Quebec is by far the most arrogant territory in the world.  They don't care a hoot how much cash flow they lose by their arrogance.  I cannot call a customer to sell piano parts because a French speaking operator interrupts and jabbers in French, thus stopping me from proceeding.  The following article is beyond belief-- That people in the Western world would be so utterly snobbish to people who have done them no harm.  The amazing thing is that the rest of Canadians are the most pleasant and well tempered people.  Quebec is an island of lunatic Third World insanity in the rest of Canada.  My apologies to the Third World.  Perhaps we should designate a Fourth World category just for the Quebeciacs.

From: "Ben W_______"
Subject: Quebec
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 1999 06:50:18 PDT

Steve, I moved to the U.S. six years ago from Quebec. In the past twenty years, 250,000 English speaking people have moved away from Quebec to the U.S. or other parts of Canada.

The CBS program "Sixty Minutes" did a story on Quebec's repressive language legislation. Do you know that a store owner cannot post signs in English unless the lettering is SMALLER than the French wording? Immigrants coming to Quebec cannot send their kids to public English schools even though there are two public school systems (French and English) - no freedom of choice here. Companies with fifty employees or more have to conduct (by law) all internal communication in the French language.

The Quebec governement currently is arguing in the Canadian Supreme Court that English speaking people NOT have the right to hear their court cases conducted in their language (a right they currently have). In a notorious case several years ago, French-speaking school principles tried to ensure that kids not be allowed to speak English in school halls or on school grounds during school hours.

Steve, none of this is hearsay or myth: I lived there for thirty years and struggled with all of these issues. After I had enough, I left, like many others. The CBS "Sixty Minutes" program will confirm all of this.