Clearing the Air

By Steve Van Nattan, Balaam's Ass Speaks

What is Kwanzaa?  This holiday in the USA is a mystery to many Gringos and Whites, and that is just the way the elite Liberal socialist Blacks want it.  Since rational Black Americans are now in the majority of the Black community, I think we need to call for sanity on their behalf and ours (White Americans).

First, let us see the origin of the word Kwanzaa.

Swahili-  Kwanzaa = First

This word is not associated with holidays or big events in East Africa, especially in Kenya, where "African American" leading lights now claim they are finding their "roots."  That is very interesting because not one African slave was ever dragged around the Horn of South Africa to be sold in Alabama.  ALL East African slaves, where Swahili has been spoken, were taken to the Arab world or further east.  The slaves of the USA were brought here from West Africa where the word Kwanzaa is not known in ANY form.  I do not know the word for "first" in Hausa (Nigeria), but that would be the right word to use.  The animation at the right was taken from a Kwanzaa Web site, and it is a riot.  Several of the Swahili words are NOT concepts in the minds of modern Kenyans, and one is clearly a cast off from Tanzania'a failed experiment with collective socialism.  These notions are anti-American and stink of communist infiltration of the civil rights movement.  Ho hum--  How boring.

The creators of Kwanzaa are basically illiterate of Swahili.  I think they were had by some African Student who thought it would be fun to do a number on Black Americans.  If this is a result of Black academics, someone would go back to kindergarten and start over please.  I took this list of words with the explanation of the Kwanzaa feast from a Web page.  My comments are in red:


When preparing for this special evening, special items, or symbols, are necessary. There are seven symbols. These items should be displayed as part of the Kwanzaa Karamu (feast):

1) Mazao (fruit and vegetables)--  NO!  This word is the plural of births and has NOTHING to do with fruit.  A better word would be Matunda na Mboga

2) Mkeka (place mat)--  NO!  This is exclusively a sleeping mat and would not be used on a feasting table.  A possible alternative for eating might be Kitanga which is used in markets to lay out food.

3) Kinara (candle holder for seven candles)--  NO!  This is a small embroidered work done on a native dress or kanzu, and the word is Hindi in origin.  When rarely applied to a candle it has to do with ornamentation rather than utility.

4) Vibunzi (ears of corn reflective of the number of children in the home)--  HELP!!  This is the corn cob AFTER it has been stripped of the corn.  This is a sign of trash and refuse, only used in the fire.  A better word would be Mahindi.

5) Zawadi (gifts - usually for the children)--  Hey, they got one right :-)

6) Kikombe Cha Umoja (community cup)--  Another one is right.  This finds its origin in the Christian Communion service called the Lord's Supper in which nearly all African churches pass one cup to all communicants.  How thoughtful of the Kwanzaa folks to include a Christian concept.

7) Mishumaa Saba (the seven candles)--  Spelled wrong.  Should be Mshumaa.  Mishuma would probably be a kind of wild cat.

This display of ignorance shows how futile it is to go back to Africa for one's culture.

I say, "Umeongeza chumvi, Rafiki."

It is no great blessing to Kenyans, or any of the people of Africa's east coast, to be dragged into "African American" politico-nonsense.  Kenyans and Tanzanians have had their independence since the early 60s, and they have no axe to grind with Whites.  Indeed, there are a number of Whites who opted to become citizens of Kenya and Tanzania, and African nations want to BURY the race issue as quickly as possible.  The holidays of African countries are not based on Black identity.  They are based in old fashioned national loyalty, a trait being systematically destroyed by Jesse Jackson and Farrakhan.

This brings up another issue.  Our holidays in the USA are generally based on national zeal.  Christmas could be said to be the exception, but since going in debt via the small plastic card is considered a patriotic act, the possibility of Jesus Christ coming into the Christmas picture in now trivial in the extreme.  Kwanzaa is NOT a national holiday.  It is an invention of the same people who have given us the NAACP, Dr. Martin Luther Con-man King Jr, and corrupt city government in Washington DC, Chicago, and Detroit.

 I pause to note that the crook Coleman Young DID do a lot of good for Detroit, and he made arrangements whereby Whites could work in Detroit and not feel forced into political corners.  In that regard, Young was worlds ahead of the scum in Washington DC and Chicago.  Mayor Bradley was also a man of honor, but I note that he steered clear of the national Black politics as much as possible.

