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Doctrine is not Theology.  Theology is the invention of man.  That is why it is prefaced by the word, "systematic."  Doctrine is not a system-- It is revelation.  The problem is, men still mess with the Doctrines of the Bible by replacing them with the traditions of men and still claiming they have Bible doctrine.  Therefore; you find us quite bigoted.  We will try very hard to not pull ANY line simply to keep the peace with you or anyone.  The problem with finding good books on doctrine is that they have to be pretty old due to the recent drift into Mother Goose doctrine, much of which is polluted by Reformed Theology.  We could really use your suggestions in finding good books on Bible doctrine.


What the Bible Teaches--  by RA Torrey--  Pub. Revell--  This is a classic of doctrine.


The Other Side of Calvinism--  Laurance Vance--  Pub. Self-published--  This is a very good discussion of the cold heart of Calvinism and its killer instincts in the past.  No mercy is shown, and I like that.



Foundations of Christian Scholarship--  by Gary North--  Pub. Ross House Books--  This man is the son-in-law of Rushdoony, and they had a public feud so severe that Rushdoony has refused to speak to North or shake his hand ever since.  Thus, I rest my case that the Kingdom of Jesus Christ will NOT be brought in by Dominioners and Reconstructionists.  Who would want to live in such a kingdom?

Christian Reconstruction : What It Is, What It Isn't--  by Gary North, Gary Demar--  Pub. Inst for Christian Economics--  This is the definitive work on this subject.  Must reading to get the cult under mental control.  Sorry about the verbose pedantics and flight from rationality.  Just try please.

Institutes of Biblical Law--  by R.J. Rushdoony--  Pub. Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing--   This will show you the sick mind of a Reconstructionist.  He wants the Old Testament law that suits him, but not the feces paddle of Moses.  You will not understand this cult until you read one of these authors.

by D James Kennedy--  I need a reader to suggest Kennedy's book which best exposes his error.