By Steve Van Nattan-- Editor:  Balaam's Ass Speaks

Due to the schizophrenia we find in the Reconstructionist and Dominion disciplines, it seemed to me that an alternative would be in order.  Speaking of order, as in New World Order, the Reconstructionists need the NWO worse than anyone else.  If they are going to get this world ready for Jesus Christ to return and rule, they cannot have thousands of nations and tribes running loose.  They need a unified system and a central control point.  We might charitably assume that they have thought this out, but my experience shows me otherwise.  Reconstructionists cannot get along with each other worth two cents. They will not then be able to unify any group of people either.

So I have come up with an analysis of our present culture in the USA, and I have assumed that Reconstructionism was aborted and still born from day one.  The result is a return to old fashioned Bible based notions, and this is NOT a patriotic discussion.  If you like to wave the Amerakaner flag, and you think abortion is OK, you ought to exit here at once.  The alternative is to have a couple of Nitroglycerin tablets handy.

It is unavoidable that there shall be some overlap between subjects.  Also, I am not interested in liberalizing this manifesto at all, but if you see an area that needs to be made more strict and enlarged, please send E-Mail.

The following plan for a nation "under God" is based upon the assumption that the USA will dissolve into a number of smaller nations in the coming years as people get fed up with the monster in Washington DC.  The United States government is rapidly approaching political and bureaucratic gridlock.  I trust you are not brain dead and have noticed this.  So a plan would be in order BEFORE states begin to succeed into individual nationhood.  This plan will work best with a nation about the size of Arizona or Nebraska.  Thus:


How much?:  The total government employment shall not exceed 1% of the total national population.  The government shall not be exalted as a profession.  It shall be a servant to the citizens, and terms and employment shall be held as strictly temporary.  Only office staff, soldiers, and High Court judges may be found in the government as a life calling.

Taxation: All revenues needed in running the nation shall be collected in the commercial activity of the nation at the point of sale only.  No other tolls, fees, or taxes may be levied against the citizens by ANY governing body.  The taxes shall be apportioned as follows:

For national government functions and defense-- 10%

For local city and rural governments and infrastructure-- 80%  Once a year, a convention shall convene, made up of the mayors of each city, one random delegate from each city, all ranchers and farmers (who are registered to vote and can read) who wish to attend, and one pastor or rabbi from each city in the nation.  They shall work out, in any way they wish, a process to determine how to distribute the 80% of the tax base assigned to them.  A four fifths majority vote of all the above delegates shall be required to pass the final budget.  Any merchant, foreigner, or citizen caught lobbying these delegates shall be put in stocks for a maximum term. Any delegate above found to take bribes and favors shall be stripped of his citizenship and deported.

For welfare of handicapped citizens--  10%  A handicapped citizen shall be specified by a committee of the local Municipal Court judge in residence, 5 pastors or rabbis local to the citizen, and 5 merchants from the area in question.  A two thirds majority of these is required for a citizen to be ruled "handicapped."  This decision shall be reviewed every five years to determine if the condition maintains.  

Money:  Money shall consist of paper and coin tender.  It shall be based on one for one real value on a basket of metal to include gold, silver, and other precious metals.  This basket of metal shall be vested and guarded in the jurisdiction of the National Government. It may be added to but shall never be sold of disposed of for ANY reason.  It shall be guarded by National soldiers.  Anyone convicted of tampering with the basket of metal shall be hung on main street next Saturday.

The government shall not mint any coin or tender based on credit or debt.  Any official participating in such a scam will be hanged on main street next Saturday.  NO citizen is exempt from this penalty.

Banks, Savings and Loans, and money managing institutions:  Banks shall not be regulated, insured, or subsidized by the National Government.  They shall collect 20% tax for the National Tax Fund on all value added on all deposits.  Local Municipal Court city jurisdictions shall regulate banking as they see fit. 

Land:  All land shall be open to private ownership.  Municipal, city , and National agencies which find themselves in possession of land shall divest themselves of it at auction within 90 days.  Three notices shall be given in local media prior to auction.  No limit shall be made on ranch and farm land ownership.  Land will NEVER be taxed by anyone.

