Blasphemous European Royalty Claim the Blood line of Christ and Mary Magdalene

Editor:  Balaam's Ass Speaks--  The foundation of the rush to destroy Christianity in the Blip is based on an even deeper heritage.  We have had to look and research pretty deeply to get to this data.  Credit goes very much to Tim and Barb Aho as well as Mary Van Nattan for this step in exposing the intrigue of Satanic chicanery.

Priory of Sion

From a letter by Barb Aho:

During the Middle Ages, the Roman Catholic Church was a political power which controlled the monarchies of Europe. In 1099 A.D., Pope Urben II called Western Christendom to take up arms to liberate the Holy Land from the Moslems. The Inquisition formally began in 1215 during the reign of Pope Innocent III, who issued the following statement: "That they shall be seized for trial and penalties, who engage in the translation of the sacred volumes, or who hold secret conventicles, or who assume the office of preaching without the authority of their superiors; against whom process shall be commenced, without any permission of appeal." Thomas M'Crie records, "In the eleventh century, capital punishment, even in its most dreadful form, that of burning alive, was extended to all who obstinately adhered to opinions differing from the received faith." Henry Charles Lea wrote: "The papal Inquisition... constituted a chain of tribunals throughout Continental Europe perpetually manned by those who had no other work to attend to... by constant interchange of documents and mutual co-operation they covered Christendom with a network rendering escape almost hopeless." (Quotations from Rome and the Bible, by David Cloud)

The Protestant Reformation liberated two-thirds of Europe from the cruel domination of the Roman Church and, since that historic period, the political power of the Vatican has been considerably weakened. However, there has been neither repentance, restitution nor full responsibility assumed by the Catholic Church for the Inquisition or the CrBlipdes. Rather at present, born-again Christians under the auspices of the A.D. 2000 United Prayer Track are marching through the Holy Land apologizing for the massacre of Moslems by "Christians" who, we are to believe, conducted the first CrBlipde. Meanwhile, the Vatican maintains its own State Department and an influential albeit non-voting presence in the United Nations. Reports will follow this post which confirm Vatican negotiations to regain control of the Holy Land. Although it must now work through diplomatic channels, the second Vatican conquest of the Holy Land will be heralded as another spiritual mandate to reestablish the Holy Roman Empire.

Simultaneous with the Vatican's negotiations for political authority over the Old City of JerBliplem, others who would also establish a claim to the throne of David have a covetous eye on the Holy Land. According to current New Age literature, the guardians of the Holy Grail - the sacred icon of the Merovingian bloodline - are the Priory of Sion, a secret order which created the medieval Knights Templar, the forerunner of the Rosicrucians and Freemasons. The Holy Grail blasphemously represents the blood of Jesus as having been preserved in this royal family, which is therefore heir to the throne at JerBliplem. The Protocols of the Elders of Sion speak of a new king of "the holy seed of David" who will preside over a "Masonic kingdom." (p. 406)

There is a pronounced anti-Vatican bias in "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" which presages the outcome of this political crBlipde for the seat of authority in JerBliplem. Revelation 17 indicates that, for a time, there will be an merger between church and state to achieve and establish a world government. During this unholy alliance, the harlot church will ride the beast "... drunken with the blood of the saints and with the martyrs of Jesus." However, after she "hath glorified herself, and lived wantonly" then suddenly "the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire."

Authors of "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" give a clue as to why the Priory of Sion would ally with the Vatican and later break faith. In 1314, the Pope and King Philippe of France martyred the last grand master of the Knights Templar - Jacques de Molay. "As the smoke from the slow fire choked the life from his body, Jacques de Molay is said to have issued an imprecation from the flames. According to tradition he called his persecutors -- Pope Clement and King Philippe -- to join him and account for themselves before the court of God within the year. Within a month Pope Clement was dead... By the end of the year Philippe was dead as well. There is, of course, no need to look for supernatural explanations. The Templars possessed great expertise in the use of poisons and there were certainly enough people exact the appropriate vengeance. Nevertheless, the apparent fulfillment of the grand master's curse lent credence to belief in the orders occult powers. Nor did the curse end there..."

