Much is made over the school shootings in US public schools. The assumption in the Oval Office is that the whole problem is guns. Too many guns out there. Get rid of the guns, and all the shootings will cease. All the killings will cease. Anyone with a sound mind knows there is another problem much bigger than Bill Clinton is able to understand. This is because Bill Clinton is part of the problem.

Rebellion, according to the Prophet Samuel, is as the sin of witchcraft. Witchcraft is a demonic religious rebellion against God. This is a religion conducted through samanistic and Satanic power, and Hillary and Bill are shamanists at heart. Hillary has gone to Shamans for blessings, and witchcraft is the past time of several of her friends.

So, if demon possession was the problem in the school house when guns come out, the Clintons wouldn't have a clue. The Colombine event in Denver was clearly a Christ hatred act. The killers asked if anyone loved Jesus. The girl who said she loved Jesus was killed. Satanism was involved, and that is well known to the friends of the victims.

Now, demons are entering the school house in Botswana. The following story tells how it happens. Authorities cannot understand what is causing the problem. Please consider:

1. I note that the behavior in Botswana is very similar to Brownsville Assembly of God and what is called a Baptist blowout in some circles. Uncontrolled laughter and throwing things is a demonic manifestation, no matter where it crops up.

2. Denial is the order of the day. In Botswana or in Omaha, the school officials deny that their humanist self-centered curriculum could possibly be the root cause of the chaos on campus.

So, here is our case study:

Medics Call For School's Closure As Students Go Crazy

March 2, 2000 GABORONE, Botswana (PANA) -

Medical authorities have recommended the closure of a school in the remote Okavango area because of an outbreak of psychiatric problems amongst the students. State radio reported Wednesday that doctors at Gumare primary hospital have said that the situation at the Okavango

Community Junior School where students have gone mad is no where near normal. The hospital's medical officer, Emile Ebyengonzi, has therefore, recommended that the institution be closed while the authorities attempt to bring the situation back to normal.

First it was suspected that they were suffering from malaria. But this was disapproved when no malaria parasites were found in their blood samples. The school authorities said that the mental illness which has been identified as hysteria, started about two weeks ago and has now become uncontrollable.

The students sometimes become violent, scream, laugh and throw stones and other dangerous objects at other students and anyone they come across. The most serious cases have been admitted at Gumare primary hospital for treatment. Education officials cited that a similar psychiatric problem, which was detected in the Bobonong area in the past, was dealt with effectively.

Meanwhile, a gun-toting student disrupted a meeting in the school between parents and education officials, forcing everybody to scamper for cover. The student entered the school office brandishing a rifle. He was, however, disarmed by police before he could harm anyone.