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We make no apology for our limited selection.  This is because we are King James Bible ONLY.  For Bible believers this will be good news.  The rest of you who collect the other perversions, try your local alleged Christian bookstore.

The Companion Bible--  Edited by Bullinger--  Hardcover by Kregal Pub--  Though Bullinger has some problems, such as over-interest in numerology, this is exceptionally useful for personal study.

The Old Scofield Reference Bible, 1917 edition--

King James Version of the Bible-- This is a paperback by Oxford Press-- Good work

King James Version of the Bible and Spanish Parallel--  The Reina-Valera Revision 1960 and the King James Version--The Bible with Spanish and English Texts side by side for quick and easy comparison.

Original King James Version 1611--  Pub. Thomas Nelson--  This uses the original fonts and has some translator's notes.  It was reprinted in order to mock at KJV Only believers.  However; knowledgeable Bible students know that this proves nothing since it was an EDITION and NOT a version charge which brought us our present edition.  So, it is very interesting to have on hand.

Award Bible For Soul Winning--  Lowest cost we offer--  Use it to witness and then give it to the person you are witnessing to.

Alexander Scourby King James Version New Testament Only-- Audio Cassette-- Pub. Riverside World

Textus Receptus Greek New Testament--  

The Arabic Bible--  Van Dyke Edition