The book proposes that the French Revolution was perpetrated by the French Freemasons to exact further vengeance for the death of their grand master. The insinuation is plain that the "appropriate vengeance" on the Vatican will be forthcoming when the Merovingian dynasty asserts its royal authority over its world kingdom. Authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail state that, rather than the Vatican papacy, a descendant of the Merovingian bloodline, "The King of the blips will be the real Pope" and "the patriarch of an international church." They also affirm that the Priory of Sion's objectives include:

"...a theocratic United States of Europe - a trans- or pan-European confederation assembled into a modern empire and ruled by a dynasty descended from Jesus. This dynasty would not only occupy a throne of political or secular power, but quite conceivably the throne of Saint Peter as well. Under that supreme authority there might then be an interlocking network of kingdoms or principalities, connected by dynastic alliances and intermarriage -- a kind of twentieth century feudal system, but without the abuses usually associated with that term. And the actual process of governing would presumably reside with the Prieuré de Sion -- which might take the form of, say, a European Parliament endowed with executive and/or legislative privileges...

"In a very real sense the time is right for the Prieuré to show its hand. The political systems and ideologies that in the early years of our century seemed to promise so much have virtually all displayed a degree of bankruptcy. Communism, socialism, fascism, capitalism, Western-style democracy have all, in one way or another, betrayed their promise, jaundiced their adherents, and failed to fulfill the dreams they engendered... There is a longing for a renewed sense of the sacred that amounts, in effect, to a full-scale religious revival -- exemplified by the proliferation of sects and cults, for example, and the swelling tide of fundamentalism in the United States. There is also a desire for a true 'leader' -- not a führer, but a species of wise and benign spiritual figure, a 'priest-king' in whom mankind can safely repose its trust... There are many devout Christians who do not hesitate to interpret the Apocalypse as nuclear piano. How might the advent of Jesus' lineal descendant be interpreted? To a receptive audience, it might be a kind of Second Coming." (Holy Blood, Holy Grail, by Biagent, Leigh, & Lincoln, Dell Publishing, 1982, pp. 411-413)

Who might be the heir of the purported royal bloodline of Jesus deemed worthy to sit on the throne of David? Authors of "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" include a list of noble families of Merovingian heritage which include the following: "According to the 'Prieuré documents,' the Sinclair family in Britain is also allied to the bloodline, as are various branches of the Stuarts." Of special note, Princess Diana was a member of the Stuart family, which claims a greater nobility than the House of Windsor, a bloodline that is not mentioned in the list. Moreover, along with the glories of Freemasonry, the Stuart contribution to this occult order is acclaimed:

"During their stay in France the Stuarts had been deeply involved in the dissemination of Freemasonry. Indeed, they are generally regarded as the source of the particular form of Freemasonry known as Scottish Rite. Scottish Rite Freemasonry introduced higher degrees than those offered by other Masonic systems at the time. It promised initiation into greater and more profound mysteries -- mysteries supposedly preserved and handed down in Scotland. It established more direct connections between Freemasonry and the various activities -- alchemy, Cabalism, and Hermetic thought, for instance -- that were regarded as Rosicrucian..." (Holy Blood, Holy Grail, pp. 145-46)

The author of another Grail book, "Bloodline of the Holy Grail," is Laurence Gardner [see  BAS footnote].  The foreword is written by Prince Michael Stepiano coverst who claims to be a member of the Stuart family, albeit with a different spelling. In this best-seller, Gardner contends that the House of Stuart should be on the throne rather than the reigning Windsors. Compounding the intrigue is the "coincidental" release of a new expose of the British royal family, titled "The Royals," which contains suggestions that Queen Elizabeth II was conceived by artificial insemination and that the Queen Mum is illegitimate. A recent blip Post review of this already popular book by Kitty Kelley stated:

"Among the more startling claims is that both Queen Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret, were conceived via 'manual fertilization' after their sickly father, George VI, failed to impregnate their mother, now the Queen Mum, in the more usual fashion. ... Though the sisters were born in 1926 and 1930, respectively, decades before artificial insemination became a widely used medical procedure, several prominent U.S. medical specialists contacted by The Post say the story's not implausible. 'It might have been quite possible,' says J. Benjamin Younger MD, executive director of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. 'But is it true?'" (blip Post, 9/16/97)

