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Ethics students at SDSU caught cheating-- April 30

SAN DIEGO, April 30 (UPI) Two dozen students enrolled in a business ethics course at San Diego State University have been kicked out of the class and put on academic probation for cheating.

SDSU officials say about a third of the students in the afternoon class were caught using answers to a quiz drawn from an evening section of the same course where the test already had been administered and graded.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported today that 25 students, including some seniors who had planned to graduate next month, got an "F" for the course. Some of the students will have to repeat the course over the summer.

The incident, which occurred in March, came to light this week in a report in The Daily Aztec, SDSU's student newspaper.

The 25 students fell into a trap which professor Brian D. Cornforth said provided ironclad proof they had cheated.

Cornforth says after receiving an anonymus telephone call from a student he gave the afternoon class a five-question quiz he presented to the evening students two days earlier, but with the choice of answers rearranged.

When the answer sheets were turned in, 25 students had answers in the correct sequence for the Tuesday evening section, but wrong for the Thursday afternoon version.

Cornforth said he had little choice but to flunk the offenders.

He told the Union-Tribune, "This is just too egregious, it's too heinous a cheating scandal, and hopefully it will have positive ripple effects not only in the class but other class throughout the university. "