Regulation of life:  The National government shall make no regulations regarding the citizen which are not clearly spelled out in this document.  That task shall be the calling of the Municipal Courts and citizens themselves.

Health: There shall be no national health care program.  Doctors who over-charge will be driven out of business by the citizens.  All health insurance will be provided by the public sector.  Those who need health treatment for which they cannot pay may appeal to the National Tax Fund Handicap fund for assistance.  No hospital may turn away a patient in dire need of treatment. They may join the patient later in seeking assistance from the National Tax Fund to get their fees.  No guarantees are implied from the tax base where hospitals and doctors gouge and inflate costs.  The National tax Fund has authority, by Municipal Court warrant, to ask local police to investigate such cases.

Commerce:  Incorporation shall be optional and shall be managed by city government.  All merchants shall be required to collect 20% flat tax, and they shall pass all of it on to the National Tax Fund.  Any merchant failing to perform this duty shall lose his citizenship and be deported. Tax fraud shall not be tolerated EVER.  It is a High Court offense.  Disbursement of taxes is covered elsewhere.

No other regulation of commerce shall be permitted Nationwide by any jurisdiction.  Zone structuring of property by city government shall not exist in the nation.

Transportation:  Transportation on a national level shall consist of not more than 10% of the total road system, and shall be financed totally by the flat tax only.  Tolls can be added for visitors to the nation, but NO clever tax tricks can be added EVER against the citizens.

Local transportation shall be conducted by the cities and towns.  Feeder roads will be divided up to each town by agreement between the towns and cities in the way they choose.  Ranch and rural roads shall be the responsibility of the ranchers as they determine among themselves.  Order shall be maintained on local roads and ranch roads by the local police only.

A national office of Air Transport shall be installed for the sole purpose of safety checks on public transport, including aircraft, traffic control, and employee security.

National Employees:  

National employees shall consist of only 1% of the total population.  If this level is reached, oldest tenured employees shall be terminated to maintain the required level.  If you want to keep your job, keep government small.  There shall be only Nine categories of national employees.

NO national employee is exempt or privileged from prosecution if he is found worthy of prosecution.  The prosecutor of the President and Vice President shall be the Senate.  All other citizens come under the jurisdiction of the High and Municipal courts. 

1.  President- Elected for one term of six years.  Minimum age:  45.  Duties-  Move among the people taking note of life in the nation. Report back to the Senate regularly.  Suggest legislation to the Senate as he sees fit.  Promote good taste in art, ethics, and culture.  Visit other nations creating good will and commerce for the nation.  Appoint roving ambassadors to represent himself in his job to other nations.  Pay:  Average of 100 physicians nationwide as selected by the National Tax Fund at random- and doubled.  Expense account up to half his salary.  

2.  Vice-President- Elected for one term of six years. Minimum age:  40. Duties-  Chair the Senate and represent his constituency in the Senate.  No other job for him.  He will take the presidency if the President dies or goes insane.  Pay:  Same as a senator.  

3.  Senators- Elected for one term of 3 years.  Minimum age- 50. Duties-  Discuss and pass legislation by a two thirds majority.  Convey citizen problems to the National Government as needed.  Pay:  Average of 100 physicians nationwide as selected by the National Tax Fund at random plus 20%.  

4.  High Court judges-  Elected for life. Minimum age- 60.  Prior experience at law- 18.  Duties-  Judge cases at law.  Stay out of country clubs and lobby situations.  Pay:  Average of all Municipal Court judges salary plus 20% 

5.  Office help-  Hired by the National Tax Fund at average national salary for their job plus 20%.  

6.  Soldiers- (who come under the 1% rule)-  Under the total jurisdiction of the senate.  Hired by the National Tax Fund.  Qualifications:  Minimum 25 years of age.  No criminal record. Fully employed when they "sign up."  Pay:  Same as an average of 300 randomly chosen bus and truck drivers.  Health insurance and lodging provided.  Pension for 10 years after retirement.  Duties:  Guard the Presidential offices and the Senate.  Guard borders and repel foreign attacks.  Stay out of public affairs.  There will be only one corp of military covering all defense of land, sea, and air. 


