Is Y2K Possibly the Prelude to the Ascending of Antichrist?

By Steve Van Nattan-- Editor:  Balaam's Ass Speaks

Many Bible believers are wondering if Y2K could be allowed by God to prepare the world, through a fierce crisis, for the release of Antichrist on the earth.  God decides when the Rapture of the Church will be, and God decides when Satan will have the liberty to take over the world during the Great Tribulation.

So, in that light, let us consider the prophetic potential in Y2K.  This will be a continuing study and will be added to as time and events present themselves.  Perhaps some of you readers will want to make suggestions to this study.

Is Anyone Thinking About New Time?
Answer--  YES
Answer:  The New Age and Old Mother Whore!

I now ask you to read from Daniel in the Bible regarding the Prince who shall come- Antichrist.
Then read the article which shows what is right now stirring many minds.

Daniel 7:25 And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

New World Calendar Reform: The United Nations, the Vatican, and the Y2K Computer Crisis of the Millennium--

The approach of the Second Millennium arouses visions of entry into a new time. To talk of a new time is to raise the issue of calendar reform. This issue is heightened by what is now referred to as the "Y2K computer crisis." The fact that the computers are not programmed to deal with the year 2000 presents problems of a catastrophic and apocalyptic nature, reflecting human shortsightedness and dependence on artificial technologies-and artificial time. At its root, the Y2K crisis is a problem of calendar time-whose time and whose calendar? January 1, AD 2000, is a date in the current world calendar, the Gregorian. This calendar is by no means an absolute. It is merely the calendar which the accidents of history happened to impose on humankind at the critical moment when European society began the process of what is now called "globalization." The Y2K computer crisis is inseparable from the question of calendar reform. What is the recent history of calendar reform?

In 1956, the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations adjourned debate on calendar reform-and has yet to return to it. The calendar whose reform was under discussion, was of course, the Gregorian. This calendar was mandated by Pope Gregory XIII in AD 1582, and is responsible for, among other things, the vexing leap-year date of February 29, and now, the Y2K. On December 4, 1962, six years after the United Nations adjourned debate on Pope Gregory XIII's calendar, the Vatican issued the "Declaration of the Vatican II Ecumenical Council Concerning Calendar Reform." Now an appendix to the "Constitution of Sacred Liturgy," the Vatican's 1962 "Calendar Reform Declaration," Article 2, states that it is "not opposed to initiatives to introduce a perpetual calendar for civil society," as long as that calendar conserves the seven-day week with respect to maintaining Sunday, so critical to Christian liturgy. Neither the United Nations nor the Vatican followed up the topic of calendar reform which they initiated, 42 and 36 years ago respectively.

In 1991, in pursuit of their research on the Mayan calendar, part of the legacy to which the Vatican was originally violently opposed (see: Bishop de Landa, Relacion de las Cosas de Yucatan, 1572), Dr. Jose' and Lloydine Arguelles produced the Perpetual 13-Moon Calendar.  While based on the Mayan "Tun Uc," 364-day Lunar Calendar, the Perpetual 13-Moon Calendar conserves the seven day week, the first day of which is Sunday, and hence completely satisfies the requirements stipulated by the Vatican in 1962. In advocating the replacement of the Gregorian by the Perpetual 13-Moon 28-day Calendar, the Arguelles' cite a deeper need for the reform: the Gregorian twelve-month calendar and the related artificial timing device, the 60-minute mechanical clock, are both based on the erroneous assumption that measurements of space may be used to measure time. This error in time, according to the Arguelles' research, leads to the artificial and mechanical 12:60 timing frequency upon which all of modern human civilization is based. The result is a self-destructive society addicted to mechanized speed, increasingly at odds with nature, and so short-sighted in its infatuation with technology that it has written its own death-wish: Y2K.

In 1993 the Arguelles' began to issue appeals to the Pope and other world leaders regarding Calendar Reform. Although the Director-General of UNESCO supported discussion of the issue, in 1995, the United Nations rejected considering calendar reform as part of their 50th anniversary.  Formalizing their discovery of the nature of calendars and the artificial and natural timing frequencies as the Law of Time, and under the auspices of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, the Arguelles' convened The First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights (Brazilia, Brazil, 1996), and the World Congress on the Law of Time (Tokyo, Japan, 1997). The purpose of these two Congresses was to define the scientific, moral, social, environmental and historic issues involved in the proposed calendar change.

Early in 1998, the Arguelles' took their case directly to the Vatican, and once again to the United Nations. Known as the New World Calendar Reform Peace Pact, the proposed date for a calendar change is set for July 26, 1998, which will be Sunday on both the Gregorian and the Perpetual 13-Moon Calendars, and, hence the perfect opportunity for a year-long shift from the irregular measure of the twelve-month Gregorian to the regular measure of the Perpetual 13-Moon Calendar. This proposal now rests with the following dignitaries:

Secretary-General of the United Nations, His Excellency, Kofi Annan;  His Holiness, Pope John Paul II;  Chief Officer of the Permanent Mission of the United States to the United Nations;  Permanent Vatican Observer to the United Nations;  Director of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences;  President of the Pontifical Council of Culture;   Secretary of the Congregation for the Divine Cult and Discipline of the Sacraments,  and many others statesmen and leaders of prominence.

What the United Nations did not complete in 1956, and what the Vatican proposed in 1962, are now resolved in the New World Calendar Reform Peace Pact. The proposal to change the calendar this year provides the chance for a genuine break in the present course of current affairs, an opportunity to establish an emergency peace based on a world spiritual council posing the questions: Where is humanity headed? Have all options been explored? Have we moved too quickly down a blind alley that will sink our civilization just as surely as the Titanic was sunk in 1912? The Y2K crisis is the unavoidable iceberg toward which civilization, as it is now directed, is currently navigating. There is no technological solution that can be developed soon enough to forestall the worst of what will occur. This is a clear sign that the faith humans have placed in their technology now flounders on an error in time. The root error is in a calendar that is not a standard of measure. To replace the calendar now is to change the course of human civilization. To navigate by a calendar that is an equal standard of measure can only be of the greatest benefit in establishing justice and equality for all.

Toward the end of his life Albert Einstein declared, "I Have become unequivocally convinced that time as we conventionally understand it is an illusion; however, a persistent one." By heeding the call for calender reform now, humanity can pierce the illusion that has it blindly on the track of self-destruction. The decision is now placed in the hands of the Vatican and the United Nations. An aroused and informed world populace is also asked to consider and give energetic support to this unprecedented calendar change, while there is still time.

Steve Van Nattan-- Editorial on the above article:

1.  I note the discussion of Law and Time in the same context.  

2.  I note the United States is 100% missing here-- The UN and the Vatican are being called together.  Old mother Whore rides the Beast.

3.  I note that New Agers are promoting this as an educational event.  Check out the links on this site.

LINKS:  This is strange stuff folks.  This is pure Satanism in mystic form to disguise it and hide it from skeptical sinners and born again saints.