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History is perhaps the least of the Liberal Arts to be read these days.  The public schools destroy History and replace it with politically correct propaganda.  Over the past 15 years I have enjoyed returning to study history.  Virtually any part of the world is of great interest.  I believe that history DOES repeat itself, and one way to learn about my acre is to pick an area of the world which is unknown to me and study it deeply.  As a Bible believer, you should WANT to know what is going on in the world around you.  We hope to find the books which have not been doctored be shrinks and scholars.

I will have a strong emphasis on Africa and the Middle East because of my heritage.  If you feel a book is need, especially in other areas of the world, please send it by E-Mail.


Christian England-- Two Vol.-- David Edwards--  Pub. Eerdman--  Not Fundamental, but very good material.  You might call Eerdman's Publishing in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and ask for the bookstore.


Inside Africa--  John Gunther--  Hard to find--  Amazon will try--  A very good overview of Africa in the 1960s as many nations were getting independence.

The Blue Nile-- by Alan Moorhead--  Hard to fine--  Amazon will try--  Considered a classic work.  Find it!!!

The White Nile--  Same author as "The Blue Nile"--  Same classic work and hard to find

Ethiopia-- Richard Greenfield--  Hard to Find--  Very accurate and fair work.

French North Africa--  Jaques Berque--  Cannot find this one.

Jomo Kenyatta--  by Julian Friedman--  This is a basic textbook type presentation, but it is a good place to start in learning of this powerful and masterful African leader.

Facing Mount Kenya--  by Jomo Kenyatta--  Pub. Random House (Paper)--  This is Jomo Kenyata as he was before corruption of power set in.  A very good book to show the pre-colonial mind and logic.


Inside Asia-- John Gunther--  Gunther is always accurate and not dull reading.


United Nations : Perfidy and Perversion-- by Hillel Seidman--  Shows Jewish Perception of the United Nations.


Rise of Babylon : Sign of the End Times--  by Charles H. Dyer--  Tells of the Re-Building of Babylon by Saddam Hussein.  A much neglected modern account which opens the way for Jeremiah 50-51 to be fulfilled.

Sacred Rage : The Wrath of Militant Islam-- by Robin Wright--  Hard to Find, but Amazon Will Try--  Tells the Story of Arab Hate for Western Peoples.  Very secular work but useful

The Arab Mind-- by Raphael Patai--  Revised and back in print-- Ships in 24 hours--  
The single Classic Most Useful Book in Understanding Arabs.  You MUST get this one.

Seed of Abraham--  by Raphael Patai--  Hard to Find, but Amazon will try--  Exceptional book discussing the heritage of both Islam and Judaism.  Fair minded to a fault.  The two books by Patai are the books which I would read first to learn about the Middle East and the Arab mind with Israel as a backdrop.

Blood Brothers--  by Elias Chacour--  Written by a Palestinian Catholic Priest--  Very good for Revealing the Real World of Palestine and Zionist Heritage.  BUT, the author is not Born Again.

Storm Over the Arab World--  by Eugene M. Fisher--   Very good book.

Abraham to Allenby--  G. Frederick Owen--  Eerdmans--  Not available at Amazon.  Classic book to show the historic flow from the ancient past to the near present.  Learn what kind of Englishmen once roamed the earth. 

The Holy Land-- by G. Frederick Owen--  Pub. Beacon Hill--  I assume this is good since the author did so well with Abraham to Allenby.

The Sumerians--  by C. Leonard Woolley--  Something strange here:  I have the book, but Amazon says it is not yet published.  So, it appears to be in re-print.  It is a great discussion of the Sumerians, who were the people just after the Tower of Babel.  You got NOTHING on this culture in school, and for that reason, much of your perspective is defective.  GET THIS BOOK.

The Question of Palestine--   Edward W. Said--  Pro-Palestinian views presented.  If you refuse to read the Arab point of view, you are anti-semetic, for Arabs descended from Shem also.

Among the Dervishes--  OM Burke--  The pinnacle of Islamic mystical and perverted cult.

Arabian Sands--  Wilfred Thesiger--  Ever hear of "Mad dogs and Englishmen...?  This guy is one of them-- out in the noonday son of the Empty Quarter.  The Most Exciting Reading I have Found About the Arabian Desert  It is amazing to find this re-printed.  Grab a copy before they go away!!!

The Nile-- Emil Ludwig-- Pub. Viking Press--  Very thorough historical treatment of the Nile area.  Not available at Amazon.  Ask a used bookstore to do a search for you.  It is worth it.

The Arabists--  Robert Kaplan--  Pub. Free Press--  I really enjoyed this book.  It shows a side of the Middle East's recent era which you did NOT get in school, not even in most universities.  With Patai's books, this third one you must get.


Buckingham Babylon : The Rise and Fall of the House of Windsor-- by Peter Fearon--  The Story of the Royal Family of Britain and its Notorious Filthy Heritage


What Hath God Wroght--  by William Grady--  670 pages-- Pub. Self-published--  This is about the only book I have yet to find which is highly researched yet gives the true picture of American history.  Hundreds of stories are given which you were not allowed to hear in school.  Did you know that Washington had a regiment of Baptists from Pennsylvania who carried 7 foot long rifles.  They shot from the shoulder WITHOUT the customary prop, and could hit a 7 inch square at 100 yards.  Not at Amazon.


John Stoddard's Lectures--  John Stoddard--  John Stoddard lived just at the turn of the century and following.  Movies of world nations and events were not available then, so lecturers would travel, then they would return to the USA and lecture, especially on the Chautauqua Circuit.  John Stoddard was the champion of world travel and flaming imagination.  His audiences were enormous.  GET HIS LECTURE SERIES IN USE BOOKSTORES OR ANY PLACE THEY TURN UP.  There is no better way to see the turn of the century world.  Stoddard was not a born again Christian, but he was salted and God fearing.  He thumps the Pope also, which is refreshing.  You will have to ask a used bookstore to search for you.  Clay Bookstore in Clay, PA (See my bookstore page) had these several years ago.  Also, try Vaughn Baber at Bicentennial Bookstore in Kalamazoo (also on the bookstore page).