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The average alleged Christian bookstore has a very short shelf of study helps, whereas they have miles of Swindol's how-to books and truck loads of CCM.  The problem is that professing Christians want to be amused rather than to study their Bibles.  This section is for saints who love the Word and study it regularly.  Also, please realize that we can only suggest helps which do not attack the King James Bible and its absolute authority.

Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia--  This five volume set is very useful for cultural setting and many points of interest, BUT it does have a number of writers who show very little real zeal for the Word of God.  BEWARE.

Pictorial Bible Altas--  Edited by EM Blaiklock--  This is more of a textbook with the emphasis on descriptions of geography in Israel.  A pretty useful addition to a study shelf.

A Commentary Wholly Biblical--   Moody Press--  Very old work.  This commentary is actually a chain reference with the cross references complete at each entry.  It is huge, and the only one I know who has it is Kregal used bookstore in Grand Rapids.  Last check it was about $90.

Eerdman's Handbook of the Bible--  by David Alexander-- Neo-Evangelical doctrinally, but I know of no better book to tell many of the cultural and historic facts that help in study.  So, use with caution.

Halley's handbook--  I wish we could find the old edition for it gives the heritage of all the Popes with all their sensuality and lust.  Watch the used bookstores for the old one.

Strong's Concordance--


Paperback, Lowest price--  

Young's Analytical Concordance--

Ravell's Treasury of Scripture Knowledge-- by RA Torrey-- Exceptional exhaustive reference book.  Every Bible study should include this item and a concordance.

What the Bible Teaches--  by RA Torrey--  Pub. Revell--  This is a classic of doctrine.

The New International Dictionary of the Christian Church--  by James Dixon Douglas

Nave's Topical Bible--  by Orville Nave--  Paperback--  This is an old work but very useful to find Bible texts by an index method.  The whole verses are given in all topics.  I use it for topical quiz time.

Encyclopedia of 7700 Illustrations--  by Tan--  Very useful book.  Illustration books get dated very quickly.  This one is the closest I have seen to a timeless book.  Fun to just sit and read.  The author is a real man of faith also.  Pre-millennial.

The Soncino Series Books of the Bible (Old Testament)--  Jewish work.  Not cheap.  English and Hebrew parallel text of the Bible.  Commentary by various Rabbis is added in a side column.  I find this useful for perspective, though the Rabbis are agnostic toward Jesus Christ.  This is worth the investment.

McNicol's Bible Survey--  by John McNicol--  Pub Kregal--  A sound and not verbose study of the whole Bible in one volume.

Contemporary Concordance of Bible Topics--  by Ken Anderson--  Pub. Victor Books--  I find this somewhat shallow, but it is very useful when the more obvious helps fail or when you cannot think of the right topic or index heading.

Dictionary of Word Origins--  by John Ayto-- Pub. Arcade--  This is not a Bible word dictionary.  Tha words defined are of all sorts, and it will help with the King James Bible as well as everday word usage.  It clears up some of the words we use which have very evil origins.

Works of Josephus--  Pub. Kregal--  This is a most important source since Josephus was a non-Christian Jewish historian who tells of the time of Christ and suggests that Christ was indeed the Jewish Messiah.  Modern Rabbis hate this work but don't know how to avoid it.

American Dictionary of the English Language--  by Noah Webster--  King James Bible teachers suggest this for study of period English since Webster included Bible English.