Y2K-- Year 2000

December 23, 1999--  The final monster--  Terrorism?

I had intended to drop this page entirely.  Just about everyone is ready, and I don't care to fan the fires of panic.

Problem:  Ben laden is ready too.  Ghadaffi is ready, and Saddam Hussein may well be ready.  What does that mean?  Well, you must have heard about the terrorists being caught trying to enter the USA via Canada.  I also spoke with the US Immigration people at the border in Nogales, Arizona.  They are on alert.  The Mexican border is a real soft one.  Thousands of Mexicans enter daily to shop on the US side.  They get things which don't even exist in Mexico, and they are doing a lot of Christmas shopping at Walmart.  AND, Mexicans look a lot more like Arabs than Canadians do.

Along with this suspense, we note that one terrorist who was caught had a trunk load of explosives and a reservation to a motel right next to the Space Needle in Seattle.  The target was obvious.  These people are very serious, they are well funded, and they have the Islamic promise of Paradise if they blow you up.  So, what should you do?

1.  Don't get around targets.  I guess that should be obvious, right  :-)  But, some of you don't even know what a target is.  Any building or landmark that would be a great psychological factor, if it were destroyed, would be a real potential target.  Any point where many people could be killed or hurt with minimum output is also a target.  Remember the Port Authority Building which Sheik Rahman tried to drop several years ago?  Big landmark, many dead people-- Get it?  I would not go to a New Years Eve party at the top of the Renaissance Building in Detroit, thank you.  That building is a prime target with its interior legs and flying arches holding up the tower hotel.

2.  Thousands of water towers and pipelines are unguarded.  I would have bottled water on hand for the transition, and don't brush teeth with tap water.

3.  Large bridges are landmarks, as well as tunnels.  Airline terminals and railroad tunnels are possible.  Use alternates if possible.  I would never enter a subway again in my life.

4.  Big cities are, First, great places to kill thousands of people with gas and biological agents.  Second, they are a great place to hide after the act.  If I had an excuse to get out of New York City or Washington DC for the first few days of January, I would do so by all means.

5.  If you are in the Military, you need to know that gassing a Military base will be an obvious target.  Don't wait for your commander to start thinking.  Many of these commanders are too slow to figure this out in peacetime America, and they are much more frightened of panic than they are of your death.

6.  Food could be poisoned.  Fresh vegetables could be infected from Mexico.  Why not forego them for a week or two after January, or buy them ahead of time?  Powered milk would also be a good choice.  Put away some potted meat in case the stockyards are attacked.

7.  Arab neighborhoods may be the safest place to be. If I was nervous, and I lived in the Detroit area, I would get a room in a motel in Dearborn where the Arabs live.  These terrorists will not likely kill their own people.  However; it is also very dumb to suspect Arab Americans.  This Ben Laden terror is why most of them came to the USA.  Don't start playing the fool and suspecting your Arab neighbors.  That is mindless and the response of that animal of the past, Franklin Roosevelt.

8.  The odds.  Anyone who has lived in a developing country or in South America will tell you that the odds are in your favor.  Terrorists are very different than the rest of us, at least since Hillary and her friends joined us in normal life and stopped blowing up banks.  Terrorists are often new in the area and furtive.  They do not have the army needed to disrupt all of life.  They are usually alone-- one person trying to make one thing happen.  So, go about your life, like Bill Clinton suggested. He happens to be right this time. I have lived in a country during a Marxist revolution, and I grew up in Mau Mau country in Kenya.  Life goes on.  There are those moments of course, but the law abiding are still in the majority.

9.  Pray for the "peace that passeth understanding" which Jesus promised to His people.  There is a strange peace that can be found only during frightful times.  This may be one of them.  Also, do NOT spend your time with those who crave chaos, such as Bill Clinton, the TV commentators, Bo Grits, Texe Marrs, Gary North, Marlin Mudaxe, Greg Dixon, and the Militia.  

Stay in the Word of God, King James Bible: Psalm 119:165 Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

The rest of this page is older editorial and may not apply much anymore.

2000 years from the birth of......

Not Krishna, Not Buddha, Not Confucius, Not Joseph Smith, Not Maharishi, Not Mary, Not Moses, Not the British Empire, Not anyone other than.....

The Lord Jesus Christ.

The whole world has learned to mock the "Faith once delivered" to them, and they now kill and even eat unborn babies.  The salt which once permeated the whole world has now lost its savor.  Christendom is sterile and profane.  Alleged saints roll on the floor at the altar of Jesus Christ and bark in demonic voices.  Other alleged saints flock to the Roman Whore to eat her cookie and drink the unholy grail of Satan.

Thus, on His 2000th birthday, Jesus Christ has a small present for these blasphemers-- Two digits-- 20 !!!

Or should we say, the LACK of those two digits.

They thought they didn't need the "20" in 2000.  They will groan for those two digits, and God in His heaven will laugh, the Lord shall have them in derision.

But, will anyone notice?  "I wish we'd all been ready."

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Editor:  Balaam's Ass Speaks--  Steve Van Nattan--  You may be tempted to think that the crash of the IRS would be a great blessing.  The IRS is a sort of enemy, they support millions of Federal employees who are blathering idiots who know nothing but to sit at a desk and wait to retire, the IRS is 100% illegal Constitutionally......


They take your cash and forward it to:

Social Security,
The Interior Department,
Veteran's Administration,
Highway Department,
Revenue Sharing with the States,
Natural Resources agencies,
Defense-- the WHOLE Military,
The FAA and Air Traffic Control,
The FBI and the CIA,
College Loans,
Thousands more.....

If these agencies died due to lack of funds, how would it change America?  Certainly we will rejoice to see certain agencies and Federal programs die, but how about your parents on Social Security and Medicare.  Medicare is now PLANNING for their own death.

What loss would YOU experience?

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Disclaimer:  Some of these are dangerous in some respects.

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