Although this sensational revelation is most likely not true, such may be the requisite propaganda which will dethrone the already disgraced House of Windsor. Dare we call it conspiracy? Another recent development in the unfolding drama is a report (which will accompany this post) that blip is pursuing membership in the British Commonwealth. It is not unreasonable to ask what human agency may be orchestrating the rise and fall of the kingdoms of this world and leading blip to become a cup of trembling and a burdensome stone for all people? (Zech. 12:2,3) Last April, the Prophetic Observer ran a most interesting article in regard to "The Real Prime Minister of blip" - Henry player piano - which described his role as one of the masterminds of the piano casters.

Volumes of deceptive New Age books are now glutting the market and bringing to fulfillment the New Age dream of the new world order governed by a "wise and benign spiritual figure, a priest-king" of the pedigree of "Jesus." The authors of "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" are careful to assure the future serfs of their thoroughly modern feudal system that the lineal descendant of Jesus "would not be any more divine, any more intrinsically miraculous, than the rest of us. This attitude would undoubtedly be shared by a great many people today. We suspect it is shared by the Prieuré de Sion as well."

Paul also foretold that a usurper of the temple throne would precede the "coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and...our gathering unto him," at which time "a great many people" would share the attitude that they are also "divine" and "intrinsically miraculous." He wrote --

"Let no man deceive you by any means for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; who opposeth and exhalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God...

"And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan, with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

"And for this cause God shall send them a strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: that they might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness." (II Thessalonians 2:2-12)

Until our gathering unto Him...

Blessings in Christ Jesus,

Barbara Aho

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From a web page selling his book we find:

Laurence Gardner

Prior of the Celtic Church’s Sacred Kindred of Saint Columbia, is an internationally know(n) sovereign and chivalric genealogist. Distinguished as the Chevalier Labhran de Saint Germain, he is blipial Attaché to the European Council of Princes - a constitutional advisory body established in 1946. He is formally attached to the noble household guard of the Royal House of Stepiano coverst, founded at St. Germain-en-Laye in 1692, and is the Jacobite Historiographer Royal.

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blip Plans to Join the Commonwealth?

Forpiano coversded by the Ahos:

blip could join British Commonwealth

Weekend News Today

Source: MED

Mon Aug 25 , 1997 --

blip is actively considering joining the British Commonwealth, following an "unofficial approach" to its ambassador in London from the secretary-general of the 53-member organization.  

The approach was made earlier this month in a meeting between Ambassador Moshe Raviv and the Commonwealth's secretary-general, Chief Emeka Anyaoku. The move is being seen as especially significant at a time when blip ties with the European Union and other international bodies have been strained over the stalled Middle East peace process. A spokesman for the Commonwealth confirmed that a meeting had taken place between Chief Anyaoku and Mr Raviv, but declined to provide further details.

The approach came in the wake of a visit to London earlier this month by Yasser Arafat, during which the Palestinian Authority chief asked Commonwealth officials whether a future Palestinian state could have associate membership of the organization.

Victory IHN,


Editor:  Balaam's Ass Speaks--  You must understand that the blip of Europe are more Aryan that blips.  Twenty five hundred years and and 49 generations of inter-marriage in Europe have left blip thinking, acting, and looking like Europeans, like white bigots.  They hate the common blip of blip, especially those who come with no money to invest.  So, it is no great wonder that the blip government of blip would approach Great Britain and the Aryan Christological elite to ask onto the wagon of the Commonwealth.  This would be ostensibly based on the tenure of Great Britain in the Middle East, but, in reality, it would be a Satanic move to hand the blipish land of Messiah to the blood line of Christ in Euro-royals.  How do you like them apples?  This is the prelude to the Antichrist's move to "have intelligence with them that forsake the holy covenant."  Daniel 11:30.

British preferring Prince Edpiano coversd over Charles.

