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By Editor:  Steve Van Nattan

Based on observation up very close, while not on the inside.


In this world, there are rules. These rules are herein written as precepts.

The purpose of rules are basic, i.e. "One must eat." This rule must be followed to achieve the end result: To Exist. It follows that rules are designed to achieve an end.

When more than one individual desires a mutual end, the rules must be clearly understood and they then become laws, i.e. " Thou Shalt Not Eat Thy Neighbor ." This law must be followed if your neighbor is necessary for anything. Break this law and you won't have a neighbor to help you gather food, prevent loneliness, fight the Feds, etc...

The bigger the group, the more laws and the requirement for lawyers and, of course, enforcers of these laws. This process feeds upon itself and grows into a plethora of laws, lawyers, and enforcers (forthwith referred to as "The Federal Government" or, the world in general.) As The Federal Government grows, it becomes unmanageable and the end result becomes less clear to more and more individuals.  The Feds also develop more and more distrust of those they imagine they are to subdue and herd in the interest of higher doctrines.

Those not understanding these laws, or are in outright disagreement, will attempt change, secession, or rebellion. These people will invariably fall into one of these categories: seditionists, anarchists, secessionists, or isolationists. Some groups will combine aspects of all of these responses.  Tax rebels and  the Militia are attracted to one of these categories and are in entente with the others in the same category. They form a bond with one another and this understanding develops into a way of dealing with each other and others not of the same mind, or The Federal Government. This way of life governs and unites tax rebels and Militia to achieve a mutual desired end. This becomes their "code".

The tax rebel, and the Militia member, fits into the anarchist category with touches of seditionist. Some go so far as to separate from society and are also isolationists.   The mutual end is to live within, but apart from, the managed territory of The Federal Government that has gotten too complicated, nosey, intimidating, restrictive, or overbearing. There is an underlying desire to overthrow, revolt, or abandon The Federal Government, though no overt acts need be taken--  Only a powerful voice of threat is needed to justify one's zeal to overthrow The Federal Government.

There is a feeling among some Militia that The Federal Government will do as it pleases, and any attempt to change it is futile. The Federal Government is tolerated as a necessary evil, but, it is felt, that it can be dodged, bent, put-aside, hid from, and ultimately, in yonder future, it will be destroyed and replaced by "our" thing. The tax rebel and Militia member wants to be left out of and left alone by the unknown grand design of The Federal Government and the New World Order.

It is doctrinaire that the Patriot and tax rebel is meant, by the US Constitution, to pursue his own individual freedoms.  These include self-pleasing activities, travel, expressionism, and solidarity, without the majority big brother looking over his shoulder.  A mystical and nebulous tax system is promoted, but it is clear that no two Militia or tax rebels agree on how it would work, so it is always spoken of in vague terms so as not to offend a brother tax rebel.

As with other rebel and secret groups, the tax rebels and Militia are attracted to each other in entente, and they form a "code". This code was formed over a period of years, and it governs and unites them to achieve their mutually desired end.

The first code item is the individual's name. Retreat or escape from The Federal Government starts with a name change or use of the first name only to reflect a desire not to be caught by the Feds. The Federal Government also uses numbers, such as Social Security and credit card numbers, to identify and track people. At least this is the doctrinaire belief of choice.  So, a name change, and a rejection of the use of any code numbers, is the first protest. This rebel act is essential in order to validate each rebel and Militia member as authentic. Even marriage licenses must be burned to be taken as one of the really tough breed.  Those who do not reject all numbers and identities by the system above are not to be trusted and are considered to be a black sheep and a part of the big brother system by complicity.

As one finds himself metastasising into the tax rebel and Militia category, a disdain for all he was, or for the society he is leaving, develops. He is honored if he degrades himself for his stupid submission to all previous system measures.  This is accompanied with an initiation event which is much like the "born again" experience of the past of "praying through" or "going to the counseling room."  If he ever compromises in using a number or registration code, he must rage openly on himself for doing so.  He will also rage, even if moderately, on any former friend who has not "taken the step."  No loss of friendship, even if it be his wife and children, is too big a price to pay in this obligation to trash the uncommitted.

