I feel we need to take a message like the following seriously.  I still am preparing for the possibility of a major crisis in the Y2K events, but we need to be thinking about what we will say to the lost sinners of this world if this is not that big an event.

From: Mark Grindell
To: "''"
Subject: Y2K posibly a hoax?
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 15:50:12 +0800

Dear Steve,

Just a shorty.

I design chips and have worked with being a user of embedded chips too, for years. Wish I was a farmer!

While I earnestly wish with all my heart to see the world greed system collapse, I am often wondering, you know, that God often gives folks a long rope. Well, my scenario might be as follows;

1. A lot of preachers warn abut Y2K. Unlike yourself, a lot of these are a bit dubious (you're great, don't include yourself in that imaginary list)

2. A lot of secular film producers get films out which are disaster style movies, predicting an absolute calamity

3. 2000 rolls around. Some outages, some accidents, not so much.

4. The unbelievers, scurrying around, realise that the end of the world has not quite occured

5. They all start to take the micky out of any Christians anywhere, saying that nothing has really happened, "where is your Jesus?"

6. A lot of Christians, not having their hope secure in Christ and him ALONE get very discouraged

7. A great falling away and lotza wickedness (look out for a cure for AIDS and full blow public sex everywhere as soon as the "great curse" is removed (in fact, as you and I know, AIDS in some ways is mercy + judgement + man's stupdity)

8. The rapture - glory!

9. Christ returns in judgement! Hallejujah!

Watcha think, eh Steve?

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine! YES!

Either way mate, be seeing in the clouds with Jesus. Can't be bad, eh?

Love, blessings