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We want to motivate you to READ.  Dr. OJ Percey was a deep and highly informed man, yet he said he was ALWAYS reading a missionary biography.  The last I heard, he said that at age 94.  He of course said his Bible came first.  So, we are not so interested in your reading how-to books and deep discussions of missions doctrine.  99% of that stuff is written by one term missions experts who are just too intellectual to stay on the field and DO missions.  So, we want you to read about the lives of those who gave all and gave it on the field, not in a home office in New Jersey.

From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya--  by Ruth Tucker--  Pub. Zondervan--  This is the only anthology of history of missions I now offer.  This is a great account of the history of missions.  Disclaimer all Tucker's other books.

God of the Untouchables--  by Dave Hunt--   Dave was not compromised when he wrote this book.  The book tells of Vankataswami, the son of a prosperous high cast Himdu, who read the New Testament and was drawn to faith in Jesus Christ.  He changed his name to Paul Gupta.  You will just have to read the rest.

Fire on the Mountain-- By Raymond "Bud" Davis--  Pub. Sudan Interior Mission--  This will show you that the Lord can build His Church with a very limited start from the outside missionary.  Persecution causes the Church to grow fast and strong.  Setting-- Southern Ethiopia.  Order from SIM (Sudan Interior Mission)

Ripe Mangos--  by Viggo Olsen--  Pub. Regular Baptist Press--  True stories of salvation. deep Satanic paganism, and persecution.  You will be blessed and challenged to life the Faith of Christ.

Daktar--  by Viggo Olsen, Jeanette Lockerbie--  Same author.  Great story of a missionary doctor in Bangladesh