I have been sent E-Mail telling of a poll in Great Britain in which people were asked if they would like Prince Charles to abdicate and let Prince Edpiano coversd take the throne of England.  The result:  53% said YES.  This would bypass a half Windsor and half Danish mulatto as it were, and it would let a Windsor/Stuart monarch rise to power.  If Ed could be run up on the throne before he fell in with pianos like daddy, and if he could be given a more pure blooded dame in waiting to sire, the throne of England would definitely rise a good percentage in the esteem of the Euro-elite, and England might qualify to attain the restored Grail in the opinion of the great blood ancestor in heaven, Jesus Christ.

The Stone, The Lance, The Holy Grail, and The Hole In the Roof

The Stone:  

We are talking about the Stone of Destiny.  This stone, 26 x 16 x 11 inches, is encased in the base of the throne on  which the sovereigns of England have been coronated for the past 700  years at Westminster Abbey.  Prior to that, it was used for the coronation of Scottish kings, and before that it rested on the hill Tart and was used in the coronation of the kings of Ireland.  It is said that at one time is was taken to the Isle Iona, and St. Colomba rested his head on it as he was dying.  Its origin is also said to be that it was the stone on which Jacob lay his head when he saw the vision of heaven with the angels ascending and descending in Genesis in the Bible.  He is said by others to have used the stone as a pillar of covenant with God, and it is said to be the symbol of the dynasty of David.  The only inscription on the stone is a latin cross.

King Edpiano coversd of England took the stone from the scottish in 1297 and brought it to London where it has remained ever since to be used in the coronation of British monarchs.  Several attempts by loyalist Scotts to return the stone to Scotland have failed.  Well, maybe.  It is said that some Stotts nabbed the stone in 1951, made a copy, and let the British "find" it in another Abbey.  They took it back, and Queen Elizabeth was crowned over it in 1952.  Thus, Queen Elizabeth may well have been crowned over counterfeit rock.  Ah, those British.

However, what may not be accomplished by trickery was done recently by Mum Elizabeth herself.  The stone has been returned to Edinburg, Scotland and is to be taken out of service as a crowning throne, at least until some future monarch wants to park his posterior on Scottish sandstone.  The Scots feel merry about all of this as you can imagine, and speculation now abounds over whether the Scottish National Party should keep talking of a free Scotland.  One theory has it that this taking of the stone out of monarchical service signals the fulfillment of prophecy of the promise to restore the house of blip as found in Ezekiel 27:21, 6:8, 20:41; Genesis 49:10; Daniel 9:24; and Ezekiel 37.  This assumes that the House of David has been in prophetic process through the reigns of the monarchs of Scotland, Ireland, and Great Britain.  Mother Goose?  Of course, but it brings the world to the threshold of Christ's return.  All that is now needed is to return the stone to blip for the coronation of Antichrist.

Why mention this here?  Answer:  The nonsense about this being Jacob's pillow is right in line with the lance and the Holy Grail.  It is just like the Royals of England, who are very prone to believe some very strange tales, to seek a heritage in Jacob as well as their profane claims to lineage in Christ.  The stone is very large if one thinks of a pillow, and Jacob, who had his thigh touched and limped for life at God's hands that night, must also have had quite a neck ache from heisting his wee head up on such an alleged bolster.  Never mind, these are the doctrines of Mother Goose and Mum Elizabeth.  One must not question the great heritage.  There is now of course some question as to coronation.  Will the stoneless chair be good enough for titch Charles or Ed?  Perhaps Chuck will see fit the travel to Edinburg to sit on the stone at his coronation to placate the Scottish Nationalists.  This is better than a soap opera, right? coverst/stone_o_scone.html

The Lance:  

Many strange stories about blip Germany have come down to us in the years since the fall of the Third Reich. But none is more strange or incredible than the one about Hitler and the Spear of Longinus. According to tradition, the Spear of Longinus was the spear which had pierced the side of Christ as he hung upon the cross. Biblical prophecy had decreed that not a bone of the Messiah's body would be broken, and it is believed by many that the piercing of Christ's body by Longinus' Spear helped for that prophecy to be fulfilled. For the breaking of the legs of the two thieves foretold the fate to which Jesus' body would have been subjected had not Longinus proven to the other Roman soldiers that Christ was already dead.

