By Steve Van Nattan-- Editor

The Wyoming murder of a sodomite is very perplexing.  On the one hand, I see what looks like a couple of demonic hoodlums gone mad, and on the other hand I see the victim--  a boy who very stupidly hustled the wrong party.  If the victim had not been a sodomite, he certainly might not have been the target of the assault.  Also, the earlier attack on the Hispanics boys shows the two maniacs were not nearly as motivated by hate for sodomy as by lust for blood and devils in their souls.  So, if sodomy is normal, then the victim was 100% tragic.  If, however; the victim was acting out the lusts of the lowest abomination known to man, then his troubles are a mixed message of tragedy and Divine justice.

So, why has the whole country gone bonkers over the thing?


1.  The whole country has NOT become nearly as motivated as the media says.  This is simply another Liberal queer hugging episode in which a sloppy and tragic event is just the ticket to hype a thing not representative of American life.  The fact is, most Americans have become far TOO tolerant of sodomy.  In our area in Arizona, queers prevail in many venues, and most people couldn't care less.  So, this media event will go on to be a political event, and I dare say laws and rulings will go down which further make America queerly correct.

2.  The queers nationally are a very small minority, now known to be no more than 3% of the population.  But, note the reactions nationally to the Wyoming event:

In Laramie, some University of Wyoming students attended vigils and wore yellow and green armbands to send a message of peace.

In Colorado, students rallied on Monday in downtown Denver to remember Shepard and call for stronger hate-crime legislation both in Wyoming and nationwide.

University of Maryland students attending a rally against a columnist who criticized gays in the campus newspaper observed 30 seconds of silence for Shepard.

In the Castro district of San Francisco, the giant rainbow flag that symbolizes the gay movement was lowered to half-staff.

About 200 students and friends of Shepard gathered at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill for a candlelight vigil Monday night. Shepard lived in Raleigh, North Carolina, for about a year before he moved to Wyoming a few months ago.  

In Los Angeles, local gay and lesbian leaders declared Shepard a martyr to anti-gay hatred.

This is NOT typical of any other group except perhaps the Black community, and then their reactions are not over sustaining a known abomination.  When Blacks protest and respond to some travesty against a Black person, it is out of loyalty.  When queers respond in alleged grief and support of some murdered or ravaged fellow queer, it is out of self-vindication in light of their guilt and sin consciousness.  And, THAT is a fact.   I have watched the rage of queers, and I know I am watching men react out of their guilt, not out of loyalty to normality or civility abused.

Let us note that thousands of crimes are committed daily which are every bit as horrid as the one in Wyoming.  Women are raped, Blacks are beaten in some urban ally, Whites are attacked in inner cities, old ladies are mugged, children are molested.  Where are these bleeding hearts with their rainbow flags and their tears?  Where is the media rage?  Silence.  There may one day be another queer attacked in the same manner, but I assure you Liberal scum that you do far more damage to your alleged cause by making this thing such a big event.  You are driving all the sodomite hating loonies up the wall.  A certain number of these loonies will now feel obligated to press the cause onward.  The next sodomite killed will be in fact caused by the blasted publicity given the event in Wyoming by the media and air-head politicians.  

I sometimes wonder if the media actually wants this to happen.  It would be great for evening news ratings if a sodomite were killed every couple of weeks.  Actually, sodomites are being killed  and are dying like flies.  How?  They are killing each other in bath houses all over the USA as they give each other AIDS.  Where are the bleeding hearts as these millions of men murder each other?  Also, where is the media report on the AIDS infected Hepatitis B vaccine which the US Government handed to the sodomites in San Francisco?  Huh?  Where are you media sleuths?  Cat got your tongue?

It is sad that the young man in Wyoming was murdered.  In the Old Testament era of Moses' law, he would have been stoned.  Under the Age of Grace, he is to receive every opportunity to repent of his sin and come to Christ for deliverance from his sodomy.  That his days of choice and mercy have been so shortened should cause a compassionate saint to feel sorrow.  That he was a sodomite and suffered for it is about as startling as the fact that child molesters and rapists also run a lot of risk of being set upon by straights.  

Any time we take up with the devil's gang, we step onto the bull's eye in one way or another.  Let us all learn to live holy so that, if we suffer some similar attack, it will be clear to all watching that we were not possibly under judgment of God.

Lastly, let us never be calloused in that we call for the loonies of society to slaughter those we know are living an abominable life. If there is reason to punish or restrain sodomites, or anyone in our society, it should be done decently and in order.  If order breaks down, and if there is rampant depravity being condoned by society at large, such as in the case of sodomy or abortion, let us only respond in measure as needed to defend our loved ones and ourselves, and no further.  Let our response only be defense and not vengeance or mindless rage, and let us seek to preserve life if possible.  Baiting a deviant into acting out his perversion and then attacking him is godless and devilish.  It must never be the way of the saints.