GENEVA (Reuters) - The world's second-largest reinsurer, Swiss Re, warned on Wednesday that the costs of natural disasters, aggravated by global warming, threatened to spiral out of control, forcing the human race into a catastrophe of its own making.

In a report revealing how climate change is rising on the corporate agenda, Swiss Re said the economic costs of such disasters threatened to double to $150 billion (82 billion pounds) a year in 10 years, hitting insurers with $30-40 billion in claims, or the equivalent of one World Trade Centre attack annually.,6903,1153513,00.html - Note the lack of discussion of the Equatorial areas. Also, note how the wimps pulled their punches AFTER they went to press.


This is a handy issue because it could take 100 years to happen, or even 10,000, so the blabber mouths will be gone when the peanut gallary starts laughing. It is also a White Race issue. No one cares if Africa happens to benefit from a climate cycle. They are never mentioned. Nor is Bangladesh or southeast Asia. Also, it is assumed that men is the cause. Man has never been the cause of the weather cycles. They simply happen.

Discuss vineyards found in Labrador.

Furthermore; what horrors and waste of collective tax bases worldwide could be used up trying to fix the earth, when, in fact, the ecosystem will do just as it jolly well pleases. No amount of cash can fix this. Also, what it the earth NEEDS these cycles to adjust over the long haul? If we meddle, how might we trash the earth for many years?

Also, the earth fixes itself.

Also, the creation model explains the catastrophic events these people fear so much. It is Noah's flood. What these people are seeing is a small anomaly which will pass easily as the earth rights itself by the various ecological devices God created into it, from sea weed to polar ice.

AND, finally, so what? Discuss the benefits of global warming. Instead of the alleged terrorist and war events, the Third World might surge ahead and prosper as rainfall increases and makes them the food basket of the world. Would it be so bad to see Europe down in Ethiopia, Kenya, Bangladesh, and Angola with their hat in their hand begging bread? Hmmmmm

AND, discuss the USA and dry years. What might our status be in the world AFTER such an alleged event? The USA might be very secure.

Why did the US Military and the Pentagon get into the Global Warming scam? Answer: A whole new line of military equipment can be justified now. Weapons to fight corn thieves and oil horders, etc. And, the Military will need a whole new personel contingent of soldiers trained to handle global warming issues and battles for mutton tallow etc. This will give a whole new meaning to the terror allert and Homeland Security. A whole new layer of beaurocracy can be added. We will need to watch for vegie thieves and fertilizer horders. The old green, yellow, orange, and red allert system will be replaced with bread, cabbages, milk, eggs, and peanut butter. When you see "peanut butter allert," you will know that the world is about to come to an end.

My Modest Proposal for Global Warming:




Wednesday March 3, 11:40 PM Insurer warns of global warming catastrophe

By Thomas Atkins

"There is a danger that human intervention will accelerate and intensify natural climate changes to such a point that it will become impossible to adapt our socio-economic systems in time," Swiss Re said in the report.

"The human race can lead itself into this climatic catastrophe -- or it can avert it."

The report comes as a growing number of policy experts warn that the environment is emerging as the security threat of the 21st century, eclipsing terrorism.

Scientists expect global warming to trigger increasingly frequent and violent storms, heat waves, flooding, tornadoes, and cyclones while other areas slip into cold or drought.

"Sea levels will continue to rise, glaciers retreat and snow cover decline," the insurer wrote.

EXPONENTIAL RISE Losses to insurers from environmental events have risen exponentially over the past 30 years, and are expected to rise even more rapidly still, said Swiss Re climate expert Pamela Heck.

"Scientists tell us that certain extreme events are going to increase in intensity and frequency in the future," Heck told Reuters by telephone. "Climate change is very much in the mind of the insurance industry."

Over the past century, the average global temperature has increased by 0.6 degrees Centigrade, the largest rise for the northern hemisphere in the past 1,000 years, Swiss Re said.

In the short- and medium-term, simply knowing that the planet is warming will allow society to adapt, for example, through infrastructure to cope with more-frequent floods or by instructing farmers to use drought-resistant cereals.

In other cases, governments need to restrict risk-taking, such as approving housing developments in low-lying areas, and improve catastrophe management capabilities.

In the long term, Swiss Re said, greenhouse gases widely thought to trigger global warming will need to be reduced, the use of fossil fuels cut and new energy technologies developed.

"The role of the insurance industry is through establishing risk adequate tariffs and to give the risk taker the opportunity to implement appropriate measures to reduce the chance of possible losses," Heck said.