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First, there will be NO CCM.  We hope to one day offer CD ROMs or cassettes of old time Gospel music.  For now, we send you to the best thing we know of on the Web at Joyful Noise Music.  If you hit the link to our Music Page in the Journal, we will not see you again for days, so please bookmark this page and come back soon:

 Joy Hardin's Gospel Medley-  Fill your office with great Gospel Music-- Fight back against potty mouths :-)

Joyful Noise Music sells CD ROMs  and cassettes with Joy's piano work, and the words are provided.  This is aimed at the small or house church where a piano or pianist is not available.  We hear from our readers how they sing along and are often moved to tears.  Why?  Answer:  This kind of singable old time Gospel music is getting to be rare folks.  Are your kids losing the old Hymns because of a CCM mentality at your church?  That is a good reason to leave that church and start a house church.

   Visit Joy Hardin at our Music Page in Balaam's Ass Speaks Journal.   

Joyful Noise Music is to be notified if you wish to use any of these musical arrangements.   Joy Hardin is the musician who did the work, and I am told she will do a MIDI arrangement for you if you send her the music and pay her fee.   Music is also available for church use where a piano is not available.   This is a sound Bible based work.    We commend them to you.

Joyful Noise Music 5113 Hallgate -    Toledo, OH 43612         Phone 419-478-3240 - Fax 419-476-1052


Joy Hardin plays our embeded music:  "We're Marching to Zion"