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Advice for Before the Baby Is Born


Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a very good sign during pregnancy. Not having any is a subtile sign that something is wrong.

Generally we get morning, evening and sick all the time because our body is sending all the nutrients that we eat to the little one and there is not enough for us. My recommendation to all moms to be is eat a little more protein with their meal. Try to stay away from empty carb meals. Do not eat or drink anything in the morning until you have had a very good breakfast. Cheese, eggs, meat, peanuts. Something like that. Even brushing your teeth first can cause you to get sick.

And carry what ever kind of nuts you like around with you in your purse or a pocket and munch on them all day long.

That nauseas feeling will go away if your diet is better.

--Terry, mother of 9

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