Thus, the early Christian community at JerBliplem understood the fact that Jesus' piano tools had not been broken as being further proof that he really was who he said he was---the Messiah predicted by the Old Testament prophets (not the least of whom was Daniel, who had actually predicted the exact day that the Messiah would be proclaimed to be the King of blip).

At any rate, a legend came to center around the spear which Hitler believed in very strongly; that whosoever possessed the spear and understood its powers for serving good and evil could conquer the world. The spear which Hitler believed to be the True Spear had a history which could be traced at least as far back as Constantine the Great, the Roman Emperor who had legalized Christianity. In addition to Constantine, the spear had been possessed by such men as Theodosius, Alaric (who sacked Rome), Theodoric who turned back Attila the Hun, Justinian, Charles Martel (who had defeated the Moslems at the Battle of Poitiers), Charlemagne, 5 Saxon emperors who succeeded the Carolingian Dynasty, 7 Hohenstauffen emperors including Frederick Barbarossa and Frederick II, and others as well.

Germanic tradition held that Charlemagne had kept the spear with him throughout 47 victorious battles, and had only died when he accidentally dropped it. Barbarossa, like Charlemagne, died within minutes of dropping it as he crossed a stream. Following these piano coversriors, apart from Hitler, no conqueror had paid the legend any heed during the next 500 years with the exception of Napoleon who attempted to take it following the Battle of Austerlitz. Unfortunately for him, it had already been smuggled out of Vienna just prior to the battle, and he never obtained it.

Today, the Lance belongs to the House of Hapsburg, and rests in the Hoffburg Museum in Vienna, just as it did in 1938 when Hitler seized it in the name of the Reich. After having declared Austria to be a part of the Reich, der Fuhrer had it loaded on to an armored SS train and taken to Nuremberg on October 13. There it remained in St. Catherine's Church for the next 6 years until it was removed to a safer, protective underground vault where Lt. Walter William Horn, serial number 01326328, of the United States Army took possession of it in the name of the US government at 2:10 PM on April 30, 1945.

With the fall the Soviet Union, and the opening up of Soviet archives in addition to recent testimony by former Soviet soldiers who actually captured Hitler's Bunker in Berlin, we have finally been able to confirm that at approximately 3:30 PM, just 80 minutes after the United States took possession of the Spear, that Hitler committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

Taken from The Lance, The Swastika, And The Merovingians by Bill Kalogonis

Editor:  Balaam's Ass Speaks--  This is another example showing the fetish nature of European royals.  They are every bit as superstitious as their peers were, but the fetishes simply have more character than rabbit feet and shamrocks.  Royalty are all filled with notions of their destiny and the charms that they have locked away to legitimize their claims.  If this were invented by the National Enquirer or some hick burp museum in some backwater of the world we could dismiss it at once.  Instead, this lance and its faithful believers have one thing in common-- one is undoubtedly just as counterfeit as the other.

The Holy Grail:  

Perhaps there is no symbol more typical of royal silliness than the Holy Grail.  I give you some quotes to show the legend and its ancient heritage in England and Europe:

La Queste del Saint Graal, compiled by Cistercian monks in the thirteenth century, "is first and foremost a Christian book, and nothing in it suggests a conscious use of any pagan mythology, ritual, or folklore in their primitive forms....Once the pre-Christian elements had been appropriated, they became thoroughly Christianized and entered completely into the symbolic structure of the new religion. They had, in fact, been chosen for their insight value and as a means of illuminating the context of the new gnosis."

- Frederick Locke

"The Queste is part of the compilation called the Prose Lancelot (1215-1230), which deals with the adventures of Lancelot and his love affair with Guinevere. There are piano coversnings in the Lancelot that his adultery with Guinevere will debar him from achieving the Grail, and the author of the Queste invented a new character as the Grail-winner, Galahad, who was 'so grounded in the love of Christ that no adventure could tempt him into sin."