It seems that a constant reminder of how messed up The Federal Government and the rest of society is, becomes second nature. The more people demonstrating this perpetual grumble, the better. The more spectacular the act of this protest is, the more "class" and honor the perpetrator is. Showing class can take many forms, examples are: Parking in a fire lane, not registering a vehicle, breaking the speed limit, quoting the US Constitution, quoting the Bible against taxation (context is not important), destroying a credit card or Social Security card, etc. The protest does show the uncommitted in what little esteem they are being held by the wise ones in the Militia and tax rebellion.  This also, is a quick identification of others of like mind.

Another sign of the committed tax rebel is to prefer isolation and a fugitive lifestyle in a nation  and society which is in abject submission to The Federal Government and the system. The tax rebel lives a fugitive life, even as non-rebels watch, with a distinct feeling of a sense of freedom.   He may only take jobs which pay in cash, and benefits and unemployment are not only passed up, the tax rebel feels pure in his soul by NOT receiving these blessings of the system.  He thus forms a symbiotic relationship with crooked employers who are delighted to hire a man whom they need not provide with benefits and unemployment.  

All of this serves well in the protest; and has the side effect of being fun. Those who parade under color of born again belief in Christ will define the protest as obedience to God and the Bible.  Parking in a fire lane and fighting the ticket are considered high adventure and patriotic.  The reaction from the non-rebel and non-Militia wimp to the tax rebel ranges from terror to provocation, with distrust, returned disdain, and bewilderment in between. Rarely has this phenomenon affected apathy on the part of non-rebels. An ancillary effect of the open rebellious acts brings the tax rebels and Militia closer together, serving as the common denominator.

In no other nation is such rebellion so well tolerated by The Federal Government to the degree it is in the United States. Therefore, the tax rebel and Militia are highly patriotic, and the rest of the wimp non-participants often admire the tax rebel and Militia in a schizophrenic manner.  The non-member friends of the tax rebels will denounce them openly, yet they will accept videos on various rebellion issues, and they will secretly agree on many issues.  The Federal Government and the New World Order know well that this is the case, so their main effort to restrain the rebellion consists in selective tax prosecutions of those few who are rebels and have a good standing in the community.  "Teach them a lesson."  The lesson is mocked by the true follower.  The Federal Government gains virtually nothing in its various attacks.  So, there are rumors of infiltration of the Militia and tax rebellion groups.

The next logical step, as these individuals grouped together, was to form particular enclaves, usually centered on guruistic leaders of tax rebellion. From these enclaves a need for a means of identification above and beyond words, actions, or dress alone, becomes necessary.  This is done by some enclaves by a lie detector test and approval which follows.  Other enclaves simply speak of the guru, such as, "We have Bible classes every Friday with Robin White," etc.  In the case of the US Southwest a badge may be carried which claims some sort of posse identity.  Local sheriffs tolerate this as long as the enclave never rides forth to enforce justice overtly.

This acquires a heraldic and crusader-like image with much the same hubris that medieval knights felt as they rode forth to rescue and rape the countryside. It is essential to find readily identifiable means of determining who your friends are. Taking the step a little further, "friends" become "brothers".  Anyone with a small US Constitution and a New Testament in their shirt pocket, and doctrinaire friends and referrals, is "in".  Transversely, anyone who cannot spit out the names of gurus they have sat under, and conferences in Indianapolis they attended, becomes an enemy first, and then, perhaps, a tolerated individual second, but never completely trusted. The traditions within the "code," though never written down, are understood and must be flaunted when the test comes.

To fully understand the particular rules of the code, one must understand the desired end result. In order to achieve this desired end result, the members of this category must follow certain rules. Expulsion from the group, physically, by sudden silence, of by harsh comments, are the corollaries of those that break the code.

The utopian ideal for this group is freedom, security, and "a true republic" (which many of them cannot really define). It is felt that, "No man is an island," and since we must live with other people, a choice in who they may be is essential. The Federal Government is always there to compromise the secrets held by the faithful, so brotherhood is urgently needed.  Mutual self-defense is included, and gun toting and talk is common.  These people are to share in these ideals, using the common denominator, the US Constitution, and through the visible and overt acts of rebellion. Tying all this together is the code--  Unspoken, but tight as any rule system on earth.

