Cut here---------------begin window.html page ---\/------------- 00 // You can call the window.html file any thing you want, I call it // window as .. it opens the window for the JukeBox. /* META REFRESH: The Timing Device To Open Main Page */ // // This is where you set the time and url you want this code to call. // In this instance within 3 sec. the mainpage (menu page) is loaded // behind this window and the anysong.html you want to start playing. // Usually the first song in the list of the juke box. All anysong.html // files will be directed to this window. THE CONTINUOUS PLAY MIDI PAGE OF JOY HARDIN // set the body attribs to what ever you want. /* The Window to Display and Play your music */ // This is the script that calls (makes) the window to open. /* File get.htm Displayed in window above. */ // This html file plays the first song and sets up the menu for the // juke box. Again a menu is where you select where you want to go, // what you may want to read on a home page, or in the case of this // juke box, what songs you want to hear either manually or auto- // magically.. one right after the other with no user intervention // The meta refresh in this file is timed to the length of what ever // song you want playing. When the time, here "120" expires, this file // will "refresh" and call 2mid.html and start the sequence all over // again. You can have as many anysong.html files as you choose, as long // as each has a unique name. (i.e. 1mid.html, 2mid.html, etc...) At Calvry At Calvry At Calvry // Again set your attributes to what ever you choose in the "body". // The getMsg() funtion will fire as the page loads and randomly pick // a message you have listed above.

// The "song" playing needs no url in the menu as it is called below. // (see; Crescendo Fires Up.) // So you can have just plain text for this selection, while those yet // to be played show up as click-on-able "links". Just repeat this for // each anysong.html page you decide to add. // 1st song

Walking in the Light
/* remaining URLed unplayed selections */

At Calvary
Jesus Paid it All
Beulah Land
Amazing Grace
Just As I Am
Sound the Battle Cry
Are You Washed in the
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
Stand Up for Jesus
Blood of the Lamb?
Look and Live
At The Cross
Lily of The Valley
Standing on The Promises
Banner of the Cross
Lord I'm Coming Home
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
Blessed Assurance
Let The Lower Lights Be Burning
Sweet Hour of Prayer
Bringing in the Sheaves
Love Lifted Me
My Savior's Love
Burdens are Lifted at Calvary
Marching to Zion
Sooner or Later
Bible Stands
My Faith Looks Up to Thee
Sweet Hour of Prayer
Bring Them In
My Jesus I Love Thee
Take the Name of Jesus With You
Coming Home
Near The Cross
The Fight is On
Draw Me Nearer
No, Never Alone
Old Account Was Settled
Each Day He Grows Still Sweeter
Nothing But the Blood
Tell Me the Story of Jesus
Once For All
That Will Be Glory
Fill Me Now
One Day
The Comforter has Come
Footsteps of Jesus
Only a Sinner
The Way of the Cross
Heaven Came Down
Only Trust Him
Tis so Sweet To Trust in Jesus
Give Me That Old Time Religion
Oh, How I Love Jesus
There is A Fountain
Glory to His Name
Our Great Savior
To God Be The Glory
Great is Thy Faithfulness
Power in the Blood
Trust and Obey
He Lives
I Must Tell Jesus
I Surrender All
We're Marching to Zion
Heavenly Sunlight
Rescue the Perishing
What a Day That Will Be
Higher Ground
Rock of Ages
When I see the Blood,
Hold the Fort
Ring the Bells of Heaven
When They Ring the Golden Bells
How Great Thou Art
Whosoever Meaneth Me
I am Resolved
Seeking the Lost
Will Jesus Find us Watching
In My heart there Rings a Melody
Send the Light
Wonderful Grace of Jesus
I've Got A Mansion
Showers of Blessing
Wonderful Words of Life
I'm Saved, Saved, Saved

Since Jesus Came into My Heart
When We See Christ
In The Garden
Shall We Gather at The River?
Victory in Jesus
In the Sweet By and By
Shelter in the Time of Storm
Volunteers For Jesus
Kneel at The Cross
More About Jesus
Living By Faith
Praise Him

Choose a song to play or let them just play automatically. Close this window to shut music off.

Crescendo Fires up here // This is where you embed the first song in your anysong.html... // in this instant 1mid.html
// Dedicated to my Son Josiah. All Agent Orange Vets // // Remembering our MIA/POW's - Never Forgotten - We hear your song