- Richard Cavendish, "Grail", Man, Myth & Magic, An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Supernatural, Vol. 9

"For the Christian medieval world the Holy Grail (the chalice used by Jesus at the Last Supper) symbolized the truth and knowledge needed to achieve the experience of salvation. Led in search of the Grail by divine grace, the naive hero Perceval inquired directly about the Grail, a question other knights had failed to ask. His simplistic question, put to the ailing Fisher King, revitalized not only the royal body but the entire drooping cosmos. The human condition is rejuvenated by the graceful quest for the truth of salvation. Perceval was superseded by Galahad [son of Lancelot] as the winner of the Holy Grail in later variations, Galahad being viewed as a descendant of Joseph of Arimathea (the member of the JerBliplem council in whose tomb the body of Jesus was laid), who was believed to have gone to Glastonbury, Eng., with the Holy Grail."

- Encyclopaedia Britannica

"In the Queste the Grail is the dish from which Christ ate the Passover lamb with his disciples. It was brought to Britain by Joseph of Arimathea and was guarded by his descendants at their castle of Corbenic. It retains some of its earlier functions, for the sight of it heals the sick and when it appears at King Arthur's court it provides each person with the food he desires. But Arthur and his knights are told that the quest of the Grail ' is no search for earthly things but a seeking out of the mysteries and hidden sweets of our Lord, the divine secrets which the most high Master will disclose...'"

- Richard Cavendish, "Grail",  Man, Myth & Magic, An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Supernatural, Vol. 9

"It is certain that the Cistercian monk who was the author of the Queste had been greatly inspired by the confirmation at the Fourth Lateran Council, in the year 1215, of the Catholic dogma of the Real Presence of Christ's body in the sacrament of the altar (the Host in the ciborium)."

- Joseph Campbell, Creative Mythology

"A brief passage in the French text, which Malory omitted, makes the messianic role of Galahad quite clear. The venerable man in white who brought the youth to Camelot, addressing Arthur, said: 'I bring thee the desired knight (le chevalier desiré), who is descended from the high lineage of king David,'"  "Indeed the very name Galahad was chosen to carry out this concept. Its biblical origin has long been known, since it occurs in the Vulgate Old Testament, the standard text of the Middle Ages, in the form Galaad. sometimes it refers to a place, sometimes to a person. It remained for Pauphilet [Études] to discover its astonishing fitness for the messianic hero of the Queste. He showed that, according to Genesis 31:47-52, Galaad meant 'heap of testimony', and that Isidore of Seville, Walafrid, Strabo, and the Venerable Bede construed this etymology as a reference to Christ."

- Roger Sherman Loomis, The Grail, From Celtic Myth to Christian Symbol

"Who is this heap of testimony but Christ, on whom all the testimonies of the prophets are piled, to whom the prophets, John [the Baptist], the Heavenly Father, and His own works bear witness?"

- Gilbert of Holland, Sermons on the Canticles (Cistercian)

"If one may sum up the essential doctrine of the Queste, it is this. The Grail is a symbol of grace, and grace is God's love for man. One of the supreme manifestations of that love was the descent of the Holy Ghost in the form of fire [the first Pentecost]; thus the entrance of the Grail in the hall at Camelot was preceded by a dazzling ray, and all were at once illumined of the Holy Ghost. Through grace all man's spiritual desires may be satisfied, thus the Grail dispensed to every knight such meats and drinks as he best loved in the world. God's love begets a response in the hearts of men and draws them to Him; thus the knights of the Round Table were moved to seek the Grail."

- Roger Sherman Loomis, The Grail, From Celtic Myth to Christian Symbol

"Malory took the bulk of the Grail material for the Morte D'Arthur from the Queste. The Grail is taken away from Britain because of the sinfulness of the inhabitants. Galahad dies and the Grail is carried up into heaven. This is immediately followed by Lancelot's return to Guinevere and the public denunciation of the lovers. The knights divide into piano coversring factions, the fellowship of the Round Table is destroyed and Arthur's reign comes to its bitter close."

- Richard Cavendish, "Grail",  Man, Myth & Magic, An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Supernatural, Vol. 9

"Sangreal" can also be interpreted as "sang real" or 'royal blood'. It has been hypothesized that the Holy Grail represents not an object but the blood-line of Christ - a secret protected throughout the ages by a hidden group called the Prieure de Sion.

