This book, ALLAH: DIVINE OR DEMONIC, is the work of about six years of research and writing.  As you read it, you will realize that I had to grab hold of 3000 BC, the present, and the whole period between in the Middle East, and make order of it.  It has been the adventure of a life time.  

When I was ready to look for a publisher, I had several well known publishers show interest in the book, but when I sent them the manuscript, they treated it like a hot potato.   By the Grace of God, the INTERNET and HTML publishing have come together very helpfully in recent months so that we amateur surfers can jump in with relative ease.  Books are not yet very common on the Web, so this home page is a bit different-- I realize that.  

The message of Islam's origin has to get out.  If I never get a royalty from this book, so be it.   God knows how to take care of me and my family.  Putting this book on the WEB is not an act of desperation.  I believe God prevented any publisher from accepting this book.   Why?  Answer:  The INTERNET and the Web are much better media than a printed book. No one but my Lord can force me to edit this book, and it can be read where written books are censored.  Also, I don't have to wonder if the book will be marketed correctly.  On the other hand, YOU can add to the impact of this book.  

You can fling the book on around the world.  Please send me E-Mail addresses, WEB sites, Lists, and News Groups I should contact.  

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Briefly, Allah is the name of a pagan deity from Babylon.  He had a wife named Allat whom he picked up in ancient Sumer, and who migrated with him, over a 3500 year period, to Mecca.  

Allah also had a prophet named Muhammed who was an illiterate, devil possessed, and sexually obsessed man.  Islam itself is built upon one of the most vile and degraded foundations of any world class religion.  It is shocking to hear the Pope and some Protestants giving Islam credibility as, "one of the three great monotheistic religions handed down from Abraham."  John Paul, sir, you are deranged!  And that is putting it mildly.  

The Muslim has an open invitation to flee from Islam to The Lord Jesus Christ, and I pray that many will think seriously about that possibility after reading the book.  

If you are a Muslim, I urge you to read on.  Check me out.  I have used the inscriptions found in stone dating back 5000 years, and I have used the Koran and the Hadith of Muhammed.   The final authority is The Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible, King James Version.  This is not a story made up out of Western hate for Muslims and Arabs.  This is my message of zeal and love to you.  I want to be your servant to shine the light of history and the glorious Gospel, Al Injil, of The Lord Jesus Christ on the whole Islamic scene.

If you are an Arab Christian, a missionary to Muslims, or an interested reader, I promise you that this book is not deeply academic, though it is based in some heavy research and well footnoted.   You will learn that it is the most exquisite of blasphemies to call the God of the Bible, "ALLAH."  To be spiritually responsible, I have offered a Bible-based substitute for the name ALLAH.  

The book reads like a suspense thriller as you follow Allah across the sands of Arabia on his pilgrimage (Hajj) to Mecca.  Please do not pass over Chapters One and Two.  They show the love of God for both Jews and Arabs.  They are a key to understanding the whole book.

In passing, this book also exposes the ancient pagan origins of the Roman Catholic Church. This also promises you plenty of controversy.  I also debunk several counterfeit modern theories about Arabs and Islam.  There is much more, but this introduction is long enough. The book is NOT politically correct.  It is, to the best of my ability in the Lord, correct by the Word of God and historical evidences.  Check it out.

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