Ontario Islamic Tribunals Enforce Sharia Law--
May 23, 04

Homa Arjoman

Had she stayed in Iran, Homa Arjomand would now be dead.

All all of the women's activists she worked with in Tehran have been executed, victims of a reactionary regime that ruled, and continues to rule, by strict adherence to Islam's sharia law.

In 1989, she and her husband paid $15,000 to smugglers to help them and their two young children flee the country. For three days, they rode on horseback through the mountains, sleeping in barns before finally reaching Turkey.

Two years later, the onetime professor of medical physics arrived in Canada as a refugee. And how grateful she was to be in a secular country, where female equality was the law.

That was then.

Last fall, Arjomand, now a transitional counsellor in Toronto for immigrant women, heard the province had quietly approved the use of Islamic law in Ontario's Muslim community.

A group she'd never heard of, called the Islamic Institute of Civil Justice, had gained the right to hold tribunals, darul qada, in which marriage, family and business disputes can be settled according to sharia.

The 1,300-year-old body of laws and rules for living was inspired by the Qur'an, Islam's holy book.

Arjomand was horrified. "The last thing I expected in Canada, the last thing I want, is sharia law," she says. "Women are not equal under it, therefore it is opposed to Canada's laws and values. The government can't let this happen."

EDITOR: Blessed Quietness Journal -- Americans need to understand that the long arm of Muhammed reaches into Canada now in the form of an Islamic independent law enforcement counsel which is immune from Canadian law under discrimination law and alleged freedom of religion. Islam cannot win White race converts unless they are sodomites. They cannot win Blacks unless they are in prison. That is historic. So, the Mullahs are imposing their law on the free world under color of freedom and civil rights.

Next, they will be executing Muslims who violate Sharia Law, and finally, they will demand the laws of Canada, the UK, and the USA include Sharia Law. The police in Dearborn, MI already look the other way when a Muslim man kills his wife for unfaithfulness (Learn that in any restaurant in Dearborn). The ACLU will defend Islam's claim to unconstitutional enforcement of course, and the UN will demand Islam's laws be included in civil law and custom. The solution is for Americans is to attack Muslims who demand the right to hold counsels of law which in any way infringe on the rights of Muslims outside the mosque, or, on the streets and in their homes and daily life.

If we wait to respond to this filthy rubbish from Mecca until they start judging the Kaffir, the Christians, Jews, and alleged pagans, it will be too late. Mullahs will then be issuing Fatwas against Bible believers IN THE USA.

No measure of self-defense can be excluded. Women like the lady above must be defended. Her case is our case if we do nothing. It is the sorry and sick joke of a dry drunk from Houston that our President exalts Islam in the USA while he wages war against the fruit of Islam in Baghdad. We need to defeat Islam, bash it right back through the Mosque door, in the USA.

Meanwhile, what can you do? You, Bible believer, can win souls from Islam. Nothing can stop us from doing this. This is the weapon that brings Islam to its knees.


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Canada prepares to enforce Islamic law
Judges will give legal sanction to disputes between Muslims

Posted: November 28, 2003


Canadian judges soon will be enforcing Islamic law, or Sharia, in disputes between Muslims, possibly paving the way to one day administering criminal sentences, such as stoning women caught in adultery.

Muslims are required to submit to Sharia in Muslim societies but are excused in nations where they live as a minority under a non-Muslim government.

Delegates elect council to set up Islamic Institute of Civil Justice (Canadian Law Times)

Canada, however, is preparing for its 1 million-strong Muslim minority to be under the authority of a Sharia system enforced by the Canadian court system, according to the Canadian Law Times.

Muslim delegates at a conference in Etobicoke, Ont., in October elected a 30-member council to establish the Islamic Institute of Civil Justice.

The institute is classified in Islamic law as a Darul-Qada, or judicial tribunal. Its bylaws are scheduled to be drafted and approved by Dec. 31.

Cases will be decided by a Muslim arbitrator, but the local secular Canadian court will be the enforcer.

One of the obstacles to establishing the system, the Law Times said, has been the Muslim communities' lack of unity and organizational strength. Muslims in Canada come from many different countries and different schools of Islam. Also, there are few Islamic legal scholars, known as ulama, in North America, which are essential to adjudicating complex issues.

"It seems as if the community was looking forward to something like this," says organizer B. Husain Bhayat, according to the Law Times. "If all groups are represented, with hard work and the unity we saw here, we will have no difficulty going forward."

The two main streams of Islam, Sunni and Shi'ite, were represented at the conference, along with imams and leaders of organizations.



The Canadian Council of Muslim Women, a national organization, has concerns regarding such a move. We see no compelling reason to live under any other form of law in Canada and we want the same laws to apply to us as to other Canadian women. We prefer to live under Canadian laws, governed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which safeguard and protect our rights. That's for damn sure. Sorry, no theocracy in Canada if you please! Not even a little bit.

Privatization of Human Rights

The news that Ontario will permit civil disputes such as divorce to be mediated under sharia or Islamic law is about the best idea since female foot-binding. It's not just, but it is restful. A woman with tiny claw-like feet isn't getting off the couch to hire a lawyer. And it's cheap: No court hearings, no going halfsies on the family home, no squabbles over custody, no fighting over wills.

