large scale fallout economically, socially, and politically. And sadder still will be that, instead of blaming Bush's infidelity to constitutional government and conservative principles, people will blame Christianity and conservatism itself. The result of this miscalculation will doubtless be a massive tide of support for more and greater unconstitutional government, but only under a different name.

© Chuck Baldwin


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In the face of a concerted attack on the Christian faith in the USA and the world, George Bush, who claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ, has virtually NOTHING to say about it. Did you vote for this man of no faith and no instinct to defend Bible believers?

Paul Proctor on George W. Bush and his handlers