By Steve Van Nattan, Editor of Balaam's Ass Speaks 

Two men have been quite heroic in the AIDS epidemic, but they have also virtually dropped from sight.  They are among a number of MIAs who have disappeared for their own reasons.

FIRST, Dr. James I. Slaff.  This man was at the National Institute of Health in 1985 when he wrote a book, The AIDS Epidemic, Warner Books.  The book came and went rather quickly.  Why?  NOT because his predictions and warnings were wrong.  Rather; Dr. Slaff was rejected because his predictions and precautions were right on target.  Dr. Everett Koop, one of America's most infamous wimps, and the Center of Disease Control, were under the strong hand of the President and the higher powers of the One World Community.  Koop and the CDC had two objectives.  One, defuse all concern for AIDS by the American people so as to avoid panic.  Two, give the axe to any official or semi-official men who spoke the truth.

Thus, Dr. Slaff was obliterated.  I called the Nat. Inst. of Health about three months after Slaff's book was released in 1985, and they denied they ever knew him.  It is a war folks, and some heads have rolled.  I trust Dr. Slaff can read this.  Sir, we salute you for telling the truth.  You have free space here any time you want it.

SECOND, Ed Rowe is missing in action.  Ed put together a sharp journal on the AIDS epidemic during the late 1980s, and he was working from a standpoint of born again Christian zeal AND compassion.  He visited AIDS patients in the hospitals to give them the Gospel and encouragement.  But, Ed made a real mistake in regard to survival-- he told the truth about AIDS and about the sodomite community's mindless obstruction  of the facts.

Ed Rowe is gone, and none of his friends know where he is.  Ed Rowe, if you are still there-- If the sodomites did not kill your by infecting you-- we salute you and call you back to write for us anonymously if you like.  God bless you brother.

There are numerous researchers whom we have talked to, who have survived professionally because they published more prudently and never got near a microphone.  They continue to do good work, and we hope they can be heard one day.  We would not expose them without their permission.

CASUALTIES:  We should also note two men who were killed in the line of duty.  First is Dr. Bob Strecker's brother, and second is a State Legislator from Illinois.  These two men were going to tell the Illinois State Legislature how the United Nations World Health Organization had ordered and distributed AIDS laced smallpox vaccine to Africa.  They were also going to tell who presided over the process for the US Research center at Fort Detrick Maryland and who masterminded the UN connection.  I have evidence that it had to do with a US diplomatic official in the United Nations during the process which went from 1972-74.  The best that can be said is that it was a great cosmic accident.  The worst-- murder.  Did you ever wonder why politicians go off and roar at the Bohemian grove in California?  Answer:  They need to forget some things.

The night before the Illinois State Legislature was to hear this report, Mr. Strecker committed suicide, and the State Rep. died of an overdose of drugs.  This seems to be one of the complications of telling the truth about AIDS.  Mr. Foster also suffered the same complication not too long ago, but in regard to opening too many financial books for public view.  Foster slit his throat, bled to death, and then walked to the park to be found.

For my sake, would readers please cut and paste this item as much as possible.  Once it flies, I am much safer.  Also, don't send questions since there is really not much more to tell.  Dr. Strecker MD has published a video on the subject which goes right up to the point of telling "who done it," then stops.  It is a great video on the subject of AIDS.  Order the video named, The Strecker Memorandum from:  The Strecker Group, 1216 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA  90017, USA.  

Do not ask Dr. Strecker questions about the above comments.  The doctor has a right to choose to live.  He will not talk about it.  Neither he nor Dr. Nachman, his assistant, have as yet committed suicide.  They stopped one item short of telling the whole story.  If you know who was US ambassador to the United Nations during the era on the video, you can figure it out the end of the story for yourself.  This is one story Paul Harvey won't finish for you.

African readers must understand that there are those in high places in this world who want you dead.  They have decided to reduce the population of Africa to a fraction of its present number.  Why?  Answer:  To eliminate the hungry and the poor.  Those who survive will be made into a middle class herd of hard working cattle who will provide the raw materials and a large market for the world elite.  African politicians have no doubt been bribed to keep quiet about this process.  

What is your recourse?  Not violence.  Play their game.  DO NOT get into sexual sin, use Detol, and do not visit public places and eat in restaurants.  Avoid latrines other than your own, and kill all insect pests in your home.  Do not sleep in hotels.  Better to sleep under a tree.  After the worst is over, the world elite will probably release an AIDS cure they already have, and you will be chosen to be part of the "New Africa."

This is a game with high stakes, but one man who talks, like President Moi, could save millions of Africans from a horrible death.  The West has no right to expect Africa to roll over and die for the sake of a good profit.   I trust President Moi's holding back of the drug Kemron is not due to bribes offered by the world elite.  

Open letter to President Moi of Kenya-- Dear President Moi:  All over the world, sir, people are dying of AIDS.  If you have withdrawn this drug, Kemron, at the request of the US government, you have unwittingly become a traitor to Africa and the whole world.  Perhaps you did not know that someone WANTS Africans dead.  Please look into it, sir.  If your drug Kemron works, do the more noble thing.  Release it to the dying world.  You claim to be a true Christian, and I know you studied the Bible in your school days at Kabarnet.  The Bible says in Romans 12:17,  "Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things honest in the sight of all men."  You do not have to seek revenge.  God will do that.  But, sir, you can "provide things honest" so that this death of AIDS might be stopped.  I plead with you to put Africans first.  This attack on Africa by Western elite is nothing but the final act in world wide neo-colonialism.  If you pursue this matter, sir, please do enlarge security around yourself.  Some Western leaders will resist you mightily.