For sharia law is already written. By a deity. And if you're a Muslim woman who makes the choice of going to Canadian courts rather than signing away her rights under sharia, you're offending one of the bigger gods, as I understand Islam.
This is interesting, not just because it's vile, but because it's part of a worldwide move toward privatizing everything, including the legal system. Ooooh, now we can go law-shopping.
Breaking up a nation's laws into a jigsaw puzzle where everyone gets one itty-bitty piece is part of a trend spearheaded by the Republican radical right in the United States. Junior Bush has opted out of international law -- shunning the treaty to establish the International Criminal Court, ignoring the United Nations in favour of pre-emptive strikes, rejecting decades of nuclear-weapons treaties, in effect ignoring the Geneva Convention, and even privatizing war. U.S. soldiers, many of them mercenaries paid by corporations out of public dollars, follow the law of the jungle with a level of torture that many of history's tyrants would have found unwise, shall we say.
Corporations are renewing efforts to be allowed to sue nations. And corporations like Enron and WorldCom rewrite the law in the sense that they know they'll largely get away with it.
Here, we have natives operating native courts in Canada. Now, there's sharia "mediation."
There used to be one legal system per nation and a basic but growing system of international law. Everyone had to follow it. It's public. That's why they call it "the law." Small groups are suddenly reinventing the legal system to suit themselves, which destroys the whole point of jurisprudence. Law becomes a market force or product that suits the U.S. Republican notion of grabbing. "Me want," a baby babbles. And this particular baby shall get.
Now, we have little islands of law being developed, and I don't mean a bank account in Bermuda.
The National Post likes sharia "mediation," even mocking The Globe and Mail for thinking it a front-page story. If the Post likes something that makes Muslims look different and bad, and it harms women, trust me, it's positively cyanotic. Save time, Muslim women, and bite the capsule now.
Journalist Paula Todd, on TVOntario, was on to the story early. She mapped it out for Ontarians, and I will trace her map for you so this sub-legal disease doesn't spread cross-country.
She interviewed Alia Hogben of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, who pointed out that sharia law isn't monolithic, but is applied differently throughout the Islamic world (which is where stoning women to death comes in).
But it has one common thread: patriarchy. In a will, a wife might get a quarter of the estate at the most. She cannot divorce her husband, but he can divorce her. She would get three months to a year of alimony, maximum. Note "alimony," as opposed to child support, because she won't get the kids if the husband wants them.
Opposite her sat Ali Hindy, a local imam. No, not David Bowie's wife, but a Muslim god's deputy, in this case a grey-bearded man exuding utter certainty and self-satisfaction. Ms. Hogben looked distressed to be defying both man and god. I applaud her bravery in daring to disagree.
"The man with a hammer interprets every problem as a nail," American scholar Stephen Holmes writes in the current London Review of Books. And in this case, Canadian law is what moderates the hammer.
The imam said that if the woman were unhappy, she could go to the Canadian courts. "You can take more." Pause. "You are disobeying god."
So a timid woman in a new country, who has never disobeyed a man or her god in her life, is going to find the money (where?) to defy her entire culture and ask for a divorce, half the assets, shared child custody and support, and a place to live while she takes out student loans to get a degree and, years later, a job. Add a burqa to the equation, leaving her unemployable, and she's done and dusted.
If you believe sharia mediation is plausible, then John Ashcroft's secretly an opera singer with three breasts. He's sleeping with Andrea Bocelli, and their love child, Rocco Ray Ashcroft, is being raised by Noam Chomsky in a rooming house in Bruges.
Have I now made it clear that allowing vulnerable women to be bullied into destitution and despair in a Liberal province is an absurd and fantastical idea that will end in tears? And blood, doubtless female?
Timing shouldn't matter when it comes to principle, but it does here. Speaking as a paranoid "my coffee smells of bitter almonds" type who just made an off-the-record-or-else speech at a Vancouver journalism conference and was later told that a man from the Seattle branch of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security was sitting in the front row, I can only say this: Canada, where I was born to immigrants, is as friendly a country to foreigners as can be found. But multiculturalism to the extent of cutting new Canadians off from the legal mainstream is like hacking off your own leg.
It doesn't grow back.

Move to Eastern Tennessee.
We have a way in Tennessee by which you can defend yourself against the Mullahs and Sharia Executioners.
It is called a .357
Besides, we don't have one decent Middle Eastern restaurant in Tennessee. They are all in Dearborn, Michigan. If enough of you Canadian Muslims moved to Tennessee, we would get a better menu and better prices at the Middle Eastern grocery store.
I am really disappointed with Tennessee with only one issue-- I cannot find a decent kifta or shawarma.
Also, the bakhlava here is too expensive. I used to get a fantastic price, at the end of the day, on marked down bakhlava at the bakery on Warren Blvd. in Dearborn, Michigan, next door to the Cedars of Lebanon.
So, if you are NOT a Mullah, please move to Eastern Tennessee.
Editor: Steve Van Nattan