Hard working Black politicians and Middle class Blacks never asked for Kwanzaa, nor are they impressed as I can tell from remarks I have heard.  Kwanzaa is a hybrid, and it is a slap in the face of White Americans.  If Whites were to set in place a holiday called, let's say, "White Pride Day," what do you suppose the NAACP and the ACLU would say about that?  How about "Eerste"?  That is "first" in Dutch.  Us Hollanders would be laughed off the porch.  Well, I think it is time to laugh at "Kwanzaa."

Kwanzaa seems to be the invention of a Muslim Black of unknown origin named Dr. Maulana Karenga.  Maulana is a Muslim name meaning Lord or God.  He used the pillar concept of Islam and made seven pillars (Nguzo Saba) for Black Americans.  These pillars are clearly self-worshipping, racist, and aimed at making a Black nation within US society which intentionally excludes Whites.  If you follow these pillars, you have NO right to pick up another welfare check which a White paid taxes for.

1.  Unity in the family, community, nation, and race.

2.  Self-determination--  Define, name, create, and speak for ourselves.

3.  Collective Work & Responsibility--  Building and maintaining our community by solving problems together.

4.  Cooperative Economics Self-sufficiency.  Nation-building.  Developing businesses, shops, stores enterprises.  Working for self, family, and community. Improving our economic competitiveness.

6.  Purpose--  Develop our communities toward greatness. Stand for principles, beliefs, and values.

7.  Creativity--  Leave our communities more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it. Be young, gifted, and black.

8.  Faith--  Believe in self, our people, parents, teachers, leaders, our struggle, and ability to achieve.

So Kwanzaa is based on youthful racist Black zeal.  It centers on self and Black values only.  Its nationhood is exclusively Black.  It is only progressing when there is struggle, which Carl Marx would applaud.  And, it is a form of socialist collectivism.  Black America, is this what you want your kids to learn?

You must have also noted how God and Christian heritage is laundered out and self-worship is the end objective of Kwanzaa.  This is blasphemy for any true Christian Black, and Kwanzaa becomes New Ageism for Blacks.

Kwanzaa is the most far-fetched notion yet to come from Jesse Jackson's spoiled brats and silver spoon league.  I want to know what ever happened to Harriet Tubman or Dr. Howard?  Do Blacks remember George Washington Carver?  There must be a hundred candidates for a holiday better than Kwanzaa and Commie King.  When will patriotic Blacks raise their voices and trash this corrupt elite at the NAACP?  They live lush lives and chase every woman other than the wife God gave them.  Andrew Young said that when his wife died after a long illness, he decided to take a trip and get away from things for a while.  He said that everywhere he went, slick Black Whores were provided for him by the Black elite.  This included the African nations.  They assumed Andrew Young was a womanizer like Ted Kennedy and Jesse Jackson.  What a mindless slap in the face of a man who loved his wife.  These be your heroes Black America??????  I hope one day that you will ask for better, for they are out there, past and present.

The illustration I got of Kwanzaa is from a US Postal First Day Cover.  I see a Menorah is included.  Candles are NOT a symbol of anything in the whole Bantu race of Africa.  They ARE an Old Testament Jewish image.  Do you not see how silly this thing is?  It has NOTHING to do with Africa.  It is a device to draw red blooded Black Americans away from motherhood, apple pie, and the love of God and country (well, maybe we should add possum and sweet tatters).  Kwanzaa is an effort by some scummy elite to destroy Black American zeal for the nation God gave them.

I really would like to see Jesse Jackson go live in Kenya for a couple of years.  He would come running home calling for his social security check real fast.  When I lived in Kenya and Ethiopia, I met a number of US Blacks who went to Africa to find their roots.  As soon as we would meet on the street they would almost grab me and hug me.  They were Americans, and a couple of weeks in Africa made them desperate to meet an American.  People are funny aren't they.  Well, I had the privilege of pointing a number of them away from the silly roots thing, and I helped them convert to be tourists and enjoy their visit a lot more.  "Home" in Georgia looks pretty good from Harambe Street in Nairobi after you have just been mugged by your dear "brother" in the jungle-- the jungle of Fiats and Datsuns trying to run you down.

