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Our background color is the color of gangrenous meat.  That is what we think of when we learn of the religion of Dave Thomas, owner of Wendy's Restaurants.

Dave Thomas is a 33rd degree Freemason, and he was recently exposed by Dave Hunt in his Berean Call.

There are many vile and depraved beliefs in the Freemasonic cult which convince us that Freemasonry is as pagan as any scummy religion in the world.  The affront to all thinking Christians is that the Masons claim that their religion is Christian.  No lie has ever been more obviously and patently contrived in the history of Christendom.

We are going to ask you to boycott Wendy's Restaurants until Dave Thomas demits from Freemasonry and submits a notarized copy of his demiture notice to us for publication.  But, we would not ask you to do this in the dark, so here are some of the things Dave Thomas believes according to the writings of Freemasonry, writings which he HAD to read, and in most cases memorize, in order to be raised to the 33rd degree-- the top of Freemasonry.

In Morals and Dogma, the following quotes are taken from the teachings to those of the "Knight of the Sun" sometimes called, "Prince Adept" which is the 28th degree.  Dave Thomas has made 33rd degree, so he had to study this level in detail to make it to the top.

Morals and Dogma is owned by EVERY Freemason of any rank.  It is THE single most authoritative book in Freemasonry, and it defines their beliefs.  At the third degree (Master Mason) of Freemasonry, the Mason is told that he is bound to go on and read the doctrines of Freemasonry in order to learn the deeper mysteries.  That is exactly what you are now reading.

ONE:  In Morals and Dogma, author- Albert Pike, 33rd degree and Supreme Pontiff of worldwide Freemasonry in about 1895, Published by Freemasonry, page 771, we read, "Adam is the human tetragram, which is summed up in the mysterious Yod of the Kabalah, image of the Kabalistic Phallus.  To this Yod add the ternary name of Eve, and you form the name of Jehovah, the Divine Tetragram, the transcendent Kabalistic and magical word:"

From the quote above you can easily see that, to Albert Pike, Jehovah God is represented as the male organ of Adam.  This is why the Freemason wears that cute little sheep's skin apron during funerals and lodge ceremonies.  He is both honoring and protecting his god.

TWO:  The cross of Freemasonry is grossly pagan.  Here is their cross as Pike would tell it on the same page in the above source:  "To us, Creation is Mechanism: to the Ancients it was Generation (reproduction).  The world-producing egg figures (Jehovah and Christ) in all cosmologies; and modern science has discovered that all animal production is oviparous.  From this idea of generation (reproduction) came the reverence everywhere paid the image (phallus) of generative power, which formed the Stauros (note [1] follows) of the Gnostics, and the philosophical Cross of the Masons."

According to pike, the generative "G" of Freemasonry stands, not for God, but for Generative power, which is found in the sexual union of Jehovah and Christ and is symbolized by the Cross.  Being born again, by implication, is a sexual process.  THAT is what Dave Thomas, of Wendy's, believes.

[1]  "Stauros" is the Greek New Testament word for the Cross.  Pike is using it in the "stake" sense championed by the Jehovah's Witnesses and all who blaspheme the Cross with phallic notions.  I want you to hit a link to an artist who is no doubt supported by your tax money.  He uses the Stauros, Cross, as a base to blaspheme Christ.  When you go to the art page, please note the four Yods at the top of the art piece.  These are letters in the Hebrew alphabet and they are gutter symbols from ancient Kabalistic times for the male organ.

http://www.afroam.org/culture/artgallery/archive1/art9.html  or see it HERE.

THREE:  Same page in the above text by Albert Pike, "Aleph is the man; Beth is the woman.  One is the Principle; Two is the Word." (Italics are Pike's)  

I bet you thought I didn't have proof of the above claim, right?  There it is friend.  To Freemasonry, The Word, the Logos, is the female of the sexual union of Jehovah and Christ.

FOUR:  Again, same dirt pile:  "Woman is man's creation (Adam is God to Pike-- shades of Joseph Scummy Smith); and universal creation is the female of the First Principle (Jesus Christ).  When the Principle of Existence made Himself (Jehovah) Creator, He produced by emanation (erection of his penis) an ideal Yod (image of Jehovah-- Himself); and had to hollow out a pit (Christological vagina) of shadow, equal to the dimension (in sexual union) determined by His creative desire (for sexual lust); and attributed by Him to the ideal Yod of radiating Light."

This Light (Pike capitalizes rashly to diminish the Godhead) is the Light of Lucifer.  It is now well known that Pike told the world congress of Freemasons in the late 1800s that from the 30th degree upward they were to worship Lucifer.  The quote will be added here if I get a lot of flack.

As time goes on, and if Dave Thomas refuses to demit from Freemasonry, we will simply add more and even worse blasphemies taught by Pike and other Freemasons.  Like-- Every Freemason is Jesus and is himself a divine hermaphrodite.  Like--  When a Freemason is having sexual congress with his wife, he is actually being sexually serviced by the ancient goddesses Lilith.  Like--  -- -- Never mind-- that is enough for now.

Do stay tuned for more of this fine religion.  By the way, this is what Dave Thomas, owner of Wendy's, says about Freemasonry.  Dave claims to be a Christian:

"I'm proud to be a Freemason.  I believe Freemasonry is the cornerstone of America today.  It brings good people together for a common cause-- helping others.  And I'm proud of the great things Masons accomplish."

I have been at the same time both blunt and merciless with the Masonic machinations of Dave Thomas for one simple reason-- All Freemasons are devil possessed, and they attack viciously when questioned in the least about Freemasonry.  They have a devil of a religious spirit.  So, I raise the level of warfare to the highest level first in order to take the high ground for The Lord Jesus Christ.

By the way, "Once a Freemason, always a Freemason" is the motto of all Masons.  It is a lie.  Christ is able to deliver any man from any of Satan's traps.  Furthermore; the above statement is also a lie by Masonic standards.  In the Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry, Albert G. Mackey gives in detail the instructions for how to "demit" from Masonry.  I have a form letter used by many Freemasons for the purpose of demitting.  

I also have 65 overhead transparencies and a lecture, including two videos, which can last up to 15 hours on the subject of Freemasonry.  I can take you garbage picking with the best of them.  After that, I can pass the devilized Mason on to Bill Schnoebelen, Mick Oxley, or Ed Decker.  These three men, among many thousands of others, have demitted and are rejoicing in their deliverance.  Bill Schnoebelen even came out of Paladian Freemasonry--  the occult variety which takes an occult blood oath of Witchcraft.

But then, I am told that Dave Thomas can take comfort in his mindless stand.  He is in the company of some well noted pagans, such as Ronald Reagan, Jesse Helms, Bob Dole, George Bush, Billy Graham, and Strom Thurmond--  all 33rd degree Freemasons.  The devil knows how to put his victims into what appears to be good company, right?  

Reader:  Are you in Freemasonry?  Is your wife in Eastern Star?  She is the goddess Lilith, the wife of Satan, and you, allegedly being Christ Himself, are said to be in congress with Satan's wife when you go to bed every night.  So cozy and cuddly, is it not?

CONCLUSION:  Fellow saints, PLEASE boycott Wendy's Restaurants until Dave Thomas demits.  I can assure you, he will tell us as soon as he does.  Nothing would give us greater joy then to hear Dave has come clean.  After all, Wendy's cooks up a pretty meaty bowl of chili, right?

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