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Again, we work from only one presupposition-- The Bible is to be taken literally, not spiritualized.  The Old Testament, for purposes of prophetic truth, ends at the end of Matthew 26.  Israel is preserved, but they are today arrogant Christ haters, and Zionists are counterfeit Jews of European Gringo stock.  It will ultimately be God and The Lord Jesus Christ who gets prophetic truth 100% right.  So, we make this list of books with fear and trembling.

Peace, Prosperity, and the Coming Holocaust--  by Dave Hunt--  Disclaimer Dave's later works and attacks on the KJV

The Woman Rides the Beast--  by Dave Hunt

Whatever Happened to Heaven-- by Dave Hunt

Final Notice-- Barry Smith--  Barry is not right on the mark regarding the rapture, but his other content is worth the investment.

Israel and the Nations in Prophecy-- MR DeHann--  Old book but sound in Bible use

The Menasseh Effect--  by John Higgins-- Pub. Josiah Publications--  Not at Amazon.  Excellent treatment of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture with discussion of prophectic times frames which must transpire.

The Greatest Book on Dispensation Truth in the World--  Clarence Larkin--  What can I add to that?  And, it probably is the most useful book on the subject.  It is a book of many many charts which help to understand prophecy.

Rightly Dividing the Word--  by Clarence Larkin--  More of Larkin's genius and fussy work.  This kind of attention to detail is missing from most prophecy writers today.