Generals-  Two.  

Colonels-  10.  

Captains-  200.  

NCOs-  All the rest  

7.  Ambassadors- Designated by the President.  Hired by the National Tax Fund.  Minimum age:  55. Prior experience:  15 years in business without bankruptcy or criminal offense.  Pay:  Same as senators plus 10%.  

8.  Transportation employees-  Hired by the National Tax Fund.  Pay: Average of private sectors employees of same work.  

9.  Border and Tariff Guards-  Hired by the National Tax Fund.  Pay:  Similar to No. 8.

There shall be NO police of a national nature, including NO spying or supervisory organizations for either watching and regulating national citizens or for infiltrating neighboring nations.


All citizens of 21 years age and above must register with a Registrar of Voters designated by the Municipal Court.  Each voter must provide proof of citizenship in the form of a tax receipt or a certificate of church or synagogue membership.  He must be able to read any Psalm in the King James Bible assigned to him.  He must not ever have been convicted of a High Court criminal offense.  No voter shall be required to provide "party" or any other preference. 



There shall be a Flat Tax of 20% everywhere in the nation by every citizen when levied by any merchant on behalf of the government.  There shall be NO deductions, and there shall be refunds paid ONLY to those working the land in rural areas.  Churches shall NOT ever be subsidized by the government for the giving of their members.  

Any citizen leaving the nation owing the government ANYTHING shall pay it all up before returning to the nation.  Lapse of this for more than 10 years shall result in a High Court ruling of lost citizenship.  The Court must give three notices over one year prior to such a final decision.

The National Tax Fund will receive all tax funds by mail.  They will keep their "cut" for running national affairs, and the rest will be  sent to the office of the Tax Convention which meets to disburse tax funds to local agencies.  This is spelled out elsewhere.

Any National Tax Fund employee convicted in High Court of tax fraud in his own interest or that of any other National employee will be hanged on main street next Saturday. 

Minimum Wage:

Whatever the market can handle.  If you don't like it, get another job.  Labor unions shall be criminally considered.  Those guilty of "organizing" labor against any employer shall be deported from the nation by the High Court.


Treaties and International issues:  There will be no treaties made by this nation with anyone in or outside of the nation.  This includes Indians.  Indians will be part of the nation in every sense as anyone one else.

War:  When and Why?  War will be declared against anyone crossing the border of the nation to do it harm.  Joint war efforts with other nations FOR ANY REASON are strictly forbidden without a national citizen's vote, which must pass by two thirds majority.  No "what if" votes will be tolerated.

Arms:  Arms must be contracted through the National Tax Fund.  They cannot be funded other than by the National Tax budget.  Old arms will be destroyed, NOT sold or given to other nations.

Tariffs and Trade

Export of money:  Any citizen caught exporting money in the value of 300% of his annual income shall be stripped of his citizenship for life and deported at once.  No appeal.

Tax Incentives to Produce at Home:  Commercial and industrial entities who use 100% national employment and materials shall receive 15% of their total flat tax collections back from the National Tax Fund on an annual basis.

Tax Imports and Pay Unemployment:  All merchants importing goods and services from any other nation shall charge the importer 20% tariff.  This tariff shall be passed on to the government and shall be used to pay unemployment payments to any employees who can prove to their local Municipal Court judge that they lost their job due to importation of goods from other nations.  These payments shall be supplied, upon Municipal Court approval, by the National Tax Office at a rate of 100% of the employees last paycheck and for no more than 6 months term.  This can only be accomplished by any one citizen twice in his lifetime.  No other reason shall be approved for unemployment payments.

Any foreign merchant or government, convicted in the High Court of this nation, smuggling goods into this nation shall be fined 300% of the value of the goods in order to maintain normal diplomatic relations.  No limit will be allowed on this fine.