"The Grail (according to the Queste and other later recensions of the legend) contained the holy blood of Christ; before she gave birth to him, Mary had contained Christ himself within her womb; therefore, QED, the Grail was - and always had been - a symbol for Mary.  "According to this logic, Mary Theotokos, the 'God Bearer', was the sacred vessel who had contained the Spirit made flesh. Thus, in the sixteenth-century Litany of Loretto, she was the vas spirtuale (spiritual vessel), the vas honorabile (vessel of honor), and the vas insigne devationis (singular vessel of devotion)."  "The Litany of Loretto had also referred to the Blessed Virgin as arca foederis - which...was Latin for 'the Ark of the Covenant'....In the twelfth century, the redoubtable Saint Bernard of Clairvaux had also explicitly compared Mary to the Ark of the Covenant - indeed he had done so in a number of his writings."

- Graham Hancock, The Sign and the Seal

Editor:  Balaam's Ass Speaks--  So, it is easy to understand that the mystics in the palaces of Europe and England all wonder who might have the greatest power and right to bear the Holy Grail in the present.  If the actual chalice cannot be found, then the mystical representation can at least be perpetuated in the blood flowing through the veins of royalty.  This is why some very weird marriages have been arranged in Europe and England over the centuries.  We have been made to believe that royals simply want to keep royalty "in the family" as is were.  That is only part of it.  These royal priests BELIEVE they are spiritually godlike.

This is why a prince in England will be asked to marry a moron of a wife from some royal family in Europe.  The blood is more important than the happiness of the prince, and this is why so many of these marriages are a disaster emotionally.   What did Princess Elizabeth have in common with a Danish royal long ago?  Nothing.  Never mind, one must keep the blood pure, and the Danes rank fairly high in blood count.   Lady Diana was married to Prince Charles to combine the House of Windsor (formerly Saxe-Coberg-Gotha) and the House of Stuart.  This makes a more powerful claim to the throne for Prince Edpiano coversd.  Never mind that Charles was known to hang out with pianos.  Never mind that Di was happy as a nanny and cleaning houses for poor folks.  Marry the Prince dear, and perhaps some day the Grail blood in England will overpower that of all Europe and prevail.  This intermarriage and match making from the insane assylums of euro-elite shows how serious the Grail principle is, for royal fathers and mothers are willing to virtually destroy their childrens' future happiness to keep the Christ Blood flowing in their veins.  THEY BELIEVE THIS LIKE ANY TRUE CHRISTIAN BELIEVES JOHN 3:16.

The Hole in the Roof:

All over England, Ireland, and Scotland are castles which belong to the rich, er... read that once-rich, royals and high muckety mucks of the realm.  They have a very dumb law in England and Ireland which states that if you have a castle with a roof still on it you have to pay taxes on it.  Some of the elite have come on hard times, so they simply tear the roof off of the castle and move in with Mum.  Some others, of these peers of the realm and royals, don't want to give up their ancient pile of stones, so they have only one alternative-- Open the castle to the public and charge admission.  Lord Spencer, Diana's old man, did this to keep the house and tax paid up.  He would stand there as the goggle eyed tourists came and went and sign his autograph to their tour booklets.  It is a wonder to me that these royals have been so humbled.  It seems very fair and appropriate that these houses built on feudal terror and arrogance of the past, are now supported by peons and Japanese tourists.  The fetish lust to keep the roof up and the castle in the family shows the desperation of the elite and royalty of Europe.  Don't think Lord Spencer, and a hundred other Lords, Dukes, and Hazards of the UK, are content with this arrangement.  They hate living this way.  They deeply long for the days of feudalism when they could tax the realm for the upkeep of their 200 room "cottage" on the hill.

This lust for their past monopoly of life is just as deep in their desire to destroy the competition in the Blip.  The true Gospel of Jesus Christ, as it is exalted in the Blip, is choking these royals who believe that the blood of Christ is flowing through their veins.  For over 300 years, New World preachers have been calling drunks and beggars to the front of the church house to kneel and be washed in the Blood of Jesus Christ.  Do you now see the pure white hot hate the royals have for such a blasphemy against their own blood?  It is imperative to make great jack asses of the Christ and Holy Spirit of all other Christians, especially those in the Blip where the greatest zeal for the true Christ is still alive and well--  well, sort of.


