Retired General Colin Powell is seen by many white folks as the great beige hope.  He is a very light shade of alleged "black," so that helps.  Also, he conducted himself very well in Desert Storm, not grandstanding like General Schwarts-warts.

We now learn the true yearnings of the heart of Colin Powell.  We see that he is either a closet bi-sexual, or he is simply a crass political opportunist just like all the rest of the high muckity mucks.

David Mixner, America's most powerful queer, has appeared, without decent, with Sodomites who call for physical terrorism of "Straights" at Queer rallies.  Mixner is a de facto terrorist at heart.  Bill Clinton hired this lawless man, so we know what Big Bill would do with us straights if he could.


This article taken from George, March 1997 issue, page 62.

Disclaimer 90% of George magazine.  It is weird and grubby.

In the strange-bedfellows department, Colin Powell, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under former President George Bush, had plans to meet with gay activist, David Mixner, formerly Bill Clinton's top gay advisor.  A third party suggested to General Powell that he meet with Mixner, who fell out with President Clinton over his handling of gays in the military.

According to one source, Powell is open to exploring their "areas of commonality."  Why?  With the gay vote now "up for grabs in 2000," says the source, Powell may be trying to get early support from (the gay community's) most visible advocate.  "Gays are already considering their options, and Powell is obviously in the mix."

The two were supposed to get together in Washington last fall, but Powell had to cancel because he was in Ohio campaigning for Bob Dole.  Though they have not yet rescheduled, Mixner confirmed from Amsterdam that they "agreed to attempt to meet then I was in Washington on a future trip.

With the above article this photo of Powell appeared.

Balaam's Ass Speaks-  Editor:  So, Powell and Mixner will meet in the future.  One is made to wonder just how cozy and personal this meeting will be.  Just how physical will the "areas of commonality" get?  This news is disillusioning, for Powell has had the image of a man on his own--  A man with standards.  We see now that he is just another of the cheap scum of the New World Order.  Watch out for Colin Powell.