National Considerations

National Identity:  The nation shall have NO association with any other nation except to keep neighborly relations.  Any attempt by another nation  to infiltrate this nation for ANY reason shall be considered an act of war.  This nation shall abide by the same standard to all of its neighbors.

Treaties:  The nation shall make NO treaties with any nation EVER.

Cities:  No single city shall exceed 20% of the total population.  When one of the the cities reaches such a state of affairs, within 90 days, there shall be a convention of all of the mayors and city councils of all of the cities of the nation.  They shall not be allowed to return home until they have dismantled the offending city so that it consists of several smaller cities.

Those living in rural unincorporated areas of the nation shall be given a tax refund every year of one month's salary, IF their employer can produce proof of their salary, and IF they worked in one job for at least 3 months.  Ranchers and farmers shall receive a flat tax refund in the value of 10% of the nearest Municipal Court judge's salary. 

Transportation:  Transportation costs shall ALL come from the flat tax.  No levies may be added.  No tolls may be charged citizens of the nation, but tolls may be charged all visitors to the nation.  Vehicle registration shall consist of a sales receipt of a motor vehicle, signed by the seller.  Those forging such documents, upon conviction, shall be required to serve time in stocks or forfeit their vehicle to the nearest church.

See regulation of air transport elsewhere.


Art:  All art not easily identifiable shall be liable for time in stocks by the creator.  All art of a pornographic sort shall result in trial in the courts as mentioned elsewhere.  There shall be no art houses other than sales stores and private homes.

Music:  Music shall be limited to classical music from 1700 or earlier, AND religious hymns.  Anyone finding music of a sexually explicit nature shall report it to the nearest Municipal Court.  If convicted, the owner and the producer shall be taken to the stocks.  Second time offenders shall lose their citizenship and be deported.  

Media:  There will be one radio station permitted for every 5 newspapers in any Municipal Court jurisdiction.  There will be five TV stations for the nation.  There can be unlimited cable connections to homes, but ethics and cultural laws apply in all media.  The President of the nation and the Senate shall make all the laws they chose to regulate and maintain quality in radio and TV media. Newspapers shall be totally unregulated except as they may offend in civil and ethical situations.  Offenses by newspapers shall be the jurisdiction of any two pastors or rabbis and the Municipal Court.

Education:  All education will be provided by private institutions or by local government jurisdictions.  Diplomas will be totally un-regulated at the national level.  Caveat Emptor.  The national Tax Fund will provide no funds for education.  All local cities or jurisdictions are free to use their share of the tax base to fund education as they see fit.

Sports tax:  All sports events tickets and fees shall be subject to a 50% tax charge.  40% of this shall be considered flat tax, and the rest added to the National Tax Fund for the handicapped.

Amusement tax:  All amusement and theme parks which charge fees and tickets shall observe the above tax charges with the same disbursement by the National Tax Fund.

Abortion:  Any woman causing her unborn child to die on purpose, and anyone helping her to do this, shall be, upon conviction, hanged on main street the next Saturday morning.

Beer, tobacco, and drugs

Beer and alcohol:  Anyone may produce his own beverages.  Anyone caught selling or transporting alcoholic beverages for profit or for his friends or neighbors, shall be required to work for 6 years in farms and ranches at subsistence pay.  No exceptions to this rule.  All alcohol found in transit into the nation from neighboring nations will be destroyed and the broken glass bottles presented to the ambassador of the offending neighbor on his front doorstep.

Tobacco:  Any citizen may raise tobacco and use it.  If he does so, he shall forfeit all possible unemployment and handicap benefits for life.Anyone found raising tobacco for sale or gift to anyone, shall be required to work 6 years in a hospital at subsistence pay.

Drugs and narcotics:  Anyone caught producing, selling, trafficing in any non-pharmaceutical drug other than the above two shall be stripped of his citizenship and deported at once.  Alternative-- hanging on main street next Saturday.


Plurality:  There shall be allowed a plurality of Christian and Jewish religion.  All others are rejected nationally, and those wishing to worship otherwise are welcome to leave the nation temporarily of permanently to do so.  Those trying to gather alien religious groups, including witches and Satanists, will be subjected to stocks on main street.  Public worship shall be allowed on all public streets, parks, and accesses, but access shall not be blocked.

