From: "S & K ____________"
To: "Steve Van Nattan"
Subject: You asked my opinion, well here it is ;-)
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 21:39:31 -0800

Us "sheltered" Americans probably won't know what to do if y2k ends up being more than inconvenient. Especially since there isn't a button to push to fix it.

And as far as government involvement, I don't think I'll have agents showing up at my door telling me to get out. I'd be more inclined to think civilians would if they didn't have any water or food. I live towards the country, and I think they'll be in more populated areas... But really, who knows? I am more afraid of the Islam movements and war than I am of y2k.

I think people need to know and read everything they can on this subject. The initial reaction when I realized "I can't ignore this" was ALMOST panic. But I'm educating myself on the basics of living (everyone should know how to "rough" it.) And I keep on reading, reading, reading. A lot of it is sensationalized, but then I see it "played down" too.

People shouldn't panic, but I think many will. If they would just prepare, and not panic, then nobody would have anything to worry about. It's possible that people will find out what they really believe about God if things are ugly.

I know you didn't ask, but I will volunteer this information too-- I refuse to "chance" my family's well being on something even rumored to be potentially devastating. If I prepare for the worst, but the worst didn't come, then what would I have lost? (I mean, the bible tells me I'd be wise to prepare if I saw trouble ahead... ) What if I did nothing, thinking if it's really bad, the government will save us.... and it(y2k) turned out to be a serious problem? Why should I depend on someone else for the safety and well being of my family? It just seems so obvious to me that folks oughtta prepare for the worst, pray for the best. Doesn't that seem so simple?

I don't think it will be totally DEVASTATING though either. I mean, if we looked at the bible (you are more bible smart than me, hands down) and took a look at Revelations (and books about the end days) it would just seem to me that we won't be too set back from this thing so much that the One World Order couldn't happen. (Unless it isn't "scheduled" for another 1000 years, which I doubt is the case.) Electronic money, tracking devices, all that.. they need computers. It seems to me that "the plan is in motion," and y2k is just a little setback that won't stall it for too terribly long. (Maybe y2k will be really bad, bad enough to take America off it's high horse, and somehow throw Europe, Russia, China, and the rest of the hoodlums onto the stage for the final act... just my crazy idea.)

I tried to make this as brief as possible, as I am sure you get tons of email. I hope you understood my short version of a potentially long "explanation" of my "opinion."