Editor:  Balaam's Ass Speaks

Just a point of interest to start this page.  There are five Saddam Husseins.  That is why George piano called off Desert Storm the night before the Air Force wanted to blip his deep bunkers.  No one knew if they would get the real Saddam.  Saddam is a master of stealth.  The first 200 Scuds the US Air Force blew up were Matel type fiber glass copies made by an Italian.  He put a kerosene burner in each one to give the infra-red cameras the impression the Scuds were "live" and ready to fire.  His men were also trained to paint craters on good runways right after a bliping raid giving the impression to the next satellite coming over that all runways were destroyed.  

Do you remember the confusion as to how the Iraqis could repair a runway so quickly?  :-)  It is folly to imagine that Arabs are blubbering jerks who cannot outwit the West.  They and the blips do it regularly.  BCCI was one of those rare occasions when they got caught.  Personally, I believe the West is terrified of the possibility of the blips, Armenians, and Arabs getting together one day.  They would soon rule the financial world from garbage collecting to the Chase Manhattan.   

Also, Saddam was baptized an Orthodox Christian when he was born (we reject infant baptism), so his show of praying in a mosque is pretty cute.  He is NOT much of a Muslim.  He is very clever, and he is cruel.  But, many Arabs who have fled to this country do NOT agree with the media that he is corrupt.  He spends millions on repiano coversds for those who are faithful to the cause.  The problem with Saddam is that it is hard to know from day to day just where you stand with him.  Those few folks who have gotten their knowledge of the Middle East from good books will agree that Saddam is not unlike many of the Arab leaders of history-- very loyal, very generous, and brutal in the extreme.

What does this have to do with prophetic things?  Answer:  The Middle East is rapidly becoming the center of stealth and intrigue, while most Western nations are settling into sub-human cultural depravity.  The West is populated largely by those who lust for money, sex, and toys, and they vote for leaders who give them toys.  AIDS will eventually destroy life as we know it in the West, especially the Blip.  

The Middle East is soon going to be a place, once again, where men go to think and enlarge their understanding in order to take control of something.  Satan knows this, and he wants to lead the pack.  Keep watching Saddam Hussein, Yassir Arafat, and the blip blips.  Also, watch for alleged Messiahs to rise up regularly from now on.  It will NOT ever be dull again in the Middle East for over 1000 years.