Symbols and Public religion:  All citizens may display any of the symbols of the approved religions of the nation on their private property--  nowhere else.   They may also wear their religious symbols (under 6 feet long) as they see fit anywhere.

Churches and Synagogues:  These shall not be incorporated in any way.  They shall not be taxed, they shall not be entered by any governing agency for any investigation EVER.  They shall not be funded, tax exempted, or assisted by the National Tax Fund in any way.  They shall collect Flat Tax as any other citizen for all sales and collections for services rendered.  Only that which enters their offering plates and voluntary collection boxes shall not be subject to Flat Tax.  Churches may own land by title for only the purpose of a meeting house, day schools and child care, and residence for their spiritual staff.


Public:  Any citizen who hinders or abridges the safety and activity of any other citizen, and / or his family, in his jurisdiction is subject to criminal charges in his Municipal Court.  This will be determined by civil suit first.  Once convicted, restitution shall be made to the plaintiff.  After this a case of further jeopardy shall be issued by the court as a criminal offense.  Appeal can be made to the High Court when approved by a one day jury of 5 people of the defendant's jurisdiction as chosen by the Court.  

Public land:  This shall consist of not more than 10% of the total of any given Municipal Court jurisdiction.  It shall be administered by a committee of 10 merchants, 10 farmers or ranchers, and 10 pastors or rabbis.  The Municipal Court judge shall receive their report not less than once every 6 months.  Tax money shall be assigned to them from the regular tax conventions as approved in that assembly only.

Conservation:  ALL matters of conservation and use of public places (parks and "public land") shall be the sole authority of the Municipal Court and any 20 pastors or rabbis of said jurisdiction.  The national government shall have no say or part in such matters, nor shall the High Court have authority.  The above committee shall have authority through the Municipal Court to levy fines against poaching and abuse as they see fit to make LOCAL ordinance of law for that Municipal jurisdiction only.  Such fines shall be supplied to city officials to feed the poor. 

Private:  All citizens are free to follow any conduct they wish to in the privacy of their own home.  Outside their home, they are subject at ALL times to the common law and code law needs and liberties of other citizens.  Ignorance is no excuse.  Each citizen is responsible to prevent offense against other citizens at all times.

Local codes and laws:  NO law shall be passed simply to regulate the citizens.  The agency passing a law shall have to prove to ONLY the Municipal Court that such a law is needed.  Every law shall then be subjected to voter approval at the next possible voting session for the Municipal jurisdiction.  NO regulation or law can EVER be passed without citizen approval.  Any law which is felt to be a pointless or evil burden may be removed by a two thirds majority at the next voting session.  To get ballot attention, 2% of the voting citizens in a given jurisdiction must sign a petition and hand it to the Municipal Court judge.

 No Municipal jurisdiction need observe the laws of any neighboring jurisdiction, but citizens who travel into other jurisdictions are responsible and libel to obey ALL laws in the host jurisdiction.

Pornography: Anyone found guilty of criminal pornography, including production, distribution, and possession of any picture of a naked man or woman, shall be required to stock shelves in a clothing store for not less than 10 years at minimum wage.

Public display:  Any citizen may at any time be cited for counsel at the Municipal Court for public display of nakedness or Satanic display.  The official designated to cite them is any two Pastors or Rabbis.  Citizens who ignore a first such citation and counsel will be tried and, if convicted, put in stocks in public.


Movement:  The right of movement shall not be infringed by any civil employee.  Offense in this regard shall be tried in Municipal Court and result in time in the stocks.  "Traffic control" shall consist of marking streets and accesses so that the user can better find his way around.  Police shall not intrude in traffic and travel unless there is a corpus delectii.  

Choice of leaders:  All leaders shall be designated and approved by two thirds vote in town meetings called twice a year by the Municipal Court.  National leaders shall be elected by the citizens of the nation in voting sessions once every three years.