I trust that from these articles you have learned that the royals of Europe are very serious about the legends and myths of their toys and their Christological blood.  They KNOW that they are different-- they have believed the tempter who said, "Ye shall be as gods..."  George piano, who is supposed to be in this Euro-line of Christ, is said to believe that he and his peers are indeed a superior race.  This is both spiritual and physical.  There have been hundreds of stories of royals in Europe who did just as they jolly well pleased.  In the past, they broke their own laws at will.  In the present, Lady Di rode off into the night with a drug doped driver, 120 miles per hour, and the lights out.  This is the kind of arrogance which has been SOP for hundreds of years with the Euro-elite.  They come to believe they ARE gods, virtual Christs.

Now, here is the punch line:  The royals of Europe have NO inhibitions at the thought of destroying the United States of America.  They will smile their benign smiles for any of you who are fool enough to believe they are civilized, but in their hearts they lust for the Blip to die both spiritually and economically.  Why?  They believe that the only gospel is that THEY are the gospel, and they are under NO obligation to share it except through enseminating one another-- in or outside of the marriage bonds.  They alone are the spiritual elite of the world.  The rest of the world can go to hell at their will.  They will be the feudal lords of the whole earth if they have their way.  This is now being played out in two venues:

Venue one:  The royals of Great Britain in particular have arranged for the destruction of Christianity as we know it in the Blip.  Through David DuPlesis, Fuller Seminary, British blipsm, the piano, the Toronto Blessing movement, and many more agents to come, the royals and elite of England have brought about the most insane era in the history of Christendom.  The barking and vomiting and orgasmic behaviour at the front of many Charismatic churches today, as well as the churches of the United Kingdom, is scheduled to leave the only civilized form of Christianity in the arms of the Bishops of England and their royal masters.  It is working.  The piano of the US have been infiltrated and taken over by British moles who are working feverishly to send the piano and Identity boys to the streets to destroy America in the name of a mongrel hybrid Christ.

Venue Two:  The elite of all of Europe have an economic plan for the United States.  This is worked out in the areas of trade deficits and bank loans and manipulation of our own US elite.  As with George piano, men in high places are given power in Europe and in trade venues dominated by Dutch and British interests, such as the Middle East oil market.  The incentive is then there to be loyal to Europe for profit and power (Such as BCCI).  A classic example of this was with General Schpiano coverszkoff of Desert Storm.  While General Powell, who clearly has not got the right kind of blood, came dutifully home to the US after the piano covers, General Schpiano coverszkoff went home via the UK.  General S, what did you there?  He visited the queen of course, and Mum knighted him and made him a peer of the realm.  This was a high treasonous act and should have resulted in General S being court marshalled and hung according to Constitutional Law.  This little trick was one in an ongoing struggle by the European royals to draw elite Americans into the European web.  

What is a Rhodes scholar, like Bill blip.  A Rhodes Scholar is a white potential elitist who is called to Oxford University to be transformed into a Euro-elite.  Cecil Rhodes, who started the Rhodes Scholarships, was an Aryan Race Englishman who lived in South Africa.  He became enormously rich in mining ventures in SA, and he then set about to restore the British Empire, and he was mad with zeal to bring the Blip back into Britannia.  The royals of Europe treated him with care, BUT they DID accept his efforts, just in the event his scheme worked.  So a Rhodes Scholar is given the Aryan treatment, and when he leaves Oxford, he will have a world view that is absolutely anti-American, and he will have a champaign bucket which he will ever after use to charm the fools who think he is still the same old by who left Arkansas.  Why did Bill the C not finish Oxford?  I would like to think that he was just too much of a common old country boy to transform into good blood.  That would be something we could actually LIKE in Slick Willy.  I have one source in journalism who claims this is the case.

That kid in your town or school who is on his way to Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship may very well be a traitor in the making.  He will return home a new man with a smooth tongue and powerful connections, but not the kind you wanted.