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A Proverbs 31 wife is a Home Maker.  Her "career" is the home.  We will have nothing here to tell you ladies how to survive in the market place.  If that is where you chose to rebel against God, you deserve all the misery you get there.  Your divorce is your payoff.  Your brat Prozac kids are your just deserts.  Your lousy health is a result of not eating real food.  This list of books is for the Christian wife who stays home and submits to God and her husband in fear.

Having said that, and I tried to be charitable :-), let me invite you Home Makers to suggest books which have helped you in keeping your home.  This section can include virtually anything from how to home school to how to bake a better cream puff.


Earl Proulx's Yankee Home Hints : From Stains on the Rug to Squirrels in the Attic, over 1,500 Ingenious Solutions to Everyday Household Problems--  by Earl Proulx, the Editors of Yankee Magazine (Editor)--  We find this very useful

The Wholesome Home Book of Recipes and Household Formulas--  by Yvonne Young Tarr--  Pub. Random House Value Pub--  Good book from a prolific author

Mary Ellen's Giant Book of Helpful Hints : Three Books in One :  Mary Ellen's Best of Helpful Hints/Mary Ellen's Best of Helpful Hints--  Book Ii/Mary El--  by Mary Ellen Pinkham--  Pub. Outlet--  Very good book with many hints you never heard before.

The Encyclopedia of Household Hints and Dollar Stretchers--  Pub. Doubleday--

Tax Loopholes--  Pub. Board Room Classics--  Very useful and all is legal and lawful.



The Whole Chili Pepper Book--  by _____ DeWitt--  Pub. Little Brown--  

The Farmhouse Cookbook--  by Yvonne Young Tarr--  Pub.Wings Pr--  

The Mennonite Cookbook--  by Showalter--  This is absolutely one of the world's top 5 cookbooks.  It reflects frugality and German inventiveness calling back to the early 1600s.

Putting Food By--  by Janet Greene--  Pub. Plume--  A very useful help in storing all sorts of food in all sorts of ways you never heard of before.  You men will learn things here too.

Heloise's Kitchen Hints--  Pub. Prentice Hall--  Useful ways to cut corners and do tricks in food preparation.

The Well Filled Tortilla--  by Wise and Hoffman--  Pub. Workman--

More With Less Cookbook--  Doris Longacre--  Pub. Herald Press--

Betty Crocker Cookbook--  Pub. McGraw Hill--  This is a classic, but it does not take the place of several others.  It should be in your collection if you are going to have the best though.

The Good Housekeeping Cookbook--  Another classic.  Very practical and refined over many years of publishing.

The Joy of Cooking (2 vol.)--  by Irma Rombauer--  Pub. Signal--  This is an exceptional set.  Tells how to cook wild game and many other rare items.  Many international dishes.  Tricks to do gormet dishes.  Your editor, Steve Van Nattan, used the Indonesian fish baking sauce on Nile Perch-- Fantastic my friend.

The Chinese Cookbook--  by Craig Claiborne--  Pub. Lippincott--

Pickles and Preserves--  by Marion Brown--  Pub. Funk and Wagnall--

Bread Machine County--  Pub. Better Homes and Gardens--

More Bread Machine Bounty--  Pub. Better Homes and Gardens--

The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook--  by Tom Lacalamita--

As Easy as Pie--  by Susan G. Purdy--

Chili Lover's Cookbook--  by Al Fischer--

Red Hot Peppers--  by Jean Andrews--  Pub. MacMillan--  This book is well over half a history of chili pepper all over the world.  VERY fascinating reading.  The recipes are choice ones from famous restaurants around the world.  Will double as a coffee table book.

Finest in Middle East Recipes--  by Yesmine Betar--  Very authentic, but very friendly to the western kitchen commodities.

A Taste of India--  by Kaur--  This is a Hindu favoring book, so meat is absent.  The recipes are very good though.

Step by Step Guide to Indian Cooking--  by ______ Hamlyn--  Includes meat dishes.  Doubles as a coffee table book.  The lentil soups is fantastic.  You editor, Steve Van Nattan, tried it and you need to get it.

Foor From Biblical Lands--  by Helen Corey--  Native of the Middle East is author.  Very authentic and very satisfying to use.

Boys and Girls Cookbook--  Pub. Betty Crocker--  Not just a toy.  This is one the kids can use, and the boys will be able to learn about survival from it.

Casserole Cookbook--  Pub. Better Homes and Gardens--  Some one said, "Casseroles make belly rolls."  Not so!  This one give the dieter some options.

Italian Immigrant Cookbook--  by Elodia Rigante--  This is the single most fun cookbook on our shelf.  The author is a stereotyped Italian grandma with this sweet grin, and she includes all sorts of patter about her growing up days and photos of her family.  You feel like you get to know her as a friend.  The recipes are time tested and you can do them.  Double as a great coffee table book.

The Complete Dairy Foods Cookbook--  Pub. Rodale--

Cheese Making Made Easy--  by Riki Carroll--  Very unique and very workable.

Italian Cookbook--  Singes

Mexican Cookery--  by Barbara Hansen--  Pub. HP Books--  Very good work for a Gringo.

Mexican Cookbook--  Pub. Sunset--  Really a very good work for a pulp publisher.

Pita the Great--  by Virginia Habeeb--  Done by an author from the Middle East.  Will amaze you at all the ways pita bread can be bent.

Mediterranean Hot-  by ______ Kremezi--  Again, a Middle Eastern author is the key to success.  Very unusual book for hot sauces and baking marinades from Israel to Morocco.

Taste of China--  by De-Ta Hsiung--

Taste of the Middle East--  by Soheila Kimberling--  Recipes which are not found elsewhere.

Classic Indian--  Smithmark--

Traditional AFrican Cooking--  by Ola Olaore--


Singer Sewing Series--  Pub. Elsmere Pub--

Better Homes and Gardens Sewing Book--  Classic and very useful.

The Complete Book of Sewing--

Decorating With Crochet--   by Holliday--

Sewing With the New Knits--  by Schnebke--

Needlecraft--  by Vera P. Guild--  Pub. Good Housekeeping--