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The battle for the Bible was defined by Harold Lindsell of Fuller Seminary as a struggle for literal belief in the Word of God.  Lindsell missed the greater battle-- That is the struggle to establish what Greek text is the Bible.  The war rages (and praise God for those who call it a war) to not only establish the higher ground of the Textus Receptus, but also the King James Bible has become the very center of the storm to destroy the authority of God's Word in Christendom today.  We make no apologies for taking a 100% TR and KJV position.  If you want to read books defending the Alexandrian and Roman Catholic texts, help yourself, but run along to your alleged Christian bookstore to find them please.

New Age Bible Versions--  Gail Riplinger-- Paperback-- An Exhaustive Documentation of the Message, Men & Manuscripts Moving Mankind to the Antichrist's One World Religion

Which Bible Is God's Word?--  by Gail A. Riplinger--  More on the subject in the Riplinger Style.

Which Bible-- Dr. Otis Fuller--  Paperback-- More Scholarly than Some Books, but this is a Classic in the Textual Debate.

True or False?--  Dr. Otis Fuller--  Subject Material is useful, but not as Popular as Which Bible.

Counterfeit or Genuine?--  Dr. David Otis Fuller--  More on the Bible textual issue.

The Answer Book--  by Dr. Samuel Gipp--

Majority Text : Essays and Reviews in the Continuing Debate-- By Theodore Letis (Editor)-- Lutheran author--  Very useful, though Letis is feuding with DA Waite.

King James, Unjustly Accused--  by Stephen Coston--  Masterful and heavily researched defense of King James. The sodomy scam started by Moody Monthly is debunked here.

Parallel Apocrypha : Greek Text, King James Version, Douay Old Testament, the Holy Bible by Ronald Knox, Today's English Version, New Revised standard-- by John R. Kohlenberger (Editor)--  This is the one to get to compare the classic Alexandrian text with the King James Bible.