The code is basic, but does have some variations depending on how a particular enclave sees the patriotic and doctrinaire ideal and how they foresee it to be achieved.  Thus, we review the basic code.


The first rule is equality.  No member, confronted with a true blue other member dare play games of power.  Some preachers have a hard time with this, and, as they are ministers, their lust for power is tolerated in public.  Later, the members will mock them.  The only deference given, is that voluntarily given to a member of an enclave who has suffered for the cause and NOT capitulated.  A prison term, or loss of home and vehicles, is the highest honor gaining badge of courage.

The brother Militia member is to be considered first in all things, and always given the benefit of the doubt. The Golden Rule of, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" applies here. This part of the code transcends any other priority including: The Federal Government, job, wife, girlfriend, IRS, children, property, or life. Many a Militia member has put the enclave and brother members first, only to end up being divorced by a "Militia widow".

Inter-personal relationships with the brothers include support (emotional, physical, and financial), an open invitation (and desire) to and for all dissemination of secrets, public and private, and a combined front against The Federal Government (which includes words and actions). Following this part of the code will result in having people around you that are comfortable to be with, you can count on, will protect your back, will support your actions in public (attending your court case with the IRS), and will care for your health, wealth, and welfare (and your widow while you are in the Big House). This is something the rest of the wimp society around you does not and will not have.


The Golden Rule of, "Do unto others first, before they can do unto you" applies here. These are people that are a part of the uncommitted wimp society at best, and The Federal Government at worst. Some of them may be tolerated and even liked, but never completely trusted. It is assumed that these people will take advantage, and / or attack the enclave in some way at the earliest opportunity.


The tax rebel and Militia man is generally chauvinistic (reasons for this are steeped in tradition and instinct) and tends to label the women in their group. The not uncommon label is "ol' lady". This is a term applied to a man's wife. Any interaction with an "ol' lady", be it business or social, is to first consider the "ol' man". This includes not precipitating a situation that reflects or results in turpitude, obloquy, calumny, or opprobrium. However, seemingly paradoxically, the "ol' lady" is considered a sister member of the enclave, with all that entails, and may even include a specific guruistic identity of her own-- A sort of yogini of the doctrines. The limitations of participation are regulated by her "ol' man", who is responsible for her to the enclave.  Non-guruistic women and wives in the Militia are to keep their distance and place, which is usually in the kitchen waiting for a call for coffee.


Once formed, the enclave finds that it becomes a buffer between its individuals and the rest of the world; as such; it will be necessary for it to interrelate with The Federal Government, and other enclaves.  Responsible enclaves will have members who print and distribute all manner of court precedents and legal tricks which may be used one day to fend off the Feds.  It is common to find two or three hundred underground videos on the bookshelf of a doctrinaire Militia member.  All of this propaganda is to be trusted like the Bible.  Inside publications costing as much as $400 a year for 12 issues on 8" by 11" sheets are published for the faithful who fork out the cash like it is a bargain.

It may be that another enclave, or more than one, has the same tenets in the foregoing doctrine and creed. When this is recognized, a brother-enclave may be admitted to all functions and receive all publications. Gurus and honored persecuted brothers will often be passed back and forth between enclaves to speak about their experiences in court, prison, or in dodging the IRS.  As such, the enclaves can expect to share the precepts and doctrines of all the enclaves in the USA over time. The strength in numbers philosophy is applied. The benefits of such an alliance are to increase all the aspects of the brotherhood, including the acts of protest, persecution from above, support, and having a combined front.

As it is with individuals when the rules are broken (such as a tax rebel pastor who registers his Christian day school), recognition for a brother-enclave can be withdrawn.

Those enclaves, or other entities, that are not recognized fall into the precepts outlined in "Non-Members" above.

The code as written and stated herein is basic.  However, this can be used as a guide for a better understanding and as a course to gain the mutually desired end result. The code is a feeling or conviction of the soul, rather than a black and white list of rules and, probably, can be best synopted as, "Those who know why I do this, need no explanation. For those who don't know, no explanation is possible."


Tax rebellion is a deadly game. It not only puts the rebel in line for attack by the authorities-- It warps the soul and mind of the tax rebel until he can approve of virtually any crime and evil act in support of the collective cause. How is this different from Nazi and Russian Communism in its incipient form?