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CIRCA 1935

It Played only Classical and Folk Music!

The modern fad called "Disco" originated in South America, and the US music industry totally perverted its origins.  Those of you who have the gall and idiocy to refer to Hollywood, Nashville, or Broadway as the authority on ANYTHING are worse than fools-- you are brain dead.

Thus, the first "Discoteca" seen below was built in Sao Paulo, Brazil by the Government Department of Culture.  It had 6000 records on file, and the user checked the index, chose a musical selection, and was assisted to listen to it on one of four phonograph record players outside the sound booth.  Serious students of music could enter the sound booth and listen to selections.  The man in the photo said of the musical selections, "We don't have new popular records, only those for persons seriously interested in music."  The whole 6000 record collection consisted of ONLY classical and native folk music.  So, true "Disco" music should include only such choices as Bach's Fugues and The Red River Valley.

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Thus, the primal "Discoteca."


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