Well, folks, have your Kwanzaa.  If it makes the week end go better in some way, I suppose that is useful.  But, let's stop playing this game like we belong somewhere else.  You are here, and there is nothing left to prove.  The only Whites left, who are going to make any trouble for you Blacks, are the very sleeze of American society.  Stop strutting past them with these new inventions.  You are playing to the peanut gallery, and it is a waste of time.

I have a suggestion.  I know I am nobody really, but I DO have some qualifications I think.  Let us discuss a holiday which really makes a point of being a BLACK American instead of being an alleged AFRICAN American.  You are NOT Africans.  You have absolutely nothing to look back to in Africa, just as I have nothing to look back to in the Netherlands.  I visited Amsterdam to see if I could work up some hubris and a roots feeling.  I was revolted at the moral state of the Netherlands.  What a depressing muddle of silly space cadets.  They have no sense of morality, and all their churches were closed.  The smoked eel was good, but the people are brain dead.

I say we need a Black American day-  call it "Lasses," as in Molasses.  Stop begging for benefits, and give White Americans a hand out.  That would delight mature White Americans and charm them, and the red necks would have to bolt the door and hide.  Indeed, some of those red necks might even be won over if they had a mess of those exceptional ribs and mustard greens.  Why "Lasses?"  Molasses is dark to start with.  Furthermore, Molasses is a southern item mainly.   And it talks of southern cooking and good times.  

"I have a dream" too.  I see Black folks all over America going to the street in mid October.  The harvest is in, and the sweet tatters are dry.  Downtown America would find streets simmering with Bar-B-Ques.  Maybe for just one day the police in Detroit, Chicago, and New York could keep the streets safe, and Blacks would cook up a mess of southern goodies.  For cost, these could be sold to everyone.  Whites would be invited to help cook and serve, and Whites would be personally encouraged to join in the revelry.  Black school kids would make invitation cards and send them to White kids.  Booze would be banned, and Gospel singing would be on all street corners.  Every Black church in every city would be expected to send a choir to take a turn singing in the parks and on the malls.  Whites would be recruited to join the choirs as the day progressed.  

This could be a great alternative to the insanity of greed and shopping at Christmas.  Speeches should be made all day long, and, assuming this holiday is on Friday, the whole weekend could be given over to Lasses sings, Lasses Sunday, Lasses bake off contest-- the Mayor would be the judge of the Lasses cookies.  Whites and Blacks would be encouraged to visit each other and trade Lasses treats on Sunday afternoon.

Then in May us Whites could have a day and "return the favor."  Wouldn't that be a riot?  Us White folks could call it "May Feast."  We could cook all kinds of  Anglo food, and we'd invite Black folks to join us in the park and in community buildings.  We'd have Gospel singing and Blue Grass bands.  White kids would send hand made invitation cards to Black kids.  We'd have Blacks helping us cook and serve, and we'd send pies and cakes back and forth.  We could even have a parade-- sort of a walk and talk thing-- very informal.  Blacks and Whites would come out as families and carry flowers and decorations and good will messages on big cards.  There would be a weird hat contest for the ladies, and weird Willy could be the judge.  Choirs from all churches would walk and sing in the parade.

Life is so short, and the serious moments are best enjoyed when there isn't a politician within five miles.  We don't need this confessional paranoia of Promise Keepers.  We don't need to dig up the past and remember our foolish moments.  We don't need this political frenzy of the NAACP.  We need to sit on the porch and trade coon hunting stories.  We need to get out the horse shoes and start pitching.  We need to hear a yarn from some old Black fellow who remembers how they used to jug fish on the Missouri River.  We need to learn how some old White boy went "noodling" for channel cats.  Our kids need to hear how long ago they used to have to back up hills in Model T Fords because they had more power in reverse.  Kwanzaa offers nothing to pull us together friends.  We need a day to find each other in peace and easy friendliness.

I don't mind if a politician makes a speech once in a while.  It would give him something to do between taking bribes from the Chinese ambassador and chasing the pages in the basement.  But what will bless Blacks and Whites in the USA is to let down their hair and eat a drumstick of fried chicken together.  Chitterlings anyone?  Shoo-fly pie?  Pass those potato rolls please.  Anybody know where the red eye gravy is?  I dropped my spoon, can you pass me a clean one please Buford?  How's your grandma doing since the operation?

Can I get a witness?

We'll let Jimme Cawta supervise the Bar-B-Que.

I'll bring the Habanero hot sauce.

Guest of Honor-- General Colin Powell.

Lock Al GORE in the janitor's closet.