Civil Rights and Liberty:  No citizen holds ANY civil right which he cannot claim before a convention of any ten of his neighbors, 10 pastors or rabbis in his area, and his Municipal Court judge in common convention called by the judge.  Anyone calling for a review of his civil rights, who fails to get a favorable ruling, shall be assigned moderate time in stocks.  Appeal may not be made to the High Court of the Nation.

Any citizen can speak anything he wishes in any language he wishes.  English shall be the official language of the nation.  Any citizen offending another citizen verbally, or in terms of advantage or space, is subject only to civil suit as may be determined in ONLY the Municipal Court with usual retribution and restitution consequences.

The national government may not EVER get involved, including the High Court, in "rights" issues.  Special agencies and corporations to guard the "rights" of citizens are strictly forbidden.  Violators shall be stripped of their citizenship and deported.

Race:  Color or racial origin shall not distinguish any citizen for advantage or disadvantage in any way.  Anyone feeling breach of liberty in this way shall follow the Civil Rights complaint method just above.   The governing bodies of the Nation will in NO case make laws favoring or promoting one race or group over another.    

Crime and Punishment

Justice:  There will be no prisons.  Jails will be used as strictly temporary.  Crimes will be paid by one of the following:  1.  Restitution- In either civil or criminal cases.  2.  Public shame, such as the stocks- In either criminal or civil cases.. 3.  Hanging- For major criminal offenses.  These offenses must be passed at the National Senate level. 4.  Stripping of citizenship and deportation-  These offenses must be passed at the National Senate level.  5.  The cane shall be used on queers, perverts, and sex offenders.  6.  Rape-  Castration. No appeal.

Deportation:  The estate of those deported, that which they cannot carry away, shall be sold at auction by the Municipal Court.  Half of the proceeds shall be forwarded to the convicted, and half shall be deposited in the National Handicap fund.

No other choice of payment shall be considered.

World legal bodies:  NO international law, courts, law enforcement agencies, or treaties shall be honored by this nation.

Courts:  There will be two court levels in the nation:

High Court:  This will consist of 15 judges who serve for 7 years.   They will be chosen by vote of the people at regular three year elections as seats are vacated.  They must first pass examination by the combined boards of 20 churches and synagogues.  Each will send 3 delegates from their leadership who are faithful attenders.  Any Judge found and convicted of taken bribes or corrupting law in favor of a defendant in a criminal suit will be hanged on main street next Saturday.  Any criminal or civil defendant convicted of offering bribes will receive the same.  

The Whole court, convened once a year, shall vote themselves a vote of confidence.  If any High Court judge fails to get a 12 judge majority of his fellow judges, he shall be dropped, and the judges shall appoint a Municipal Judge to fill his place until the next election of that particular seat.

Lower Court:  Commonly known as Municipal Courts, every town and village will set in place a Municipal Court of their choice.  This will be done by convening any 5 High Court judges, all local church and synagogue pastors and rabbis of the Municipal jurisdiction, and a randomly chosen jury of 15 registered voters who can read and who have not ever been criminally convicted.  5 of the 15 above must come from rural settings.  The Municipal Judge will be chosen  by a two thirds majority for a term of 12 years, after which he may never serve as judge again in the Municipal jurisdiction, though he may be chosen as a High Court judge.

Appeal can be made against any Municipal Court judge by the citizen voters of his jurisdiction to the High Court.  If this appeal is found favorable in the High Court by a simple majority, the Municipal Court judge will be dismissed at once and serve time in stocks on main street.  If he is not found guilty of misdeeds, all those filing the complaint against him will serve time in stocks on main street or do cleaning outdoors in the jurisdiction in question.

Caveat Emptor:  Liability will rest, in the majority, on the buyer or user of goods and services.  Judges will be free to dismiss all trivial suits out of hand and assign the stocks to nuisance suit plaintiffs.  No bureau of government shall ever exist to determine the safety of quality of goods and services.  Civil suits are welcomed in all such cases in Municipal Courts with stiff terms to be served in stocks by offending merchants.  The CEO of any corporation, together with his whole board of directors, shall be personally liable in all such civil suits.  Incorporation shall not ever be allowed to stand for immunity from justice.

Corpus Delectii:  No one shall EVER be accused and tried without three witnesses and evidence of a physical and tangible sort.  Psychological damage will not exist in the courts.  Psychologists will not exist in the nation.

Civil suits:  Civil suits will be allowed, but the winning side will pay ALL court costs.  Why?  Answer:  Because he can now afford it.  Judges in Municipal Courts shall be diligent to lodge criminal suits against plaintiffs and attornies who indulge in professional and trivial suits, commonly known as "fishing expeditions."

Attorneys:   Attorneys shall be chosen from professional men who are a minimum 45 years old and have been employed without bankruptcy or criminal conviction for minimum 15 years.  Their selection shall be made by the Municipal Court judge and a jury of 20 pastors or rabbis.  Attorneys will be approved for a term of 5 years.  They will then be forbidden to ever serve as attorneys.  Their costs will come from court costs, and their worth per hour shall be half that of a court judge.  Any attorney found playing golf or "eating out" with any court judge will at once be dropped from the profession by the High Court. Such events shall be tried as criminal cases, and the stocks shall be required.  The judge in such a case shall be dismissed at once and an election called.   

Restitution:  Restitution in criminal suits will be made, up to the gross worth of the convicted, to the plaintiff of the offended party.  If that party is the state, the defendant will NOT have to forfeit a farthing.  He will have to work off the debt to society in public works which are easily visible to the public.  Minor offenses can be plea bargained, in which case the convicted will be publicly held in stocks on main street with notice present of his offense.   All civil suits will be resolved by mutual agreement of all parties AFTER the attornies have been dismissed from the court room.  Restitution will be the only solution, not to exceed 3 months salary. Beware:  Sue a beggar, and you get a louse.

Inconvenience:  No cases shall be heard of "inconvenience."  If you don't like some activity, stay home, or get out of the way.  If, however; there is a corpus Delectii, a civil case can be considered.

Sodomites and Sexual Perverts:  All sodomites and perverts, who are convicted of public sodomy OR DISPLAY, shall be whipped with 30 stokes of the cane (1 inch by 30 inches) on main street next Saturday.  Rapists, if convicted in Municipal Courst, shall be castrated.  No appeal.

Divorce:  Divorce is forbidden in the nation.  Be sure you are getting it right when you marry.  Separation will be permitted by Municipal Court, after a civil hearing, ruled by the judge and two religious ministers (not to include the one who "married" them).  Separation will be permitted for a term of one year, after which the two parties must again live together, or both shall leave the nation until one dies.  Thus, children in this Nation will have the same Mommy and Daddy who gave birth to them.  Criminal conviction is not grounds for divorce, except hanging of course.

Adultery and Fornication (Heterosexual):   These matters shall not be heard by the High Court.  They shall be resolved, in the mouth of three witnesses, and shall be ruled on by the Municipal Court judge and the pastors of the parties involved.  Their decision is final.  Stocks for guilty offenders is required.

Deportation:  Anyone who is convicted three times in the High Court, of the same offense, shall be summarily deported without appeal.  They shall be sent to absolutely any place the High Court designates but not to a neighboring nation.

Jurisdiction:  Crimes against the citizens at large shall be tried first in the Municipal Courts.  If there is an appeal, they may go to High Court, IF a one day jury of 15 citizens in the local jurisdiction feel this is in order.  A citizen who commits a crime in a local jurisdiction will be tried in that jurisdiction by the laws of that jurisdiction only.

Witches and Satan worshippers:  They shall be identified by a jury called by the Municipal Court judge consisting of 10 pastors and 10 random citizens from the jurisdiction.  If convicted by two thirds majority, witches and Satanists shall be stripped of their citizenship and deported to Zaire.

Local Law:  All laws needed by local Municipal jurisdictions shall be made by them as they see fit, and the National Government shall not have jurisdiction in those matters. No law shall be made at the local jurisdiction which violates the above national laws.

Well, there it is.  That is my modest proposal. I think I could live with that.  What do you think?